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Advanced Signal Processing Algorithms, Architectures, and Implementations XIV
Editor(s): Franklin T. Luk

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Volume Number: 5559
Date Published: 26 October 2004

Table of Contents
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The seven wonders of computer arithmetic
Author(s): Earl E. Swartzlander Jr.
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A comparative study of modular adders
Author(s): Laurent-Stephane Didier; Pierre-Yves H. Rivaille
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Self-timed adder performance and area modeling
Author(s): Rafael Kaliski; Anton Clarkson; Albert A. Liddicoat
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Automated synthesis of Dadda multipliers
Author(s): Travis Lanier; Jacob Wilcox; Earl E. Swartzlander Jr.
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Truncated squarers with constant and variable correction
Author(s): E. George Walters III; Michael J. Schulte; Mark G. Arnold
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Design of a complex divider
Author(s): Milos D. Ercegovac; Jean-Michel Muller
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RNS bases and conversions
Author(s): Jean-Claude Bajard; Thomas Plantard
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On converting numbers to the double-base number system
Author(s): Valerie Berthe; Laurent Imbert
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A majority reduction technique for adder structures in quantum-dot cellular
Author(s): Rumi Zhang; Konrad Walus; Wei Wang; Graham A. Jullien
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A floating-point library for integer processors
Author(s): Christian Bertin; Nicolas Brisebarre; Benoit Dupont de Dinechin; Claude-Pierre Jeannerod; Christophe Monat; Jean-Michel Muller; Saurabh-Kumar Raina; Arnaud Tisserand
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Redundant logarithmic arithmetic for MPEG decoding
Author(s): Mark G. Arnold
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New cost function for motion estimation in MPEG encoding using LNS
Author(s): Jie Ruan; Mark G. Arnold
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Design of a color image processing algorithm using online arithmetic modules
Author(s): Mohammed H. Sinky; Alexandre F. Tenca; Ajay C. Shantilal; Luca Lucchese
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Missile signal processing common computer architecture for rapid technology upgrade
Author(s): Daniel V. Rabinkin; Edward Rutledge; Paul Monticciolo
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Phased array beamforming using nonlinear oscillators
Author(s): Michael Gabbay; Michael L. Larsen; Lev S. Tsimring
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Array processing based on the polarization diversity: the example of an ionospheric radio link
Author(s): Yvon M. Erhel; Clency Perrine; Dominique Lemur; Alain Bourdillon
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Transient signal detection using the empirical mode decomposition
Author(s): Michael L. Larsen; Jeffrey Ridgway; Cye H. Waldman; Michael Gabbay; Rodney R. Buntzen; Brad Battista
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Over-modulated AM-FM decomposition
Author(s): Qin Li; Les E. Atlas
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A method to identify and restore a class of aliased signals
Author(s): Patrick J. Loughlin; Aasma Walia
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Accurate HF carrier estimation
Author(s): Douglas J. Nelson; Jeffery A. Marasovich
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Wave propagation with dispersion and damping
Author(s): Leon Cohen
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Phase-space approach to wave propagation with dispersion and damping
Author(s): Patrick J. Loughlin; Leon Cohen
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Toward a theory of information processing on the time-frequency plane
Author(s): Selin Aviyente
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Time-varying noise
Author(s): Lorenzo Galleani; Leon Cohen
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Linear distribution of signals
Author(s): Douglas J. Nelson; David C. Smith; Robert C. Masenten
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Determination of transient disturbance energy flow in electric power systems via cross time-frequency distribution
Author(s): Yong-June Shin; Edward J. Powers; W. Mack Grady; Ari Arapostathis
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Time-frequency approximation methods for driven systems
Author(s): David L. Hench
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Digital watermarking using two-dimensional FM waveforms
Author(s): Yimin Zhang; Behzad Mohammadi Dogahe; Bijan Mobasseri; Moeness G. Amin
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A method of finding unknown continuous-time nonuniform sample locations of band-limited functions
Author(s): John D. Browning
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Dominant covering
Author(s): H. T. Kung; Bruce W. Suter
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Improving the performance of the error function for fast phase recovery of QAM signals in CMA blind equalizers using variable step
Author(s): Sathyanarayan S. Rao; Priyadarshini Muddepal; Sudarshan Rao Nelatury II
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Simultaneous operation of two over-the-horizon radars
Author(s): Yimin Zhang; Gordon J. Frazer; Moeness G. Amin
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Tracking of the instantaneous bandwidth in bio-signals: the Copula-based positive distribution and generalized equivalent bandwidth
Author(s): Hisashi Yoshida; Sho Kikkawa
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Pupil-phase optimization for extended-focus, aberration-corrected imaging systems
Author(s): Sudhakar Prasad; V. Paul Pauca; Robert J. Plemmons; Todd C. Torgersen; Joseph van der Gracht
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Computational imaging systems for iris recognition
Author(s): Robert J. Plemmons; Michael Horvath; Emily Leonhardt; V. Paul Pauca; Sudhakar Prasad; Stephen B. Robinson; Harsha Setty; Todd C. Torgersen; Joseph van der Gracht; Edward Dowski; Ramkumar Narayanswamy; Paulo E. X. Silveira
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SDF-based nonzero order fringe-adjusted joint transform correlator using binary random phase mask
Author(s): El-Houssine Horache; Mohammad S. Alam; Helment Chye Hwa Loo ; Sheue Feng Goh
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Subpixel deconvolution of 3D optical microscope imagery
Author(s): David S.C. Biggs; Chou-Lung Wang; Timothy J. Holmes; Alexey Khodjakov
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Cortical constraint method for diffuse optical brain imaging
Author(s): Misha Kilmer; Eric Miller; Marco Enriquez; David Boas
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Novel fusion algorithms for medical ultrasound tomography
Author(s): Gregory R. Bashford; Jonathan L. Morse; Jennifer R. Melander
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Texture segmentation and analysis for tissue characterization
Author(s): Rafael Redondo; Sylvain Fischer; Gabriel Cristobal; Manuel Forero; Andres Santos; Javier Hormigo; Salvador Gabarda
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Quasi-Newton methods for image restoration
Author(s): James G Nagy; Katrina Palmer
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Orthogonalization techniques for the Lanczos tridiagonalization of complex symmetric matrices
Author(s): Sanzheng Qiao
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A method for analyzing high-resolution time-domain streak camera calibration data
Author(s): Christopher T. Silbernagel; Peter Torres III; Daniel H. Kalantar
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Time-frequency analysis using peak-value sampling of spatial-temporal image data from streak camera
Author(s): Ke-Xun Sun; Kent Marlett
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