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Current Developments in Lens Design and Optical Engineering V
Editor(s): Pantazis Z. Mouroulis; Warren J. Smith; R. Barry Johnson

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Volume Number: 5523
Date Published: 14 October 2004

Table of Contents
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Unique aspects of designing and tolerancing an optical testing system
Author(s): James B. Hadaway; Patrick J. Reardon
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Small catadioptric microscope optics
Author(s): David R. Shafer; Yung-Ho Chuang; Joseph J. Armstrong
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Visible-NIR imaging optics for a Fourier transform spectrometer
Author(s): Simon Thibault; Jerome Reecht; Jean-Francois Lavigne; Nichola Desnoyers
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Ultrafast focal reducer design for ~2-m-class telescopes
Author(s): David Beach
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SIRAS-G: the Spaceborne Infrared Atmospheric Sounder: laboratory instrument development
Author(s): Thomas U. Kampe
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The Orbiting Carbon Observatory instrument optical design
Author(s): Robert Haring; Randy Pollock; Brian M. Sutin; David Crisp
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Optical design and analysis of a polarimeter for space applications
Author(s): Apostolos Deslis; Shelley B. Petroy; Thomas U. Kampe
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Design and realization of an innovative mount for calcium fluoride space optics
Author(s): Geoffrey K. Torrington; Dennis E. Clingan; Ronald M. Baker; Michael M. Montoya; Benjamin T. Macke
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Novel faceted mirror for pushbroom IR sensor
Author(s): Thomas U. Kampe; Bernhard Bach; Kirk Bach
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Including detector effects in the design of wide-field imaging systems
Author(s): James E. Harvey; Martina Atanassova; Andrey Krywonos
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Variable-focus liquid lens for portable applications
Author(s): Stein Kuiper; Benno H.W. Hendriks; Laura J. Huijbregts; A. Mico Hirschberg; Christel A. Renders; Marco A.J. van As
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A fast optical scanning deflectometer for measuring the topography of large silicon wafers
Author(s): Stefan Krey; Willem D. van Amstel; Konrad Szwedowicz; Juan Campos; Alfonso Moreno; Erik Jan Lous
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Improving efficiency of beam splitter for DVD pickup
Author(s): Wen-Jie Chen; Cheng-Huan Chen; Han-Ping David Shieh
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Image grid errors due to the application of a local heat source on the TIR surface of a prism
Author(s): Roger C. Sumner; Shiyu Zhang
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Near infrared (NIR) achromatic phase retarder
Author(s): Jun Ma; Jingshan Wang; W. Cao; Carsten Denker; Haimin Wang
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Fielding of an imaging VISAR diagnostic at the National Ignition Facility (NIF)
Author(s): Robert M. Malone; John R. Bower; Gene A. Capelle; John R. Celeste; Peter M. Celliers; Brent C. Frogget; Robert L. Guyton; Morris I. Kaufman; Gregory A. Lare; Tony L. Lee; Brian J. MacGowan; Samuel Montelongo; Edmund W. Ng; Thayne L. Thomas Jr.; Thomas W. Tunnell; Phillip W. Watts
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Passive fiber chip coupling of polymer PLC devices using hot embossing technique
Author(s): Jin Tae Kim; Choon-Gi Choi
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Diffraction efficiency evaluation of diffractive optical element (DOE) aberration corrector
Author(s): Mangzuo Shen; Renhua Huang
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Saddle points in the merit function landscape of systems of thin lenses in contact
Author(s): Florian Bociort; Alexander Serebriakov; Maarten van Turnhout
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Avoiding unstable regions in the design space of EUV mirror systems comprising high-order aspheric surfaces
Author(s): Oana Marinescu; Florian Bociort; Joseph J.M. Braat
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Requirements and limitations for fast numerical calculation of the PSF of imaging systems
Author(s): Salvador Bosch; Josep Ferre-Borrull; Francesc Gomez-Morales
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Procedures for speeding up the exact evaluation of diffraction integrals by semiperiodic-zone division of the integration domain
Author(s): Josep Ferre-Borrull; Salvador Bosch
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Optical state estimation using wavefront data
Author(s): David C. Redding; Norbert Sigrist; John Z. Lou; Yan Zhang; Paul D. Atcheson; Daniel Scott Acton; William L. Hayden
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Comparison of a new contact topographical measurement system for spherical and aspherical surfaces with interferometry
Author(s): Elmar G. Pitschke; Markus Schinhaerl; Peter Sperber; Rolf Rascher; Richard Stamp; Lyndon N. Smith; Melvyn Smith; Andreas Hammer
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High-precision measurement of effective focal length with single-mode fiber array
Author(s): Pei Huang; James F. Howell
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Measurement of lens focal length using multicurvature analysis of Shack-Hartmann wavefront data
Author(s): Daniel R. Neal; R. James Copland; David A. Neal; Daniel M. Topa; Phillip Riera
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A simple focal-length measurement technique for adaptive microlenses using z-scan
Author(s): Yasser Abdelaziez; Partha P. Banerjee
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International innovations in optical finishing
Author(s): Stephen D. Jacobs
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Temporal stability and performance of MR polishing fluid
Author(s): Markus Schinhaerl; Elmar G. Pitschke; Rolf Rascher; Peter Sperber; Richard Stamp; Lyndon N. Smith; Gordon Smith
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Recent developments of Precessions polishing for larger components and free-form surfaces
Author(s): David D. Walker; Anthony T.H. Beaucamp; David Brooks; V. Doubrovski; Matthew D. Cassie; C. Dunn; Richard R. Freeman; Andrew King; M. Libert; Gerry McCavana; Roger Morton; David Riley; John Simms
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CVC silicon carbide high-performance optical systems
Author(s): William F. Fischer III; Colby A. Foss Jr.
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Microfluidic microlenses for nanotechnology applications: production, modeling, and fabrication techniques
Author(s): Feidhlim T. O'Neill; Christopher R. Walsh; John T. Sheridan
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Mechanical fabrication of precision microlenses on optical fiber endfaces
Author(s): Gareth Milton; Yousef Gharbia; Jayantha Katupitiya
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Design and fabrication of microlens by microfluidic deposition method
Author(s): Chin-Tai Chen; Chin-Long Chiu; Ji-Bin Horng
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UV cured lenses: applied electric fields
Author(s): Feidhlim T. O'Neill; Gerry Owen; John T. Sheridan
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High-efficiency photoresist grating at 1.55 µm for DWDM application
Author(s): Yanyan Zhang; Changhe Zhou; Haiyu Ru
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Optical PCB using waveguide-embedded backplane
Author(s): Keun Byoung Yoon; In-Kui Cho; Seung-Ho Ahn; Jin Tae Kim
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The design of microscopic system using zoom structure with a fixed magnification and independency on the variation of object distance
Author(s): Jae Myung Ryu; Jae Heung Jo; Jin Ho Jung; Young Se Chun; Geon Mo Kang
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Development of fast camera objective for spectrograph of Mont Megantique telescope
Author(s): Simon Thibault; Min Wang; Sophie Bernier
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Fiber optical system for visualization of inner pipe defects by microrobot
Author(s): Valeriy Gradetsky; Leonid Kravchuk; Maxim Kniazkov; Vladimir Solovtzov; Tamara V. Tulaikova; M. Simakova
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