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Advanced Optoelectronics and Lasers

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Volume Number: 5582
Date Published: 24 September 2004

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Modeling of self-sustained pulsations in vertical-cavity surface-emitting injection lasers
Author(s): Alexander S. Logginov; Alexei G. Rzhanov; D. V. Skorov
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Novel photoelectric techniques characterization of semiconductor laser and photodetector materials
Author(s): Yurij P. Gnatenko; Yuri P. Piryatinski; Roman V. Gamernyk; P. A. Skubenko; D. D. Kolendryckyj; Petro M. Bukivskij; Ivan O. Faryna; V. V. Lendel
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Limit parameters of GPS disciplined quartz frequency sources
Author(s): Krzysztof Weiss; Aleksander Lisowiec; Wojciech Steplewski
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High-stability quartz oscillations utilizing anharmonic mode LFE resonators
Author(s): Krzysztof Weiss; Lucjan Nafalski; Barbara Gniewinska
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Second harmonic generation in CdI2 single crystals doped with CuI and NiI2
Author(s): O. N. Yurchenko; I. D. Olekseyuk; S. A. Pyroha
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Relaxed optics: the necessity of the creation and problem of the development
Author(s): Petro P. Trokhimchuck
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The appreciation of the influence of exactness of focusing on the work of the laser homodyne method of measuring the parameters of vibration
Author(s): G. N. Dolya; V. Zhyvchuk
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Electron and exciton spectra in opened nanoheterosystems
Author(s): M. V. Tkach; V. A. Holovatsky; Y. M. Berezovs'ky; O. M. Makhanets; O. D. Val'
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Light bullets in waveguides with the cubic nonlinear Kerr effect
Author(s): Andrei M. Goncharenko; Ivan L. Garanovich
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Semiconductor lasers on type-I and II heterostructures: numerical analysis and threshold characteristics
Author(s): Igor A. Sukhoivanov; Olga V. Mashoshyna
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Continuous-wave operation up to 350K of optically-pumped antimony-based midinfrared VCSELs
Author(s): Laurent Cerutti; Arnaud Garnache; Aimeric Ouvrard; Frederic Genty; Edgar Cerda; Alfonso Lastras-Martinez; Daniele Romanini
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Spectroscopic and laser investigations of Nd3+:SrWO4 Raman crystal
Author(s): Peter G. Zverev; A. V. Nekhoroshikh; Olimkhon K. Alimov; Vadim V. Skornyakov; Tasoltan T. Basiev; Pavel Cerny; Helena Jelinkova
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Eigen-Polarization beams in uniaxial crystals
Author(s): Alexander V. Volyar; A. P. Kiselev; Yuriy A. Egorov
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Application of nonlinear Fabry-Perot interferometer for flattening of gain spectrum of EDFA with double pumping
Author(s): Mikhail A. Khodasevich; Yury A. Varaksa
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Higher-order Gaussian beams: new achievements
Author(s): M. Traiche
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Application of the holographic interference microscope for investigation of ozone therapy influence on blood erythrocytes of patients in vivo
Author(s): Tatyana V. Tishko; V. P. Titar; T. M. Barchotkina; D. N. Tishko
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The influence of different heat sources on temperature distributions in broad-area diode lasers
Author(s): Michal Szymanski; Mariusz Zbroszczyk; Bohdan Mroziewicz
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All-optical TDM multiplexers/demultiplexers with buffer stack memory
Author(s): George V. Sinitsyn; Andrey V. Lyakhnovich; Sergey P. Apanasevich
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Dynamics of the mean signal amplitude of a crystal oscillator with a nonlinear resonator and low drives
Author(s): Yuriy S. Shmaliy; Juan Rosales
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A generalized asymptotical model of a single-mode noisy crystal oscillator with a nonlinear resonator
Author(s): Yuriy S. Shmaliy
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Exact analytical Helmholtz bright and dark solitons
Author(s): P. Chamorro-Posada; G. S. McDonald
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Laser-plasma interaction in the resonator at the nanostructuring of solid surface by 0.69-µ laser
Author(s): Vladimir P. Osipov; Vasily V. Valyavko
