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Image and Signal Processing for Remote Sensing X
Editor(s): Lorenzo Bruzzone

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Volume Number: 5573
Date Published: 10 November 2004

Table of Contents
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Classification of high spatial resolution images by means of a Gabor wavelet decomposition and a support vector machine
Author(s): Andrea Baraldi; Lorenzo Bruzzone
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Pansharp vs. wavelet vs. PCA fusion technique for use with Landsat ETM panchromatic and multispectral data
Author(s): Konstantinos G. Nikolakopoulos
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Multitemporal and multiresolution fusion of wide field of view and high spatial resolution images through morphological pyramid
Author(s): Florence Laporterie-Dejean; Guy Flouzat; Erick Lopez-Ornelas
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Information measure for assessing pixel-level fusion methods
Author(s): Vassilis Tsagaris; Vassilis Anastassopoulos
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Passive millimeter-wave imaging with superresolution
Author(s): Yury A. Pirogov; Valeriy V. Gladun M.D.; Dmitriy A. Tischenko M.D.; Alexey L. Timanovskiy M.D.; Igor V. Shlemin M.D.; Sui F. Cheng M.D.
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Survey and assessment of new trends in image processing for Earth observation
Author(s): Arthur E. C. Pece; Peter Johansen; Michael Schultz Rasmussen; Henning Skriver; Mikael Kamp Sørensen; Jesper Høyerup Thygesen
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Evaluation of thresholding techniques applied to oceanographic remote sensing imagery
Author(s): Javier Marcello; Ferran Marques; Francisco Eugenio
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Design of a new sharpening filter
Author(s): Georgios Aim. Skianis; Dimitrios A. Vaiopoulos; Konstantinos G. Nikolakopoulos
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Analysis of remotely sensed imagery using the level-crossing statistics texture descriptor
Author(s): Carlos Santamaria; Miroslaw Bober; Wieslaw Szajnowski; Noriko Aso
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Automatic partially supervised classification of multitemporal remotely sensed images
Author(s): Gabriele Moser; Sebastiano Bruno Serpico; Michaela De Martino; Daniele Coppolino
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Partially supervised hierarchical clustering of SAR and multispectral imagery for urban areas monitoring
Author(s): Luis Gomez-Chova; Diego Fernandez-Prieto; Javier Calpe; Emilio Soria; Joan Vila; Gustavo Camps-Valls
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Robust automatic clustering of hyperspectral imagery using non-Gaussian mixtures
Author(s): Michael D. Farrell Jr.; Russell M. Mersereau
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A neural adaptive model for hyperspectral data classification under minimal training conditions
Author(s): Elisabetta Binaghi; Ignazio Gallo; Mirco Boschetti; Pietro Alessandro Brivio
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Real-time software compression and classification of hyperspectral images
Author(s): Giovanni Motta; Francesco Rizzo; James A. Storer; Bruno Carpentieri
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Anomalies detection in hyperspectral imagery using projection pursuit algorithm
Author(s): Veronique Achard; Anthony Landrevie; Jean Claude Fort
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Physical subspace models for invariant material identification: subspace composition and detection performance
Author(s): Pal Erik Goa; Torbjorn Skauli; Ingebjorg Kasen; Trym Vegard Haavardsholm; Anders Rodningsby
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Statistical detection algorithms in fat-tailed hyperspectral background clutter
Author(s): Mark Bernhardt; William J. Oxford; Philip E. Clare; Vicky A. Wilkinson; Damien G. Clarke
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IMM techniques for dual-band infrared target tracking
Author(s): Carlo Quaranta; Aurora Ondini; Luca Fortunato; Giorgio Balzarotti
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Lossless compression of hyperspectral imagery: a real-time approach
Author(s): Francesco Rizzo; Giovanni Motta; Bruno Carpentieri; James A. Storer
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Evaluation of 1D, 2D, and 3D SPIHT coding technique for remote sensing
Author(s): Joan Serra-Sagrista; Jorge Gonzalez-Conejero; Pere Guitart-Colom; Maria Bras-Amoros
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High-resolution vegetation index as measured by radar and its validation with spectrometer
Author(s): Hamed Parsiani; Maritza Torres; Pedro A. Rodriguez
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Information-theoretic textural features of SAR images: an assessment for land cover classification
Author(s): Bruno Aiazzi; Luciano Alparone; Stefano Baronti; Massimo Bianchini
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Subsurface material type determination from ground-penetrating radar signatures
