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Target-in-the-Loop: Atmospheric Tracking, Imaging, and Compensation

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Volume Number: 5552
Date Published: 18 October 2004

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High Energy Laser Joint Technology Office: a mission overview
Author(s): Don D. Seeley; John M. Slater
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Analysis of wave propagation and wavefront sensing in target-in-the-loop beam control systems
Author(s): Mikhail A. Vorontsov; Valeri V. Kolosov
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Prediction and modeling of line-of-sight bending near ground level for long atmospheric paths
Author(s): Sergey Bendersky; Norman S. Kopeika; Nathan Sh. Blaunstein
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Exact analytic solution to the problem of thermal blooming and its interaction with turbulence: results from analytic functional scaling
Author(s): Shirley Enguehard; Brian Hatfield
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Propagation of partially coherent beam through turbulent nonlinear media
Author(s): Vadim V. Dudorov; Valeri V. Kolosov
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Propagation of "exotic" laser beams in conditions of atmospheric turbulence and thermal blooming effects
Author(s): Miao Yu; Mikhail A. Vorontsov
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Atmospheric compensation over a 2.3 km propagation path with a multi-conjugate (piston-MEMS/modal DM) adaptive system
Author(s): Thomas Weyrauch; Mikhail A. Vorontsov; Leonid A. Beresnev; Ling Liu
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Comparison of cooperative and non-cooperative adaptive optics reference performance for propagation with thermal blooming effects
Author(s): Brian E. Edwards; Arthur Nitkowski; Ryan Lawrence; Kasey Horton; Charles Higgs
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Computer simulation of adaptive optical systems
Author(s): Vladimir P. Lukin; Feodor Yu. Kanev; Peter A. Konyaev
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Model-based beam control for illumination of remote objects, part I: theory and near real-time feasibility
Author(s): Susan M. Chandler; Gordon W. Lukesh; David Voelz; Santasri Basu; Jon Sjogren
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Model-based beam control for illumination of remote objects, part II: laboratory testbed
Author(s): Santasri Basu; David Voelz; Susan M. Chandler; Gordon W. Lukesh; Jon Sjogren
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Active tracking with moderate power lasers
Author(s): Jim F. Riker; Robert Q. Fugate; Trae Holcomb; Joshua L. Kann; William H. Lowrey; Ann C. Slavin; James M. Spinhirne; Andrea L. Tuffli; James M. Brown II
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Next generation laser tracker concepts
Author(s): Timothy L. Brown; Duane L. Patrick; Dale L. Shamblin; Timothy J. Miller
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Uncertainty quantification for cooperative target tracking
Author(s): Michael T. Valley
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Fine beacon pointing control system for the RILC (Recce/Intel Laser Crosslink) system
Author(s): Mike A. Borrello
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LADAR object detection and tracking
Author(s): Sam D. Monaco
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TrackEye tracking algorithm characterization
Author(s): Michael T. Valley; Robert W. Shields; Jack M. Reed
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Fundamental considerations for wavefront sensing with extended random beacons
Author(s): Michael C. Roggemann
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Optical synthetic aperture radar imaging and phase-error compensation
Author(s): Jean J. Dolne; Paul S. Idell
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Atmospheric characterization for high-energy laser beam propagation in the maritime environment
Author(s): Steve Doss-Hammel; Dimitri Tsintikidis; Dave Merritt; Jim Fontana
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Modeling of atmospheric parameters for laser tracing scenarios (near horizontal low-latitude propagation paths)
Author(s): Valeri V. Kolosov; Michael T. Valley; Vadim V. Dudorov; Grigory A. Filimonov
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A user-friendly software package for predicting atmospheric turbulence effects on laser beam propagation
Author(s): Jennifer D. Hegarty; John W. Schroeder; Larry C. Andrews; Ronald L. Phillips
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Spectroscopic provision for the problem of optical radiation propagation in the Earth's atmosphere
Author(s): Konstantin M. Firsov
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Wavefront tip-tilt/focus-defocus control using a deformable piezoceramic mirror
Author(s): Carlos J. Hernandez; Gary Carhart
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Design development of adaptive system for solar telescope
Author(s): Vladimir P. Lukin; Leonid V. Antoshkin; Nina N. Botygina; Oleg N. Emaleev; Victor M. Grigor'ev; Peter A. Konyaev; Pavel G. Kovadlo; Valery I. Skomorovski; Alexander P. Yankov
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