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Nanoengineering: Fabrication, Properties, Optics, and Devices

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Volume Number: 5515
Date Published: 8 October 2004

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High-Q photonic nanocavity
Author(s): Takashi Asano; Susumu Noda
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Chip-scale fully reconfigurable optical add/drop multiplexing subsystem in polymer microphotonic circuits
Author(s): Tomoyuki Izuhara; Junichiro Fujita; Antonije Radojevic; Reinald Gerhardt; Louay A. Eldada
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High-density multimode photonic backplane
Author(s): Min-Yi Shih; Christoph Erben; Thomas Gorczyca; Samhita Dasgupta; Ernest Balch; Glenn Claydon; Todd Tolliver; Renato Guida; William Kornrumpf; Matthew Nielsen; Eric Breitung
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Magneto-optic photonic crystals as optical waveguide structures
Author(s): Miguel Levy; Xiaoyue Huang; Rong Li; Haichun C. Yang; Hassaram Bakhru
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Cavity-enhanced near-field optical magnetometry
Author(s): Naser Qureshi; Aaron R. Hawkins; Holger Schmidt
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Resonating periodic waveguides as ultraresolution sensors in biomedicine
Author(s): Debra D. Wawro; Purnomo Priambodo; Robert Magnusson
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Photonic crystals enable infrared gas sensors
Author(s): Irina Puscasu; Edward A. Johnson; Martin U. Pralle; Mark P. McNeal; James T. Daly; Anton C. Greenwald
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Integrated ARROW waveguides for gas/liquid sensing
Author(s): Holger Schmidt; Dongliang Yin; David W. Deamer; John P. Barber; Aaron R. Hawkins
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Fabrication of micro-optical elements and biochip patterns on glass surface by imprint lithography
Author(s): Yasuhisa Tsubouchi; Takehiko Yamaguchi; Kazuyuki Yao; Seiichiro Kitagawa; Yoshihiko Hirai
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Novel biomedical implant interconnects utilizing micromachined LCP
Author(s): Robert Neal Dean Jr.; Jenny Weller; Michael Bozack; Brian Farrell; Linas Jauniskis; Joseph Ting; David Edell; Jamille Hetke
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Manipulation of DNA molecules using optical techniques for optically assisted DNA computing
Author(s): Yusuke Ogura; Fumika Sumiyama; Takashi Kawakami; Jun Tanida
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Optical detection of single molecules in nanofluidic chips
Author(s): Gea O.F. Parikesit; Vladimir G. Kutchoukov; Wim van Oel; Guus L. Lung; Andre Bossche; Ian T. Young; Yuval Garini
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Self-assembled gold nanowires from nanoparticles: an electronic route towards DNA nanosensors
Author(s): Lifeng Zheng; Shengdong Li; Peter J. Burke
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Optical elements with subwavelength structured surfaces
Author(s): Hisao Kikuta; Hiroshi Toyota; Wanji Yu; Akio Mizutani; Koichi Iwata
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Macroporous silicon-based polarization components
Author(s): Vladimir Kochergin; Marc Christophersen; Philip R. Swinehart
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Fabrication and characterization of GaAs-based space-variant inhomogeneous media for polarization control at 10.6 µm
Author(s): Chia-Ho Tsai; Uriel Levy; Lin Pang; Shaya Fainman
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Si photonic wire waveguides
Author(s): Toshihiko Baba
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Design of thin-film-coated diffractive optical elements with frequency variant transmission functions
Author(s): Markus E. Testorf; Ursula J. Gibson
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Nanostructured diffractive optical elements on SiNX membrane for UV-visible regime applications
Author(s): Chien Chieh Lee; Chih Ming Wang; Che Lung Xu; Jing Yi Chen; Jenq Yang Chang; Yi Ming Liao; Gou Chung Chi
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Waveguiding light in air with ultralow index metamaterials
Author(s): Brian T. Schwartz; Rafael Piestun
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High-aspect ratio grating fabrication by imprint lithography
Author(s): Yoshihiko Hirai; Takaaki Konishi; Tomohiro Kanakugi; Hiroaki Kawata; Hisao Kikuta
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Electromagnetic modeling of phase-shifting contact lithography by broadband ultraviolet illumination
Author(s): Fei Wang; Katherine E. Weaver; Akhlesh Lakhtakia; Mark W. Horn
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Formation of nanoscale dots on glass surface by microprobe ion manipulation
Author(s): Tetsuji Yano; Shin-ichi Kubota; Hiroaki Kato; Shuichi Shibata
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Observation of nanometer-scale crystal grain orientation in ferroelectric thin films using polarization near-field scanning optical microscopy (NSOM)
Author(s): Takashi Fuse; Fumiyuki Takahashi; Hiroyuki Tsukahara
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Diffraction effects in honeycomb arrays of multiwalled carbon nanotubes
Author(s): Brian R. Kimball; Joel B. Carlson; Diane M. Steeves; Krzysztof Kempa; Zhifeng Ren; Pengfei Wu; Thomas Kempa; Glynda Benham; Y. Wang; Wenzhi Li; A. Herczynski; Jacob Rybczynski; Devulapali V.G.L.N. Rao
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Enhancement of optical transmission through planar nanoapertures in a metal film
Author(s): Xianfan Xu; Eric X. Jin; Sreemanth M.V. Uppuluri
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Carbon-encapsulated iron nanoparticles prepared by laser pyrolysis: characterization and catalyzers for carbon nanotubes and nanofibers
Author(s): Florian V. Dumitrache; Victor Ciupina; Ion Morjan; Rodica Alexandrescu; Ion Voicu; Iuliana Soare; Lavinia Albu; Raluca Morjan; Gabi Prodan
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Analysis of dual-frequency MEMS antenna using H-MRTD method
Author(s): Wenge Yu; Xianxin Zhong; Yu Chen; Zhengzhong Wu
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Bandwidth enhancement in difference frequency generation by domain-shifted quasi-phase-matching structure
Author(s): Hongchen Guo; Yiqiang Qin; Hong Su; Zexiang Shen; Sing-Hai Tang
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Linear and nonlinear optics of thin metal films with randomly distributed subwavelength holes
Author(s): Mufei Xiao; Nikifor Rakov
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Silicon-based guided-mode resonance nanophotonic device
Author(s): Chih Ming Wang; Che Lung Xu; Jenq Yang Chang; Chien Chieh Lee
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