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Organic Light-Emitting Materials and Devices VIII

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Volume Number: 5519
Date Published: 10 November 2004

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Development in OLED formulations with improved efficiency and stability
Author(s): Tukaram K. Hatwar; C. T. Brown; L. Cosimbescu; M. L. Ricks; Jeffrey P. Spindler; W. Begley; J. R. Vargas
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Laser thermal patterning of OLED materials
Author(s): Martin B. Wolk; John P. Baetzold; Erika Bellmann; Thomas R. Hoffend Jr.; Sergey Lamansky; Yingbo Li; Ralph R. Roberts; Vadim Savvateev; John S. Staral; William A. Tolbert
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Singlet and triplet emission from polymers for OLED application
Author(s): Chris S. K. Mak; Nicholas R. Evans; Scott E. Watkins; Charlotte K. Williams; Andrew B. Holmes; Clare E. Boothby; Anna Koehler; Richard H. Friend
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Comparison of blue-emitting phosphorescent dopants: effect of molecular energy levels on device efficiency
Author(s): Jason J. Brooks; Raymond C. Kwong; Yeh-Jiun Tung; Michael S. Weaver; Brian W. D'Andrade; Vadim Adamovich; Mark E. Thompson; Stephen R. Forrest; Julie J. Brown
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Ultra-high-efficiency electrophosphorescent p-i-n OLEDs with double emission layers
Author(s): Gufeng He; Karsten Walzer; Martin P. Pfeiffer; Karl Leo; Robert Pudzich; Josef Salbeck
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Light-emitting electrochemical cells for large-area lighting applications
Author(s): Rene T. Wegh; Eduard J. Meijer; Edward A. Plummer; Luisa De Cola; Klemens Brunner; Addy van Dijken; Johannes W. Hofstraat
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Thermodynamic constants for excimer formation and dissociation in oxidized poly(9,9-dioctylfluorene) (PFO)
Author(s): Marc Sims; Aristidis Asimakis; Marilu Ariu; Donal D.C. Bradley
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Characterization of white-emitting copolymers for PLED displays
Author(s): Dirk Buchhauser; Marcus Scheffel; Wolfgang Rogler; Carsten Tschamber; Karsten Heuser; Arvid Hunze; Guenter Gieres; Debora Henseler; Wolf Jakowetz; Karsten Diekmann; Albrecht Winnacker; Heinrich Becker; Arne Buesing; Aurelie Falcou; Lothar Rau; Sven Voegele; Silke Goettling
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White electrophosphorescence from semiconducting polymer blends
Author(s): Xiong Gong; Daniel Moses; Alan J. Heeger
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Comparative measurements of charge transport in semiconducting polymers and their devices
Author(s): Ruth Rawcliffe; Donal D.C. Bradley; Alasdair J. Campbell
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Electromodulation studies of a polyfluorene light-emitting diode
Author(s): Paul A. Lane; Paul J. Brewer; Donal D.C. Bradley; Andrew de Mello; John C. de Mello
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Charge injection and transport in a green-emitting polyfluorene
Author(s): Dmitry Poplavskyy; Wencheng Su; Florian Pschenitzka; Franky So
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Hole transport in poly(p-phenylene vinylene)-based light-emitting diodes revisited
Author(s): Cristina Tanase; Paul W.M. Blom; Dago M. de Leeuw
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Interfacial charge injection barriers in organic light-emitting diodes: the effect of thin interlayers of organic donor-acceptor molecules TTF and TCNQ
Author(s): Richard J. Murdey; William R. Salaneck
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A novel cathode configuration for organic light-emitting devices
Author(s): Jie Liu; Anil R. Duggal; Joseph J. Shiang; Christian M. Heller
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Highly efficient phosphorescent guest-host-systems for hybrid inverted organic light-emitting diodes with sputtered indium-tin-oxide anodes
Author(s): Michael Kroeger; Thomas Dobbertin; Daniel Schneider; Torsten Rabe; Eike Becker; Hans-Hermann Johannes; Wolfgang Kowalsky
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Development of new emitting amorphous molecular materials for organic light-emitting diodes
Author(s): Yasuhiko Shirota; Kenji Okumoto; Hidekaru Doi; Masanori Maeda; Toshihiko Yamate
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Novel blue light-emitting polymers for PLED
Author(s): Shuji Doi; Takeshi Yamada; Yoshiaki Tsubata; Masato Ueda
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OLED devices for signage applications: a review of recent advances and remaining challenges
Author(s): Ruediger Sprengard; Klaus Bonrad; Thomas K. Daeubler; T. Frank; V. Hagemann; I. Koehler; J. Pommerehne; Clemens R. Ottermann; Frank Voges; B. Vingerling
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Improvement of the external extraction efficiency of OLED by using a pyramid array
Author(s): Shin-Ichi Tanaka; Yasuyuki Kawakami; Yuji Naito
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Subwavelength particle layers for improved light outcoupling of OLEDs
Author(s): Helmut Bechtel; Wolfgang Busselt; Joachim Opitz
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Increasing OLED output light efficiency via holography
Author(s): Han-Tsung Hsueh; Chen Chang; Min-Wen Chang; Hua-Kuang Liu
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Organic, polymer, and organic/inorganic hybrid light-emitting devices based on phosphorescent fluorinated platinum(II) porphyrin
Author(s): Hai-Feng Xiang; Chuan-Nan Li; Sze Chit Yu; Chi-Ming Che; P. T. Lai; Po Ching Chui
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Multiple orientation and nematic-hexagonal transition in uniaxially aligned polyfluorene thin films
Author(s): Matti Knaapila; Benjamin P. Lyons; Kaisa Kisko; Oliver H. Seeck; Joel P. Foreman; Ulla Vainio; Ritva Serimaa; Mika Torkkeli; Andrew P. Monkman
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Orientation of dopant molecules in thin polyfluorene films
Author(s): Benjamin P. Lyons; Andrew P. Monkman
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Design of passive matrix organic light-emitting diodes
Author(s): Quan Jiang; Jian-bo Cheng; Zulun Lin; Wenbin Chen; Gang Yang; Haibo Rao; Kangcheng Qi
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A novel transparent OLED
Author(s): Jian-Bo Cheng; Quan Jiang; Zulun Lin; Wenbin Chen; Gang Yang; Haibo Rao; Kangcheng Qi
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Experimental and numerical study of thin-film formation by microfluidic deposition method
Author(s): Chin-Tai Chen
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Low-power-consumption and long-lifetime OLED with a high Tg n-type organic transport material
Author(s): Meng-Hsiu Wu; Jiun-Haw Lee; Man-Kit Leung; Chi-Chih Liao; Yih Chang
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Electron-blocking mechanisms at the hole transport layer-emissive layer interface in polymer light-emitting diodes: enhanced device performance with a novel electron-blocking interlayer
Author(s): He Yan; Tobin Jay Marks
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Numerical simulation of modal gain in electrically pumped organic semiconductor lasers
Author(s): Christof Pflumm; Christian Karnutsch; Martina Gerken; Uli Lemmer
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Modeling of I-V characteristics of an MEH-PPV PLED
Author(s): Mohammad A. Matin; Amitendra Nath Chaudhuri
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High-efficiency electrophosphorescent organic light-emitting devices based on Schiff base platinum(II) complexes
Author(s): Hai-Feng Xiang; Siu-Chung Chan; Chi-Ming Che; P. T. Lai; Po Ching Chui
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Impedance model of two-carrier space-charge limited current in organic light-emitting diodes
Author(s): Angeles Pitarch; Germà Garcia-Belmonte; Juan Bisquert
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