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Infrared Spaceborne Remote Sensing XII
Editor(s): Marija Strojnik

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Volume Number: 5543
Date Published: 4 November 2004

Table of Contents
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Multiband infrared detectors based on III-V materials
Author(s): Sumith V. Bandara; Sarath D. Gunapala; Cory J. Hill; John K. Liu; Sir B. Rafol; Jason M. Mumolo; David Z. Ting; Thang Trinh
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Frequency-selective sub-mm-W detector based on semiconductor superlattice with a built-in resonator
Author(s): Alexander S. Raspopin; Hong-Liang Cui
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Three-color quantum dots in a well infrared photodetector
Author(s): Sanjay Krishna; Sunil Raghavan; Greg von Winckel; Andreas Stintz; Gamini Ariyawansa; Steven Matsik; Unil Perera; Dang Le; David A. Cardimona
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InAs quantum dot infrared photodetectors (QDIP) on InP by MOCVD
Author(s): Wei Zhang; Hochul Lim; Stanley Tsao; Kan Mi; Bijan Movaghar; Thomas Sills; Jutao Jiang; Manijeh Razeghi
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Laser cooling of infrared sensors
Author(s): Michael P. Hasselbeck; Mansoor Sheik-Bahae; Jared Thiede; James Distel; Scott Greenfield; Wendy Patterson; Stefano Bigotta; Babak Imangholi; Denis Seletskiy; Daniel Bender; Venkatesh Vankipuram; Nima Vadiee; Richard I. Epstein
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Laser cooling of semiconductors using three-photon excitation
Author(s): Tzveta Apostolova; Danhong Huang; Paul M. Alsing; David A. Cardimona
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1.5-µm optical up-conversion: wafer fusion and related issues
Author(s): Dayan Ban; Hui Luo; Hui-Chun Liu; Anthony J. SpringThorpe; Zbigniew R. Wasilewski; Andrew Bezinger; Alexei Bogdanov; Margaret Buchanan
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Arrayed carbon nanotube infrared properties and potential applications
Author(s): Marian B. Tzolov; Daniel Straus; Aijun Yin; Jimmy M. Xu
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Generalizing a quantum-well infrared single-pixel polarimeter (QWISPP) to Fourier transform spectral-polarimetric imaging
Author(s): Mario A. Serna; Dustin W. McCauley
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Application of point-diffraction interferometry to testing infrared imaging systems
Author(s): Raymond N. Smartt; Gonzalo Paez
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Voltage tunable two-color superlattice infrared photodetectors
Author(s): Amlan Majumdar; Kwong-Kit Choi; John L. Reno; Daniel C. Tsui
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Performance characterization of an InGaAs/InP single photon avalanche diode
Author(s): Christian P. Morath; Kenneth Vaccaro; William R. Clark; William A. Teynor; Mark A. Roland; William Bailey
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Spaceflight-qualified tunable cryogenic infrared Fabry-Perot etalon
Author(s): Michael Thomas Dehring; Scott Lindemann; Carl A. Nardell; Paul B. Hays; Jinxue Wang; William Cook
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Current status of ADR development at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center and future applications
Author(s): Michael J. DiPirro; Peter J. Shirron
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Fundamental reformulation of the radiative transport equation
Author(s): Henry Berger; Robert S. Rand
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Mid-infrared fibers: variants for mode's filtrations
Author(s): Tamara V. Tulaikova; Konstantin Kravtsov
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Multispectral rock-type separation and classification
Author(s): Biliana S. Paskaleva; Majeed M. Hayat; Mary M. Moya; Robert J. Fogler
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Comparison of spectrally resolved outgoing longwave data between 1970 and present
Author(s): Jennifer A Griggs; John E. Harries
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VIRTIS imaging spectrometer for the ESA/Venus Express mission
Author(s): Pierre Drossart; Giuseppe Piccioni; Angioletta Coradini; Jean-Michel Reess; Alain Semery; Enrico Suetta; Massimo Cosi; Michele Dami; Gabriele Arnold; Gisbert Peter; Florence Henry
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Remote sensing of atmospheric CO2 with a gas-filter correlation radiometer: a concept study