Author(s): Hamed Parsiani; Pedro A. Rodriguez
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SAR amplitude probability density function estimation based on a generalized Gaussian scattering model
Author(s): Gabriele Moser; Josiane B. Zerubia; Sebastiano Bruno Serpico
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Improvements in object recognition by radar and ladar data fusion
Author(s): Karlheinz Bers; Thorsten Brehm; Helmut Essen; Klaus J. Jaeger
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Irregularly sampled scenes
Author(s): Maria Petrou; Roberta Piroddi; Sunil Chandra
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Constrained image restoration applied to passive millimeter-wave images
Author(s): Alan H. Lettington; Naomi E. Alexander
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Elastic image registration for landslide deformation detection
Author(s): Siti Khairunniza-Bejo; Maria Petrou; Vassili A. Kovalev
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Unsupervised classification of changes in multispectral satellite imagery
Author(s): Morton J. Canty; Allan A. Nielsen
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Change detection in multitemporal SAR images based on generalized Gaussian distribution and EM algorithm
Author(s): Yakoub Bazi; Lorenzo Bruzzone; Farid Melgani
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Change detection of man-induced landslide causal factors
Author(s): Cristina Tarantino; Palma N. Blonda; Guido Pasquariello
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Noise modeling and estimation in image sequences from thermal infrared cameras
Author(s): Luciano Alparone; Giovanni Corsini; Marco Diani
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An analytical nonephemeris algorithm for MODIS bowtie removal
Author(s): Peng Du; Chuang Liu; Long Ma
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Experimental performance analysis of hyperspectral anomaly detectors
Author(s): Nicola Acito; Giovanni Corsini; Marco Diani; Andrea Cini
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Ultraresolution of microwave, color, and synthetic color images
Author(s): Evgeni N. Terentiev; Nikolai E. Terentiev; Fedor V. Shugaev
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Implementation of a parallel registration algorithm for registration of InSAR complex images
Author(s): Lijun Lu; Mingsheng Liao; Lu Zhang; Yan Wang; Hui Lin
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Extraction and analysis of LUCC information based on DTCs
Author(s): Ping Wang; Jixian Zhang; Yongguo Zheng; He Ting; Chunyan Zhou
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Review of CCSDS-ILDC and JPEG2000 coding techniques for remote sensing
Author(s): Joan Serra-Sagrista; Francesc Auli-Llinas; Fernando Garcia-Vilchez; Cristina Fernandez-Cordoba
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Efficient methodology for endmembers selection by field radiometry: an application to multispectral mixture model
Author(s): Jose Manuel Vazquez; Agueda Arquero; Estibaliz Martinez; Consuelo Gonzalo
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Use of spatial information after segmentation for very high spatial resolution satellite data classification
Author(s): Alexandre P. Carleer; Eleonore Wolff
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Customized fusion of satellite images based on the á trous algorithm
Author(s): Consuelo Gonzalo; Mario Lillo-Saavedra
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Simulated analysis of dependency of vegetation index on spatial resolution of sensors by QuickBird and ASTER
Author(s): Keiji Osaki
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Study on the integration of GIS and remote sensing data in grouping-interpretation system for remote sensing image
Author(s): Ya-Lan Liu; Shou-Yong Yan
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Interpolation in multispectral data using neural networks
Author(s): Vassilis Tsagaris; Antigoni Panagiotopoulou; Vassilis Anastassopoulos
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Improvement of unsupervised texture classification based on genetic algorithms
Author(s): Hiroshi Okumura; Yuuki Togami; Kohei Arai
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Use of multiresolution analysis to detect chemical vapors in passive Fourier transform infrared (FTIR) spectroscopy
Author(s): Darren K. Emge
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Cascaded RM-filter for remote sensing imaging
Author(s): Volodymyr I. Ponomaryov; Francisco J. Gallegos-Funes
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Regularized methods for hyperspectral image classification
Author(s): Gustavo Camps-Valls; Lorenzo Bruzzone
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Spectral information extraction from very high resolution images through multiresolution fusion
Author(s): Luciano Alparone; Bruno Aiazzi; Stefano Baronti; Andrea Garzelli; Filippo Nencini; Massimo Selva
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