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Interferometry XII: Techniques and Analysis

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Volume Number: 5531
Date Published: 2 August 2004

Table of Contents
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Interference patterns for advanced optical micromanipulation
Author(s): Kishan Dholakia
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Single-photon nondiffracting Bessel beams
Author(s): John Lekki; Quang-Viet Nguyen; Marc Seibert; Kenneth Weiland; James Williams
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Quantum-entangled photon interferometry
Author(s): Roger K. Richards
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Dynamic visible interferometric measurement of thermal fields around living biological objects
Author(s): Katherine Creath; Gary E. Schwartz
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Design considerations and validation of the MSTAR absolute metrology system
Author(s): Robert D. Peters; Oliver P. Lay; Serge Dubovitsky; Johan Burger; Muthu Jeganathan
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Generalized multifrequency interferometric techniques for absolute phase measurement
Author(s): Catherine E. Towers; David Peter Towers; Julian D.C. Jones
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Study and characterization of a MEMS micromirror device
Author(s): Cosme Furlong; Ryszard J. Pryputniewicz
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Phase-shifting multiwavelength dynamic interferometer
Author(s): Michael B. North-Morris; James E. Millerd; Neal J. Brock; John B. Hayes
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Interferometric measurement of a multiparallel-surface transparent object by a new class of wavelength tuning algorithms
Author(s): Kenichi Hibino; Jan Burke; Ryohei Hanayama; Bozenko F. Oreb
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Holographic three-dimensional displays with liquid crystal on silicon spatial light modulator
Author(s): Aneta Michalkiewicz; Malgorzata Kujawinska; Tomasz Kozacki; Xinghua Wang; Philip J. Bos
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Deformation measurement based on digital holography
Author(s): Zhiwen Lu; Yingjie Yu; Yunfang Jiao
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Influence of the reconstruction beam apodization on the phase-imaging accuracy in digital holography
Author(s): Romuald Jozwicki; Agata Jozwicka; Jarostaw Bartold; Marcin Prytulak
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Real-time phase-contrast analysis of domain switching in lithium niobate by digital holography
Author(s): Simonetta Grilli; Pietro Ferraro; Marella de Angelis; Sergio De Nicola; Domenico Alfieri; Melania Paturzo; Paolo De Natale; Lucia Sansone; Giovanni Pierattini
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Spatio-spectral digital holography for full-field tomographic imaging with adaptive focusing
Author(s): Michal Emanuel Pawlowski; Youhei Sakano; Yoko Miyamoto; Mitsuo Takeda; Kohji Obayashi
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Retrieval of phase-derivative discontinuities in digital speckle pattern interferometry fringes using the Wigner-Ville distribution
Author(s): Alejandro Federico; Guillermo H. Kaufmann
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Using a sheet of specklegram: the development of fringe analysis method for ESPI
Author(s): Yasuhiko Arai; Shunsuke Yokozeki
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Statistical property of the complex analytic signal of white-light speckle pattern applied to microdisplacement measurement
Author(s): Wei Wang; Nobuo Ishii; Yoko Miyamoto; Mitsuo Takeda
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Speckle intensity correlation and optical diffusion profile in biological media
Author(s): Alex Flamholz; Patricia S. Schneider; Peter K. Wong; David H. Lieberman; Tak D. Cheung; Harriet Itoka; Troy Minott; Janie Quizhpi; Jacquelin Rodriguez
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Two-point diffraction interferometer for absolute distance measurement
Author(s): Seung-Woo Kim; Hyug-Gyo Rhee; Jiyoung Joo; Young Jin Kim
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Polarization role in fiber-optic interferometry
Author(s): Leszek R. Jaroszewicz
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Massively parallel interferometry: towards the all-integrated lambdameter
Author(s): Jozsua Fodor; Jorge Garcia-Marquez; Yves Surrel
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Double-source interferometry for reducing spurious noise fringes
Author(s): Zhiqiang Liu; Takeshi Gemma; Saori Udagawa; Mitsuo Takeda
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A simple phase unwrapping approach using windowed Fourier filtering
Author(s): Qian Kemao; Seah Hock Soon; Anand Asundi
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Aberration characterization using frequency domain analysis of low-coherence interferograms
Author(s): Xavier Colonna de Lega
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An improved illumination system for spatial coherence control