Author(s): Boyd T. Tolton
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IASI instrument: technical overview and measured performances
Author(s): Denis Blumstein; Gilles Chalon; Thierry Carlier; Christian Buil; Philippe Hebert; Thierry Maciaszek; G. Ponce; Thierry Phulpin; Bernard Tournier; Denis Simeoni; Patrick Astruc; Alain Clauss; Gohkahn Kayal; R. Jegou
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Design and development of IASI instrument
Author(s): Denis Simeoni; Patrick Astruc; Didier Miras; Claude Alis; Odile Andreis; Denis Scheidel; Cyril Degrelle; Patrick Nicol; Bruno Bailly; Patrice Guiard; Alain Clauss; Denis Blumstein; Thierry Maciaszek; Gilles Chalon; Thierry Carlier; Gohkan Kayal
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GaAs BIB photodetector development for far-infrared astronomy
Author(s): Lothar A. Reichertz; Jeffrey W. Beeman; Benjamin L. Cardozo; Nancy M. Haegel; Eugene E. Haller; Gerd Jakob; Reinhard Katterloher
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Progress of multicolor single detector to detector array development for remote sensing
Author(s): M. Nurul Abedin; Tamer F. Refaat; Ishwara B. Bhat; Yegao Xiao; Sumith V. Bandara; Sarath D. Gunapala
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Spectral irradiance responsivity measurements between 1 µm and 5 µm
Author(s): George P. Eppeldauer; Joseph P. Rice; Jun Zhang; Keith R. Lykke
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Submillimeter-radiation-induced persistent photoconductivity in Pb1-xSnxTe(In)
Author(s): Aleksander Kozhanov; Dmitry Dolzhenko; Ivan Ivanchik; Dan Watson; Dmitry Khokhlov
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Performance of the CrIS engineering development unit
Author(s): Ronald J. Glumb; Frederick L. Williams; Joseph P. Predina
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Sensor system for Greenhouse Gas Observing Satellite (GOSAT)
Author(s): Takashi Hamazaki; Akihiko Kuze; Kayoko Kondo
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Field testing the wide-field-of-view imaging spectrometer(WFIS)
Author(s): Robert E. Haring; Randy Pollock; Richard M. Cross; Brian M. Sutin
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Update on the imaging sensor for GIFTS
Author(s): James A. Stobie; Stephen P. Tobin; Peter W. Norton; Mark A. Hutchins; Kwok-Keung Wong; Ronald J. Huppi; Ray Huppi
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Temperature retrieval from cloud-top through lower thermosphere using broadband solar occultation
Author(s): Larry L. Gordley; Benjamin T. Marshall; Mark E. Hervig; Robert E. Thompson; Martin J. McHugh
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Advanced development of internal calibration sources for remote sensing telescopes
Author(s): Eric C. Kintner; Jeanne M. Hartley; Eric S. Jacobs; Paul J. Cucchiaro
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The EBEX experiment
Author(s): Paul Oxley; Peter A.R. Ade; C. Baccigalupi; Pierluigi deBernardis; Hsiao-Mei Cho; Mark J. Devlin; Shaul Hanany; B. R. Johnson; T. Jones; Adrian T. Lee; T. Matsumura; Amber D. Miller; M. Milligan; T. Renbarger; Helmuth G. Spieler; R. Stompor; Gregory S. Tucker; Matias Zaldarriaga
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Strawman design for a gas-filter correlation radiometer satellite instrument to measure the atmospheric CO2 column
Author(s): Boyd T. Tolton; John Hackett; Dwight Caldwell; Doug Miller
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Variable sensitivity of vectorial shearing interferometer
Author(s): Guillermo Garcia-Torales; Gonzalo Paez; Marija Strojnik; Jesus Villa; Jorge L. Flores
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Optimal optical fiber for high spatial resolution in scanning electrochemical and photoelectrochemical microscopy
Author(s): Jorge Avalos-Martinez; Joel Villatoro; Jorge L. Flores; Guillermo Garcia-Torales; Maximiliano Barcena-Soto; Norberto Casillas
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Tungsten lamp as radiation standard and the emissivity effects
Author(s): Marija Strojnik; Gonzalo Paez
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Evaluation of Er-doped silica fiber as IR-to-visible image converter
Author(s): Gonzalo Paez; M. K. Scholl
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Optical system alignment for detection of binaries
Author(s): Paulino Vacas; Marija Strojnik; Gonzalo Paez
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