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Infrared Systems and Photoelectronic Technology

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Volume Number: 5563
Date Published: 21 October 2004

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HDVIP for low-background-flux and high-operating-temperature applications
Author(s): Paul D. LeVan; Franklin M. Roush; Hung-Dah Shih; Michael A. Kinch; Fikri Aqariden; Pok-Kai Liao; Peter D. Dreiske; Charles A. Franda; Thomas W. Orent; James E. Robinson; Herbert F. Schaake; Towfik H. Teherani; Arne H. Kalma
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High-operating-temperature infrared detectors based on HDVIP
Author(s): Franklin M. Roush; Hung-Dah Shih; Thomas W. Orent; Charles A. Franda; Peter D. Dreiske; Fikri Aqariden; Michael A. Kinch; Pok-Kai Liao; James E. Robinson; Herbert F. Schaake; Towfik H. Teherani; Arne H. Kalma
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Neural network processor
Author(s): Michele R. Banish D.V.M.; David B. Chenault; John S. Harchanko
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Recent developments in infrared and visible imaging for astronomy, defense, and homeland security
Author(s): Thomas Y. Chuh
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Further characterization of Rockwell Scientific LWIR HgCdTe detector arrays
Author(s): Candice M. Bacon; Craig W. McMurtry; Judith L. Pipher; William J. Forrest; James D. Garnett; Donald Lee; Dennis D. Edwall
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I-V modeling of current limiting mechanisms in HgCdTe FPA detectors
Author(s): Angelo Scotty Gilmore; James Bangs; Amanda Gerrish
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Commercialization of uncooled infrared technology
Author(s): Peter W. Norton; Margaret Kohin; Mathew Dovidio; Brian S. Backer
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Advanced FPA technology development at CMC Electronics
Author(s): Mike Davis; John W. Devitt; Mark E. Greiner; Rich Rawe; A. Timlin; David R. Wade
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InGaAs/InGaP quantum dots and nanopillar structures for infrared focal plane array applications
Author(s): Stanley Tsao; Aaron V. Gin; Kan Mi; John Szafraniec; Wei Zhang; Hochul Lim; Thomas O'Sullivan; Jutao Jiang; Manijeh Razeghi; Gail J. Brown; Meimei Z. Tidrow
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Imager to spectrometer: extracting spectral data from the two-dimensional array
Author(s): Richard J. Nelson
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Compact reconnaissance imaging spectrometer for Mars (CRISM): characterization results for instrument and focal plane subsystems
Author(s): Peter R. Silverglate; Kevin J. Heffernan; Peter D. Bedini; John D. Boldt; Peter J. Cavender; Tech H. Choo; Edward Hugo Darlington; Erik T. Donald; Melissa J. Fasold; Dennis E. Fort; Reid S. Gurnee; Allen T. Hayes; John R. Hayes; James B. Hemler; David C. Humm; Noam R. Izenberg; Robert E. Lee; William Jeffrey Lees; David A. Lohr; Scott L. Murchie; Graham A. Murphy; Ralph Alan Reiter; Edigio Rossano; Gordon G. Seagrave; Edward D. Schaefer; Kim Strohbehn; Howard W. Taylor; Patrick L. Thompson; Barry E. Tossman; Paul Wilson IV; Mark S. Robinson; Robert Green; Steven E. Mitchell
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IR polarimetry and far-IR imaging
Author(s): Robert W. McMillan; James H. Kirkland; Osborne J. Milton Jr.; E. J. Holder
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A customizable commercial miniaturized 320×256 indium gallium arsenide shortwave infrared camera
Author(s): Shih-Che Huang; Matthew O'Grady; Joseph V. Groppe; Martin H. Ettenberg; Robert M. Brubaker
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Perspectives on dualband infrared focal plane array efforts
Author(s): Paul D. LeVan
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MWIR and LWIR megapixel QWIP focal plane arrays
Author(s): Sarath D. Gunapala; Sumith V. Bandara; John K. Liu; Cory J. Hill; Sir B. Rafol; Jason M. Mumolo; J. Thang; Meimei Z. Tidrow; Paul D. LeVan
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Hyperspectral-dual spectral region imaging spectrometer
Author(s): John Hartke; Eustace L. Dereniak
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Design and development of a high-performance 3rd-generation handheld thermal camera
Author(s): Ajay Kumar; Satya S. Negi
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Infrared electro-optical detector to rescue humans
Author(s): Paulo Ysi-Zarco; Jorge Castro Ramos; Gabriel Gordiano-Alvarado
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SDO-EVE multiple EUV grating spectrograph (MEGS) optical design
Author(s): David A. Crotser; Thomas N. Woods; Francis G. Eparvier; Greg Ucker; Richard A. Kohnert; Gregory D. Berthiaume; David M. Weitz
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Noise performance comparison of ICCD with CCD and EMCCD cameras
Author(s): David Dussault; Paul Hoess
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Characterization of photocathode dark current vs. temperature in image intensifier tube modules and intensified televisions
Author(s): Edward J. Bender; Michael V. Wood; Steve Hart; Gerald B. Heim; John A. Torgerson
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Advances in image-intensified video camera systems
Author(s): Timothy Trudeau; Blair R. Dobbie; Jeff R. Lynam
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Trends in gas sensors with tunable thin films
Author(s): Lawrence Domash; Mitchell Cohen; Matthias Wagner
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