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Advanced Wavefront Control: Methods, Devices, and Applications II

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Volume Number: 5553
Date Published: 12 October 2004

Table of Contents
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Micromachined deformable mirrors for dynamic wavefront control
Author(s): Thomas Bifano; Paul Bierden; Julie Perreault
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Addressing large arrays of electrostatic actuators for adaptive optics applications
Author(s): Jeremy R. Hui; Xingtao Wu; Cardinal Warde
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Electrostatic membrane deformable mirror wavefront control systems: design and analysis
Author(s): Keith Bush; Dee German; Beverly Klemme; Anthony Marrs; Michael Schoen
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Design and fabrication of reflective spatial light modulator for high-dynamic-range wavefront control
Author(s): Hao Zhu; Paul Bierden; Steven Cornelissen; Thomas Bifano; Jin-Hong Kim
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Super resolving filters with discrete continuous phase zones
Author(s): Sumei Zhou; Changhe Zhou
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Spatial resolution limitation of liquid crystal spatial light modulator
Author(s): Xinghua Wang; Bin Wang; Paul F. McManamon III; John J. Pouch; Felix A. Miranda; James E. Anderson; Philip J. Bos
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Improving spatial light modulator performance through phase compensation
Author(s): Jamie L. Harriman; Anna Linnenberger; Steve A. Serati
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Wavefront control with a spatial light modulator containing dual-frequency liquid crystal
Author(s): Dong-Feng Gu; Bruce Winker; Bing Wen; Don Taber; Andrew Brackley; Allan Wirth; Marc Albanese; Frank Landers
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Development of a self-referencing interferometer wavefront sensor
Author(s): Troy A. Rhoadarmer
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Information theoretic bounds of phase diversity for diversity polynomials and noise statistics
Author(s): Jean J. Dolne; Harold B. Schall
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Wavelet-based wavefront control
Author(s): Katharine J. Jones
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Wavefront sensorless adaptive optics, modal wavefront sensing, and sphere packings
Author(s): Martin J. Booth
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Phase-contrast wavefront sensing for adaptive optics
Author(s): Eric E. Bloemhof; J. Kent Wallace
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MCAO for astronomical and near-to-ground applications
Author(s): Vincent Michau; Thierry Fusco; Jean-Marc Conan; Clelia Robert; Brice Le Roux; Gerard Rousset
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Wavelength-agile telescope system with diffractive wavefront control and acousto-optic spectral filter
Author(s): Mark T. Gruneisen; Raymond C. Dymale; James R. Rotge; Donald L. Lubin; David G. Voelz; Melinda Deramo
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Bandwidth estimation for adaptive optical systems based on stochastic parallel gradient descent optimization
Author(s): Miao Yu; Mikhail Vorontsov
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Design and progress toward a multiconjugate adaptive optics system for distributed aberration correction
Author(s): Kevin L. Baker; Scot S. Olivier; Jack Tucker; Dennis A. Silva; Don Gavel; R. Lim; Edward John Gratrix
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Large lightweight optical quality windows and filters
Author(s): Dan K. Marker; Ethan Holt; Brian G. Patrick; David Sheikh; James D. Moore Jr.; James R. Rotge; James M. Wilkes
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Development of a one meter membrane mirror with active boundary control
Author(s): James D. Moore Jr.; Brian G. Patrick; Surya Chodimella; Dan K. Marker; Arup Maji
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Pressure augmentation of an under-compensated stress-coated membrane mirror
Author(s): Lee A. Gunderson; Christopher H. M. Jenkins; James M. Wilkes; Dan K. Marker
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Design and manufacture of a large-aperture wavefront sensor
Author(s): Richard A. Hutchin; Oberdan W. Otto; Alan Wertheimer
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Thermo-correction of quasi-static optical distortions in optical reducing systems for EUV projection lithography
Author(s): Sergei Alexandrovich Dimakov; Boris Vladimirovich Kislitsyn
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Atmospheric simulation using a liquid crystal wavefront-controlling device
Author(s): Matthew R. Brooks; Matthew E. Goda
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Adaptive compensation of atmospheric turbulence utilizing an interferometric wavefront sensor and a high-resolution MEMS-based spatial light modulator
Author(s): Kevin L. Baker; Eddy A. Stappaerts; Don Gavel; Jack Tucker; Dennis A. Silva; Scott C. Wilks; Scot S. Olivier; Jeff A. Olsen
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Speckle noise in highly corrected coronagraphs
Author(s): Eric E. Bloemhof
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Simple laboratory system for generating well-controlled atmospheric-like turbulence
Author(s): Samuel V. Mantravadi; Troy A. Rhoadarmer; Robert S. Glas
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Laboratory testing of components and systems used for advanced wavefront control
Author(s): Michael K. Giles; Norbert Wendelstein; Anton Kohnle; Robert Weiss
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Acceptance testing of a large-aperture dynamic wavefront sensor
Author(s): David J. Fischer; Alan Wertheimer; Laurie Hill
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Tests on micromirror arrays for adaptive optics
Author(s): Jan Liesener; Werner J. Hupfer; Andreas Gehner; Kotska Wallace
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Optical-mechanical method for measurements in microtechnologies
Author(s): Tamara V. Tulaikova; Svetlana Amirova; Hannes Bleuler; Philippe Renaud
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Phased array diffractive wavefront control system for continual agile beam steering and tracking
Author(s): Lewis F. DeSandre; Mark T. Gruneisen; James R. Rotge; Raymond C. Dymale; Donald L. Lubin
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Switchable optical phased prism arrays for beam steering
Author(s): Jianru Shi; Philip J. Bos; Bruce Winker; Paul F. McManamon
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