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Image Reconstruction from Incomplete Data III

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Volume Number: 5562
Date Published: 22 October 2004

Table of Contents
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Study of polarized light in scattering media using speckle intensity correlations
Author(s): Z. Wang; Mark A. Webster; Andrew M. Weiner; Kevin J. Webb
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Image restoration techniques for partially coherent 2-D ladar imaging systems
Author(s): Adam MacDonald; Stephen C. Cain; Ernest E. Armstrong
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Vortex interference for superresolved beam waists
Author(s): Michael A. Fiddy; Hari Kishore Allamsetty
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Effects of spectral amplitude and phase errors on image reconstruction
Author(s): Wen-Hsin Hsiao; Rick P. Millane
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Phase retrieval and phase-space tomography from incomplete data sets
Author(s): Markus E. Testorf; Andrey Semichaevsky
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Position-varying tip-tilt estimation and region-of-interest PSF derivation by Wiener filter
Author(s): Donald Fraser; Andrew J. Lambert; M. Reza Sayyah Jahromi
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Parallel multiframe blind deconvolution using wavelength diversity
Author(s): Harry R. Ingleby; Donald R. McGaughey
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Superresolution in imagery arising from observation through anisoplanatic distortion
Author(s): Andrew J. Lambert; Donald Fraser
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Unified imaging theory for x-ray and acoustic computerized tomography
Author(s): Pingyu Liu; Ge Wang; Arthur Boyer
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A new supershort-scan algorithm for fan beam and cone beam reconstruction
Author(s): Liang Li; Zhiqiang Chen; Kejun Kang; Ziran Zhao
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Eigen analysis for classifying chest x-ray images
Author(s): Philip J. Bones; Anthony P. H. Butler
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Determination of myosin filament positions and orientations in electron micrographs of muscle cross sections
Author(s): Bjarni Bodvarsson; Soren Klim; Stig Mortensen; Martin Morkebjerg; James Chen; Julian R. Maclaren; Chun Hong Yoon; Pradeep K. Luther; John M. Squire; Andrew Bainbridge-Smith; Philip J. Bones; Rick P. Millane
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Regularized two-step brain activity reconstruction from spatiotemporal EEG data
Author(s): Teodor I. Alecu; Sviatoslav Voloshynovskiy; Thierry Pun
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Regularization of the computed scattering transform for the D-bar method for electrical impedance tomography
Author(s): Jennifer L. Mueller; David Isaacson
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Electrical impedance tomography and the fast multipole method
Author(s): Jutta Bikowski; Jennifer L. Mueller
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A total-variation-based regularization strategy in magnetic resonance imaging
Author(s): Germana Landi; Elena Loli Piccolomini; Fabiana Zama
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A descent method for computing the Tikhonov regularized solution of linear inverse problems
Author(s): Fabiana Zama; Elena Loli Piccolomini; Germana Landi
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Fundamental limits to noise reduction in images using support: benefits from deconvolution
Author(s): Charles L. Matson; Charles C. Beckner Jr.; Kathy J. Schulze
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Dynamic demosaicing and color superresolution of video sequences
Author(s): Sina Farsiu; Dirk M. Robinson; Michael Elad; Peyman Milanfar
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Primary and secondary superresolution: degrees of freedom versus Fourier extrapolation
Author(s): Charles L. Matson; David W. Tyler
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Minimum-phase-based inverse scattering method applied to IPS008
Author(s): Michael A. Fiddy; Markus E. Testorf; Umer Shahid
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Reconstruction of high-resolution ocean wind vectors from low-resolution scatterometer measurements
Author(s): David G. Long
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Convergence of phase inversion for simple crystal shapes using coherent x-ray diffraction
Author(s): Garth J. Williams; Mark A. Pfeifer; Ivan A. Vartaniants; Ian K. Robinson
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Estimating mountain wave windspeeds from sailplane flight data
Author(s): Rick P. Millane; Richard G. Brown; Einar Enevoldson; James E. Murray
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