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Optical Technologies for Communications
Editor(s): Salavat T. Kussimov; Vladimir A. Andreev; Albert H. Sultanov; Vladimir A. Burdin

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Volume Number: 5485
Date Published: 18 May 2004

Table of Contents
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Method of the optical signal amplifying with distance pump and experience of its realization
Author(s): Salavat T. Kusimov; Albert H. Sultanov; Ramil G. Usmanov
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Algorithms of antinoise group digital receivers of multifrequency code
Author(s): Vyacheslav I. Ivanov; Michael V. Kuznetsov
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Simulation of fiber optic communication line with Raman amplifier
Author(s): Vladimir A. Andreev; Michael V. Dashkov
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Error probability for case of inexact synchronization
Author(s): Irina L. Vinogradova
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Finding and correcting the digital mistakes stipulated jitters at communications of speech by PCM
Author(s): Irina V. Rotenshtein
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Results of computer research of the fiber optic interferometer characteristics
Author(s): Albert H. Sultanov
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Simulation and analysis of optical fiber cladding defect reflectance
Author(s): Vladimir A. Andreev; Vladimir A. Burdin; Anton V. Bourdine
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Results of experimental research deformed transparent specimens
Author(s): Albert H. Sultanov; Vladimir I. Kanakov; Irina L. Vinogradova
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Model and algorithm of optimization of a refractive index profile of single-mode fibers for optical communication networks
Author(s): Vladimir A. Burdin; Roman V. Andreev; Denis E. Praporshchikov
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Comparing analysis of guided modes excitation by fundamental mode injecting through the USF, DSF, and NZDSF fibers coupled to conventional multimode fiber
Author(s): Anton V. Bourdine
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Methods for reflection coefficient spectral characteristics calculation at the splice of optical fibers
Author(s): Vladimir A. Burdin; Alexander V. Troshin
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Design of DOEs for multiwavelength demultiplexing and spatial focusing
Author(s): Leonid L. Doskolovich; Victor A. Soifer; Nikolay L. Kazanskiy; Piero P. Perlo; Piermario Repetto
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Circular average transform for image processing
Author(s): Victor V. Kotlyar; Alexey A. Kovalev
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Optoelectronic image processing system for satellite landmark navigation
Author(s): Sergey V. Dyblenko; Klaus Janschek; Anton Kisselev; Albert H. Sultanov; Valerij Tchernykh
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Nonparametric method for stochastic textures detection on remotely sensed images
Author(s): Nail K. Bakirov
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Autonomous optoelectronic navigation for satellites on the basis of image motion analysis
Author(s): Sergey V. Dyblenko
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Small-are fire detection and evaluation using multispectral NOAA data
Author(s): Vladislav A. Plechnoy
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Optical fiber type identification by hot-image analysis
Author(s): Vladimir A. Burdin; Yuri N. Belov; Anton V. Bourdine
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Investigation of the detection of edging microcracks in single-mode optical lightguides by means of OTDR
Author(s): Alexey V. Voronkov
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Backscattering trace identification in remote fiber test systems
Author(s): Alexander S. Tyuterev
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Fiber network telecommunication information system design using modern design methodologies
Author(s): Denis I. Chadaev; Igor V. Sharkevich
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Organization of distance learning for specialists in the field of fiber optic communication technology
Author(s): Vladimir A. Andreev; Andrey A. Voronkov
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