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20th European Conference on Mask Technology for Integrated Circuits and Microcomponents
Editor(s): Uwe F. W. Behringer

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Volume Number: 5504
Date Published: 2 June 2004

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Hard pellicle investigation for 157-nm lithography: impact on overlay
Author(s): Richard Bruls; Tammo Uitterdijk; Orlando Cicilia; Peter De Bisschop; Michael K. Kocsis; Andrew Grenville; Chris K. Van Peski; Roxann L. Engelstad; Jaehyuk Chang; Eric P. Cotte; Kaname Okada; Kazushige Ohta; Hitoshi Mishiro; Shinya Kikugawa
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Aerial image measurement technique for today's and future 193-nm lithography mask requirements
Author(s): Axel M. Zibold; Thomas Scheruebl; Alexander Menck; Robert Brunner; J. Greif
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Measurement results on after-etch resist coated features on the new Leica Microsystems' LWM270 DUV critical dimension metrology system
Author(s): John M. Whittey; Walter Steinberg
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Semi-transparent isolated defects detection by die-to-database mask inspection using virtual scanning algorithms for sub-pixel resolution
Author(s): Syarhei M. Avakaw
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Determining the transfer function of a mask fabrication process
Author(s): Peter Leonardus Hendrikus Albertino Leunissen; Vicky Philipsen; Rik M. Jonckheere
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Towards systematic CD process control for e-beam lithography
Author(s): Christian K. Kalus
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OASIS: progress on implementing the new stream format for containing data size explosion
Author(s): Steffen F. Schulze; Kent H. Nakagawa; Peter D. Buck
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The guideline of reticle data management (Ver. 2)
Author(s): Nobuyuki Iriki; Norihiko Miyazaki; M. Homma; T. Sato; Toshio Onodera; T. Matsuda; T. Uga; Hidehiro Higashino; Iwao Higashikawa; Nobuyuki Yoshioka
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January 2004 update on the SEMI standards task force on photomask qualification terminology
Author(s): Rik M. Jonckheere
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Looking back: artwork and mask making in Dresden for the East German megabit chip project
Author(s): Hans Willy Becker
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Monitoring strategy to match the advanced fabs
Author(s): Paul W. Ackmann
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Production challenges of making an EUV mask blank
Author(s): Lutz Aschke; Hans W. Becker; Falk Friemel; Thomas Leutbecher; Nathalie Olschewski; Markus Renno; Frauke Rueggeberg; Mario Schiffler; Frank Schmidt; Frank Sobel; Kurt Walter; Guenter Hess; Frank Lenzen; Konrad Knapp; Jochen Alkemper; Hrabanus Hack; Klaus Megges; Ina Mitra; Rolf Mueller; Uwe Nolte; Joerg Schumacher; Wolfgang Pannhorst
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Optimized processes and absorber-stack materials for EUV masks
Author(s): Josef Mathuni; Jenspeter Rau; Frank-Michael Kamm; Guenther G. Ruhl; Ch. Holfeld; Florian Letzkus; C. Koepernik; Joerg Butschke
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The impact of EUV mask defects on lithographic process performance
Author(s): Peter Evanschitzky; Andreas Erdmann
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Effect of electrostatic chucking on EUVL mask flatness
Author(s): Andrew R. Mikkelson; Roxann L. Engelstad; Edward G. Lovell; Lutz Aschke; Frauke Rueggeberg; Frank Sobel
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Investigation of Cr etch chamber seasoning
Author(s): Pavel Nesladek; Guenther G. Ruhl; Marcel Kristlib
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Implementation of a transparent etch stop layer for an improved alternating PSM
Author(s): Michael J. Cangemi; Darren Taylor; Matthew Lassiter
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Metrological characterization of new CD photomask standards
Author(s): Werner Mirande; Bernd Bodermann; W. Haessler-Grohne; Carl G. Frase; Slawomir Czerkas; Harald Bosse
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Predicting microfluidic response during immersion lithography scanning
Author(s): Alexander C. Wei; Gerald A. Dicks; Amr Y. Abdo; Gregory F. Nellis; Roxann L. Engelstad; Jaehyuk Chang; Edward G. Lovell; William A. Beckman
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Low-energy electron beam proximity projection lithography (LEEPL): the world's first e-beam production tool, LEEPL 3000
Author(s): Uwe F. W. Behringer
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Proposal for a distributed parallel system for high-throughput maskless e-beam lithography
Author(s): Timothy R. Groves; Daniel S. Pickard
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Contact layer printing using alternating phase-shifting masks: mask making, patterning results, and production implementation
Author(s): Rainer Pforr; Wolfgang Dettmann; M. Eisenhut; Mario Hennig; Detlef Hofmann; Joerg Thiele; Guido Thielscher
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Avoidance/reduction of charging effects in case of partially insufficient substrate conductivity when using ESPACER 300Z
Author(s): Rainer Plontke; Lutz Bettin; Dirk Beyer; Joerg Butschke; Mathias Irmscher; Corinna Koepernik; Bernd Leibold; Armelle B. E. Vix; Peter Voehringer
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Dynamic mask defects in hot embossing lithography
Author(s): N. Bogdanski; Hubert Schulz; Matthias Wissen; Hella-Christin Scheer
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Shaped beam technology for nano-imprint mask lithography
Author(s): Peter Hudek; Dirk Beyer; Timothy R. Groves; Olaf K. Fortagne; William J. Dauksher; David P. Mancini; Kevin J. Nordquist; Douglas J. Resnick
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