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Weather and Environmental Satellites
Editor(s): Thomas H. Vonder Haar; Hung-Lung Allen Huang

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Volume Number: 5549
Date Published: 15 September 2004

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National Polar-orbiting Operational Environmental Satellite System: meeting future user needs for Earth system observations
Author(s): John D. Cunningham; Hal J. Bloom; Craig S. Nelson
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NPOESS environmental data products for civil and military operations and climate monitoring
Author(s): Michael S. Mussetto
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NPP/NPOESS Joint Government SSPR Contractor Calibration and Validation program: system perspective, cooperative strategy and path to NPP
Author(s): Brian T. Lottman; Michael S. Mussetto; James K. McCarthy; Pamela G. Emch; Scott T. Shipley; Karen St. Germain; Stephen A. Mango; Bruce W. Guenther
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NPOESS Interface Data Processing Segment (IDPS) architecture and software
Author(s): Kevin Souza; Chad Fox; Kerry Grant; Scott Turek
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IPO operational algorithm teams throughout the life cycle of NPOESS environmental satellites
Author(s): James L. Duda; Pamela G. Emch
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End-to-end performance assessment of the National Polar-orbiting Operational Environmental Satellite System environmental data records
Author(s): Vincent Grano; Tanya Scalione; Pamela G. Emch; Hiroshi Agravante; Bruce Hauss; John Jackson; Stephen Mills; Thomas K. Samec; Merit Shoucri
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GOME-2 ozone instrument onboard the European METOP satellites
Author(s): Joerg Callies; Enrico Corpaccioli; Michael Eisinger; Alain Lefebvre; Rosemary Munro; Abelardo Perez-Albinana; Barbara Ricciarelli; Luciano Calamai; Gianna Gironi; Rubes Veratti; Gerard Otter; Martin Eschen; Luud van Riel
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Agile Data Analysis and Processing Technology (ADAPT) system for the ingest, processing, and distribution of products for the NASA CloudSat mission
Author(s): Donald L. Reinke; Philip T. Partain; Kenneth E. Eis; Dale G. Reinke
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Comparison of the UCLA-LBLE radiative transfer model and MODTRAN for accuracy assessment of the NPOESS-VIIRS cloud optical property algorithms
Author(s): Szu Cheng Ou; Kuo Nan Liou; Yoshihide Takano; Eric Wong; Keith D. Hutchison; Thomas K. Samec
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Advanced technologies for future environmental satellite systems
Author(s): Gerald J. Dittberner; Michael J. Crison; Shyam Bajpai; Benjamin L. Diedrich
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Baseline instruments planned for the GOES-R series
Author(s): James J. Gurka; Timothy J. Schmit
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Advance mesoscale product development for GOES-R using operational and experimental satellite observations
Author(s): Donald W. Hillger; Mark DeMaria; Raymond Zehr
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Applications of simulated GOES-R observations for advanced product development for mesoscale weather forecasting
Author(s): Lewis Grasso; Manajit Sengupta; Mark DeMaria
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GOES solar EUV detector calibration at the NSLS
Author(s): John E Wise; Geoffrey Gaines; Arthur Gaudet; Mark A Gummin; Fred A. Hanser; Allen Harris; Stephen Hersey; Benjawan Kjornrattanawanich
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Impact of satellite surface-wind data on weather prediction
Author(s): Robert Atlas
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Near-real-time cloud properties and aircraft icing indices from GEO and LEO satellites
Author(s): Patrick Minnis; William L. Smith Jr.; Louis Nguyen; Douglas A. Spangenberg; Patrick W. Heck; Rabindra Palikonda; J. Kirk Ayers; Cory Wolff; John J. Murray
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Development of a global microwave land surface emissivity retrieval
Author(s): John M. Forsythe; Andrew S. Jones; Thomas H. Vonder Haar
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Comparison of IGBP DISCover land cover dataset with a land cover dataset in China
Author(s): Hua Chen; Dafang Zhuang
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Retrieval of BRDF for pure landcover types from MODIS and MISR using an angular unmixing approach
Author(s): Alexander P. Trishchenko; Konstantin Khlopenkov; Yi Luo
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Vegetation phenology from multi-temporal EOS MODIS data
Author(s): Xinfang Yu; Dafang Zhuang; Siqing Chen; Xiyong Hou; Hua Chen
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BRDF/Albedo retrievals from the Terra and Aqua MODIS systems at 500-m spatial resolution and 10-day intervals
Author(s): Yi Luo; Alexander P. Trishchenko; Rasim Latifovic; Konstantin Khlopenkov; Zhanqing Li
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