Author(s): Zhiqiang Liu; Takeshi Gemma; Joseph Rosen; Mitsuo Takeda
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Fringe spacing in white-light interferometry
Author(s): Joanna Schmit; Paul Unruh; Der-Shen Wan
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Synthetic spatial coherence function for optical tomography and profilometry: influence of the observation condition
Author(s): Zhihui Duan; Hirokazu Kozaki; Yoko Miyamoto; Joseph Rosen; Mitsuo Takeda
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A white-light profiling algorithm adopting the multiwavelength interferometric technique
Author(s): Hua-Chen Hsu; Chi-Hong Tung; Ching-Fen Kao; Calvin C. Chang
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Inverse propagation algorithm for angstrom accuracy interferometer
Author(s): Max Lukas Krieg; Joseph J. M. Braat
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Instantaneous phase-shift point-diffraction interferometer
Author(s): James E. Millerd; Neal J. Brock; John B. Hayes; James C. Wyant
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Fourier, Fresnel, and Image CGHs of three-dimensional objects observed from many different projections
Author(s): David Abookasis; Joseph Rosen
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Inverse and direct problems of optics: usage of artificial neural networks
Author(s): Victor Sergeyevich Abrukov; Roman Ivanovich Pavlov; Gennadiy I. Malinin
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Spatial heterodyne interferometry techniques and applications in semiconductor wafer manufacturing
Author(s): Philip R. Bingham; Kenneth W. Tobin; Gregory R. Hanson; John T. Simpson
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Absolute measurement of tilts via Fourier analysis of interferograms
Author(s): Ronald W. Toland
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Pixelated phase-mask dynamic interferometer
Author(s): James E. Millerd; Neal J. Brock; John B. Hayes; Michael B. North-Morris; Matt Novak; James C. Wyant
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Digital demodulation algorithm for the interferometric characterization of RF MEMS structures
Author(s): Robert A. Weber; Tristan Jorge Tayag; Lori J. Shannon
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Accurate bias point control for an electrically isolated Mach-Zehnder interferometric modulator via an analog optical-fiber link
Author(s): John R. Hamilton; Keith D. Masterson
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Computer reconstruction by phase-shifting digital holography
Author(s): Yingjie Yu; Zhiwen Lu; Yunfang Jiao
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Accurate estimation of phase-shifting error in digital holography
Author(s): Shuqun Zhang
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The study of fiber optic interferometer for the calibration of PZT travel distance
Author(s): Kai-Yu Cheng; Jung-Tsung Chou; Hung-Ming Tai; Huang-Chi Huang
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Birefringence evaluation of erbium-doped optical fibers
Author(s): Diana Tentori; Cesar Ayala-Diaz; Fernando Trevino-Martinez; Miguel J. Farfan-Sanchez; Javier Mendieta-Jimenez
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A polarimeter using two photoelastic modulators
Author(s): Baoliang Wang; Richard R. Rockwell; Andy Leadbetter
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OFDR with an SSG-DBR laser
Author(s): Takuji Amano; Hideaki Hiro-Oka; DongHak Choi; Hiroyuki Furukawa; Fumiyoshi Kano; Mitsuo Takeda; Motoi Nakanishi; Kimiya Shimizu; Kohji Obayashi
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Visibility optimization of phase-shifting diffraction-grating interferometer
Author(s): Tae-Joon Hwang; Seung-Woo Kim
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Some recent advances for processing a single interferogram with closed fringes
Author(s): Manuel Servin; Francisco Javier Cuevas
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Closed fringe demodulation by multipolynomial fitting
Author(s): Francisco Javier Cuevas; Manuel Servin
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Compressed data for temporal fringe analysis in interferometry
Author(s): Tuck Wah Ng; Kar Tien Ang
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Optical test using wedge plate phase-shifting lateral-shearing interferometer
Author(s): Jae Bong Song; Yun Woo Lee; In Won Lee
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A least squares calibration method for fringe projection profilometry
Author(s): Hongwei Guo; Haitao He; Yingjie Yu; Mingyi Chen
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Support schemes and thermal effects analyses of large-aperture interferometer mirrors
Author(s): Rongwei Xu; Liren Liu; Luan Zhu; Hongzhan Liu
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Propagating Fourier frequencies vs. carrier frequency of a pulse through spectrometers and other media
Author(s): Chandrasekhar Roychoudhuri
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