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Hard X-Ray and Gamma-Ray Detector Physics VI

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Volume Number: 5540
Date Published: 21 October 2004

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Thick CZT detectors for spaceborne x-ray astronomy
Author(s): Henric S. Krawczynski; Ira Jung; Jeremy S. Perkins; Arnold Burger; Michael Groza
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Coplanar grid CdZnTe detectors for space science applications
Author(s): Benjamin W. Sturm; Zhong He; Edgar A. Rhodes; Thomas H. Zurbuchen; Patrick L. Koehn
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Multipixel characterization of imaging CZT detectors for hard x-ray imaging and spectroscopy
Author(s): Santosh V. Vadawale; Jae Sub Hong; Jonathan E. Grindlay; Peter Williams; Minhua Zhang; Eric C. Bellm; Tomohiko Narita; William W. Craig; Bradford H. Parker; Carl M. Stahle; Feng Yan
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New results from performance studies of Frisch-grid CdZnTe detectors
Author(s): Aleksey E. Bolotnikov; Giuseppe S. Camarda; Gabriella A. Carini; Gomez W. Wright; Douglas Scott McGregor; Walter McNeil; Ralph B. James
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Study of growth defects in CZT and their influence on detector uniformity
Author(s): Giuseppe S. Camarda; Gabriella A. Carini; Zhong Zhong; D. Peter Siddons; Aleksey E. Bolotnikov; Gomez W. Wright; Ralph B. James
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Characterization of coplanar grid CZT detectors with highly collimated x-ray beam
Author(s): Gabriella A. Carini; Aleksey E. Bolotnikov; Giuseppe S. Camarda; Gomez W. Wright; Gianluigi De Geronimo; D. Peter Siddons; Ralph B. James
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Laboratory coded-aperture imaging experiments: radial hole coded masks and depth-sensitive CZT detectors
Author(s): Jae Sub Hong; Santosh V. Vadawale; Minhua Zhang; Eric C. Bellm; Andrew Yousef; John Noss; Jonathan E. Grindlay; Tomohiko Narita
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Cerium-activated rare-earth orthophosphate and double-phosphate scintillators for x- and gamma-ray detection
Author(s): Lynn A. Boatner; L. A. Keefer; J. Matt Farmer; Dariusz Wisniewski; Andrjez J. Wojtowicz
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Scintillator and photodetector array optimization for gamma-ray imaging
Author(s): Aboubakr Bakkali; Najia Tamda; Michel Parmentier; Jerome Chavanelle; Annie Pousse; Bruno Kastler
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A physics model of lutetium oxyorthosilicate detectors: theory and experimental validation
Author(s): Michael J. Berninger; Thomas J.T. Kwan; Lin Yin; Paul Fredrickson
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Characterization of strain and crystallographic defects in HgI2 single crystals
Author(s): W. Brock Alexander; John Sandoval; Lodewijk van den Berg
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A high-resolution gamma camera based on array of R8520-00-C12 PSPMTs
Author(s): Najia Tamda; Aboubakr Bakkali; Michel Parmentier; Jerome Chavanelle; Annie Pousse; Bruno Kastler
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A Compton imaging device for radioactive material detection
Author(s): Andrew S. Hoover; William Baird; R. Marc Kippen; Mohini W. Rawool-Sullivan; John P. Sullivan
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3D position-sensitive CdZnTe gamma-ray spectrometers: improved performance with new ASICs
Author(s): Feng Zhang; Zhong He
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4-pi Compton imaging with single 3D position-sensitive CdZnTe detector
Author(s): Dan Xu; Zhong He; Carolyn E. Lehner; Feng Zhang
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Design of a multichannel ultra-high-resolution superconducting gamma-ray spectrometer
Author(s): Stephan F. Friedrich; Stephane F. Terracol; Toshiyuki Miyazaki; Owen B. Drury; Zaheer A. Ali; Mark F. Cunningham; Thomas R. Niedermayr; Troy W. Barbee Jr.; Jan D. Batteux; Simon E. Labov
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Crystal growth, characterization, and fabrication of AgGaSe2 crystals as novel material for room-temperature radiation detectors
Author(s): Utpal N. Roy; Michael Groza; Yunlong Cui; Arnold Burger; Zane W. Bell; Donald A. Carpenter
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Large-size CdZnTe (Zn=10%) radiation detector materials and device performance
Author(s): Longxia Li; Fengying Lu; Chun Lee; Marc Black; Ralph B. James; H. Walter Yao; Arnold Burger; Michael Groza; Richard W. Olsen; Leonard J. Cirignano; Donald R. Ouimette
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Crystal growth, characterization, and testing of Cd0.9Zn0.1Te single crystals for radiation detectors
Author(s): Krishna C. Mandal; Caleb Noblitt; Michael Choi; R. David Rauh; Utpal N. Roy; Michael Groza; Arnold Burger; David Eugene Holcomb; Gerald E. Jellison Jr.
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Development of energy-discriminate CdTe imaging detector for hard x-ray
Author(s): Toru Aoki; Yu Ishida; Daisuke Sakashita; Volodymyr A. Gnatyuk; Atsushi Nakamura; Yasuhiro Tomita; Yoshinori Hatanaka; Jiro Temmyo
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High-pressure xenon electroluminescence detectors
Author(s): Alexander I. Bolozdynya; Robert A. Austin
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Virtual Frisch-grid ionization chambers filled with high-pressure Xe
Author(s): Aleksey E. Bolotnikov; Robert Austin; Alexander Bolozdynya; John D. Richards
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Studies of interaction between components in system ZnSe-ZnTe-Se-H2-C
Author(s): Vladimir D. Ryzhikov; Leonid P. Gal'chinetskii; Sergey N. Galkin; Alexandr I. Lalayants; E. K. Lysetska; Vitaly I. Silin; Nikolai G. Starzhinskiy; Eugeny F. Voronkin; Sergey A. Kostyukevich
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Spectrometric universality and reduction of nonstatistical noises in detectors with regular light collection
Author(s): Sergey V. Naydenov; Vladimir D. Ryzhikov
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Gamma detectors based on high-pressure xenon: their development and application
Author(s): Sergey E. Ulin; Valery V. Dmitrenko; V. M. Grachev; Z. M. Uteshev; K. F. Vlasik; I. V. Chernysheva; A. G. Dukhvalov; F. G. Kotler; K. N. Pushkin
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Innovations in low-temperature calorimeters: surface sensitive bolometers for background rejection and capacitive bolometers for higher energy resolution
Author(s): Samuele Sangiorgio; Marco Barucci; Luca Foggetta; Andrea Giuliani; Giancarlo Jug; Claudia Nones; Edoardo Pasca; Marisa Pedretti; Gianluigi Pessina; Lara Risegari; Emiliano Olivieri; Guglielmo Ventura
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Scintillation imaging: a technique to reduce coding noise in scanned coded aperture imagers
Author(s): Klaus P. Ziock
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