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Reliability aspects of the future hybrid optical network and quality of service issues for real time and packet traffic
Author(s): Marian Marciniak
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The influence of gain nonlinearities on distortion in semiconductor lasers
Author(s): Vladimir V. Lysak; Richard Schatz; Aleksey V. Shulika; Igor A. Sukhoivanov; O. Kjebon
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Possibilities of implanted control in stimulated light scattering experiments
Author(s): Anatoliy G. Lazarenko; Alexandr N. Andreev; Andrey V. Kanaev
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Vortical structure of wave caustics
Author(s): Svetlana N. Lapayeva; V. I. Vershitskyi; V. I. Shostka
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Precision rangefinders based on a two-wavelength laser diode
Author(s): Vladimir L. Kozlov; Valerii K. Kononenko; Ivan S. Manak
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Temperature dependence of the threshold and Auger recombination in asymmetric quantum-well heterolasers
Author(s): Igor A. Sukhoivanov; Olga V. Mashoshyna; Valerii K. Kononenko; Dmitrii V. Ushakov
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A survey of new laser and detector structures for 3-5 µm midinfrared spectral range
Author(s): Andre Francis Joullie; Philippe Christol; Jean Baptiste Rodriguez; Hocine Ait-Kaci; France Chevrier; Jose Nieto; Francisco De Anda
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Structure of an optical vortices at the boundary of dielectric medium
Author(s): Yana Viktorovna Izdebskaya; V. G. Shvedov; Alexander V. Volyar
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Modified effective-index model for study of Holey-Waveguide optical components
Author(s): Igor A. Sukhoivanov; A. V. Kublik; Roberto Rojas-Laguna; I. V. Guryev; Andriy V. Dyogtyev; Pavel S. Ivanov
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Light-controlled multichannel switches on the basis of nonlinear interferometers for optical communication lines and networks
Author(s): Andrei M. Goncharenko; George V. Sinitsyn; Andrey V. Lyakhnovich; Sergey P. Apanasevich; Mikhail A. Khodasevich; A. V. Kazberuk; Yury A. Varaksa; A. V. Burak; V. A. Klinouski
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Interaction of two-dimensional Gaussian pulses in the media with cubic nonlinearity and negative dispersion
Author(s): Peter S. Shapovalov; Ivan L. Garanovich
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Thin structure of near-field emission of semiconductor laser
Author(s): K. P. Gaikovich; V. F. Dryakhlushin
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Influence of a surface shape of a piezoelectric plate upon its eigenfrequencies
Author(s): S. S. Nedorezov; O. Yu. Shmaliy
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Core position identification at the optical fibers connection by an autoconvolution method
Author(s): Alexander Filipenko; Igor Nevludov
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Polarization metrology of the tunnel vortex selection
Author(s): Tatyana A. Fadeyeva; Oleg V. Polyakov
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White optical vortices in LiNbO3 crystal
Author(s): Yuriy A. Egorov; Tatyana A. Fadeyeva; Alexander F. Rubass; Alexander V. Volyar
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Probes for a scanning near-field optical microscope on the base of tapered single-mode optical fiber
Author(s): V. F. Dryakhlushin; Alexander Yurievich Klimov; Vladimir Rogov
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Analytical and experimental investigations of nonlinear dynamics of photopolymer Bragg gratings at pulse recording
Author(s): Eugene A. Dovolnov; Sergey N. Sharangovich; Eugene F. Pen; Vladimir V. Shelkovnikov
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Two-wavelength optoelectronic vernier and synthesizer of reference optical scales
Author(s): Sergey I. Chubarov; Vladimir L. Kozlov; Alexander V. Poliakov
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Using dipolar analysis for crystal oscillator classification
Author(s): R. Brendel; F. Chirouf; D. Gillet; N. Ratier; F. Lardet-Vieudrin; M. Addouche; J. Delporte
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Evolution of the fundamental mode polarization state in a weakly guiding elliptic twisted fiber
Author(s): Constantin N. Alexeyev; Maxim A. Yavorsky
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Band-gap structure in weakly guiding anisotropic twisted fibers
Author(s): Constantin N. Alexeyev; Alexander V. Volyar; Maxim A. Yavorsky
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