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Fourth International Conference on Solid State Lighting

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Volume Number: 5530
Date Published: 20 October 2004

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Accelerating the development of next-generation solid-state lighting sources
Author(s): James R. Brodrick; C. Eddie Christy
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Overview: present status and future prospect of system and design in white LED lighting technologies
Author(s): Tsunemasa Taguchi
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An examination of a prototype LED fire-alarm signaling appliance
Author(s): John W. Curran; Shawn P. Keeney
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Device performance of AlGaN-based 240-300-nm deep UV LEDs
Author(s): Arthur J. Fischer; Andrew A. Allerman; Mary Hagerott Crawford; Katherine H. A. Bogart; Stephen R. Lee; Robert J. Kaplar; Weng W. Chow
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Growth and characterization of blue and near-ultraviolet light-emitting diodes on bulk GaN
Author(s): X. A. Cao; Stephen F. LeBoeuf; Stephen D. Arthur; Danielle W. Merfeld; Mark P. D'Evelyn
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Mg-doped Al-rich AlGaN alloys for deep UV emitters
Author(s): Mim Lal Nakarmi; Kyoung Hoon Kim; Kai Zhu; Jing Yu Lin; Hong Xing Jiang
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Performance and application of high-power ultraviolet AlGaInN light-emitting diodes
Author(s): Jung Han; Seong-Ran Jeon; Maria Gherasimova; Jie Su; George Cui; Hongbo Peng; Eleni Makarona; Yiping He; Yoon-Kyu Song; Arto V. Nurmikko; Ling Zhou; Werner K. Goetz; Michael R. Krames
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LED photometric calibrations at the National Institute of Standards and Technology and future measurement needs of LEDs
Author(s): C. Cameron Miller; Yuqin Zong; Yoshihiro Ohno
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LED white light visual equivalence
Author(s): Chenhua You
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Color rendering and luminous efficacy of white LED spectra
Author(s): Yoshihiro Ohno
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Rapid photo-goniometric technique for LED emission characterization
Author(s): Pierre Boher; Mathieu Luet; Thierry Leroux
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Position-dependent analysis of light extraction of GaN-based LEDs
Author(s): Ching-Cherng Sun; Tsung-Xian Lee; Chao-Ying Lin
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White LED performance
Author(s): Yimin Gu; Nadarajah Narendran; Jean Paul Freyssinier
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A massive primary approach to solid state lighting
Author(s): Steve Paolini
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LED illumination control and color mixing with Engineered Diffusers
Author(s): Tasso R. M. Sales; Stephen H. Chakmakjian; Donald J. Schertler; G. Michael Morris
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Application of high-brightness LEDs in aircraft position lights
Author(s): Nicolo Machi; Scott Mangum; Jeffrey M. Singer
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A spectrally tunable solid-state source for radiometric, photometric, and colorimetric applications
Author(s): Irena Fryc; Steven W. Brown; George P. Eppeldauer; Yoshihiro Ohno
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High-power LEDs for plant cultivation
Author(s): Gintautas Tamulaitis; Pavelas Duchovskis; Zenius Bliznikas; Kestutis Breive; Raimonda Ulinskaite; Ausra Brazaityte; Algirdas Novickovas; Arturas Zukauskas; Michael S. Shur
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Applications of deep UV LEDs to chemical and biological sensing
Author(s): Purnendu K. Dasgupta; Qingyang Li; Henryk Temkin; Mary Hagerott Crawford; Arthur J. Fischer; Andrew A. Allerman; Katherine H. A. Bogart; Stephen R. Lee
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Emerging low-cost LED thermal management materials
Author(s): Carl H. Zweben
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Bevelled-sidewalls formation and its effect on the light output of GaInN MQW LED chips
Author(s): Jung Tsung Hsu; C. S. Huang; W. Y. Yeh; Jenq Dar Tsay; Y. D. Guo; Chang Cheng Chuo; Chun Yu Lin; Ching Cherng Sun; S. M. Pan
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Chip-scale thermal management of high-brightness LED packages
Author(s): Mehmet Arik; Stanton Weaver
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Deep-ultraviolet LEDs fabricated in AlInGaN using MEMOCVD
Author(s): Muhammad Asif Khan
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Uniform white light distribution with low loss from colored LEDs using polymer-doped polymer mixing rods
Author(s): Chris A. Deller; Geoff B. Smith; Jim B. Franklin
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III-nitride blue and UV photonic-crystal light-emitting diodes
Author(s): Jagat B. Shakya; Kyoung Hoon Kim; Tom Nelson Oder; Jing Yu Lin; Hong Xing Jiang
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Study of short-term instabilities of InGaN/GaN light-emitting diodes by means of capacitance-voltage measurements and deep-level transient spectroscopy
Author(s): Gaudenzio Meneghesso; Matteo Meneghini; Simone Levada; Enrico Zanoni; Anna D. M. Cavallini; Antonio Castaldini; Volker Harle; Thomas Zahner; Ulrich Zehnder
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High CRI phosphor blends for near-UV LED lamps
Author(s): Emil Radkov; Anant Setlur; Zena Brown; James Reginelli
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Concentration and crystallite size dependence of the photoluminescence in YAG:Ce3+ nanophosphor
Author(s): Raquel Ovalle; Alejandro Arredondo; Luis Armando Diaz-Torres; Pedro Salas; Carlos Angeles; Ruben A. Rodriguez; Marco Antonio Meneses; Elder De la Rosa
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Performance of phosphor-coated LED optics in ray trace simulations
Author(s): Akos Borbely; Stephen G. Johnson
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Successful design of PV power systems for solid-state lighting applications
Author(s): John P. Thornton; Byron Stafford
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Performance of PV-powered LED lighting systems for buildings
Author(s): Yutao Zhou; Nadarajah Narendran
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Group III-nitride alloys as photovoltaic materials
Author(s): Joel W. Ager III; Junqiao Wu; Kin Man Yu; R. E. Jones; S. X. Li; Wladek Walukiewicz; Eugene E. Haller; Hai Lu; William J. Schaff
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Growing pains for new energy-saving technologies
Author(s): Sarah R. Kurtz
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Effects of ordering on the optical properties of GaInP2
Author(s): Dean H. Levi; John F. Geisz; Blaine Johs
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Electrode design for InGaN/sapphire LEDs based on multiple thin ohmic-metal patches
Author(s): Song Jae Lee
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Color perception under illumination by quadrichromatic solid-state lamp
Author(s): Rytis Stanikunas; Henrikas Vaitkevicius; Algimantas Svegzda; Vilius Viliunas; Zenius Bliznikas; Kestutis Breive; Rimantas Vaicekauskas; Algirdas Novickovas; Genadij Kurilcik; Arturas Zukauskas; Remis Gaska; Michael S. Shur
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White organic light-emitting diodes with high efficiency and stable color coordinates
Author(s): Chang Hee Lee; Nam Heon Lee; Jun-Ho Song; Do Hoon Hwang
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Short-range communication with ultraviolet LEDs
Author(s): Andrew M. Siegel; Gary A. Shaw; Joshua Model
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Triple-doped white organic light-emitting devices grown in vacuum
Author(s): Brian W. D'Andrade; Russell Holmes; Stephen R. Forrest; Jian Li; Mark E. Thompson
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Investigation of the spectral properties of LED-based MR16s for general illumination
Author(s): David Fitzhugh Brown; David B. Nicol; Adam Payne; Ian T. Ferguson
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