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Linear and Nonlinear Optics of Organic Materials IV

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Volume Number: 5517
Date Published: 15 October 2004

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Advances in polymer optical devices and waveguide fabrication techniques
Author(s): Warren N. Herman; Wei-Yen Chen; Younggu Kim; Glenn Hutchinson; Wei Lou Cao; Yongzhang Leng; Victor Yun; Hongye Liang; Yi-Hsing Peng; Min Du; Lisa Lucas; Ping-Tong Ho; Julius Goldhar; Chi H. Lee
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Third-order nonlinear optical properties of soluble Cr(III)-dioxolene complexes
Author(s): Shin-ichiro Noro; Takafumi Sassa; Tetsuya Aoyama; Ho-Chol Chang; Susumu Kitagawa; Tatsuo Wada
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Chiral chromophore-functionalized polybinaphtalenes for second-order nonlinear optics
Author(s): Isabel Picard; Guy Koeckelberghs; Thierry Verbiest; Celest Samyn; Andre P. Persoons
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Improved transparency-nonlinearity trade-off with boroxine-based octupolar molecules
Author(s): Claudine Katan; Olivier Mongin; Gilles Alcaraz; Michel Vaultier; Abdou Boucekkine; Mireille H. Blanchard-Desce
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Polymer variable optical attenuator arrays: pathway from material platform to qualified telecom product
Author(s): Tony C. Kowalczyk; Robert Blum
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Polymeric waveguide devices for optical communications
Author(s): Myung-Hyun Lee; Jung Jin Ju; Suntak Park; Jong-Moo Lee; Jung Yun Do; Seung Koo Park; Min-Su Kim; Joon Tae Ahn
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Optical waveguides using perfluorinated polyimides and their optical device applications
Author(s): Tohru Matsuura
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Investigations of the mechanism of enhancement in novel two-photon absorption branched macromolecules
Author(s): Theodore G. Goodson III
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Environmental and steric effects on electronic and vibrational properties of pyridinium phenoxide derivatives
Author(s): Alex Boeglin; Vincent Rodriguez; Catherine Combellas; Vincent Diemer; Helene Chaumeil; Albert Defoin; Alain F. Fort
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Polarized photoluminescence of highly oriented poly(p-phenylene-vinylene)
Author(s): Cesare Soci; Davide Comoretto; Franco Marabelli; Daniel Moses
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The molecular origins of optical nonlinearity: beyond charge-transfer effects
Author(s): Garth J. Simpson; Andrew J. Moad
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Highly transparent silicone materials
Author(s): Jon V. DeGroot Jr.; Ann Norris; Shedric O. Glover; Terry V. Clapp
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Optical polymers: critical requirements for optical access applications
Author(s): Robert A. Norwood
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A polymer-based platform technology for integrated photonics
Author(s): Samhita Dasgupta; Min-Yi Shih; Thomas Gorczyca; Christoph Erben; Todd Tolliver; Christoph Kapusta; Eric Breitung
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Polymeric multimode waveguide arrays for one- and two-dimensional optical interconnects
Author(s): Jang-Joo Kim; Joon-Sung Kim
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Fast photoresponse in organic semiconductors: understanding the mechanisms and structure-property relationships
Author(s): Oksana Ostroverkhova; Svitlana Shcherbyna; David G. Cooke; Ray Egerton; Rik R. Tykwinski; John E. Anthony; Frank A. Hegmann
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Rapid techniques for the characterization of polymer materials for optical waveguides
Author(s): Andrew J. Guenthner; Joni M. Pentony; Geoffrey A. Lindsay
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Photonic crystal and air trench approaches to realize small-area bends and splitters in low index contrast waveguides
Author(s): Gregory P. Nordin; Seunghyun Kim; Lixia Li; Jingbo Cai; Jianhua Jiang
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Second- and third-order nonlinear properties of chiral phthalocyanine films
Author(s): Tsuyoshi Muto; Takafumi Sassa; Tetsuya Aoyama; Mutsumi Kimura; Hirofusa Shirai; Tatsuo Wada
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Temperature-dependent kinetics of diffraction gratings formation in a polymer matrix doped with azobenzene chromophores: Monte Carlo simulations and experiment
Author(s): Antoni C. Mitus; Grzegorz Pawlik; Andrzej Miniewicz; Anna Sobolewska; Francois Kajzar
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Elaboration of optical integrated devices by multiphoton polymerization processes in doped photopolymers
Author(s): Kokou D. Dorkenoo; Stephane Klein; Alberto Barsella; Cecile Martineau; Chantal Andraud; Alain F. Fort
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Computational modeling of supercontinuum generation in fused silica by a femtosecond laser pulse of a few optical cycles
Author(s): David Hovhannisyan; Komitas Stepanyan
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Method of multirange models by near-infrared spectral analysis for nonlinear optics of organic materials
Author(s): Xuedian D. Zhang; Min Chang; Kexin X. Xu
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Measurement and temperature dependence of the electro-optic coefficient of a range of cross-linked DR-19 doped polyester films
Author(s): Carl E. Bonner Jr.; Stephen Charter; Jedidah Isler; Zeinab Roz; Sam-Shajing Sun
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Transmission properties and spectral trimming of polymer photonic crystals
Author(s): Manfred Eich; Markus Schmidt; Gunnar Boettger; Uwe Huebner; Wolfgang Morgenroth; Hans-Georg Meyer
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Biochemical sensors based on polymer microring resonators
Author(s): L. Jay Guo; Chung-Yen Chao; Wayne Fung; Jun Yang
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