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Noise in Communication
Editor(s): Langford B. White

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Volume Number: 5473
Date Published: 25 May 2004

Table of Contents
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Multiple access interference in time hopping ultrawideband radio
Author(s): Norman C. Beaulieu; Bo Hu
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Jitter and phase noise in oscillators and phase-locked loops
Author(s): Frank Herzel; Wolfgang Winkler; Johannes Borngraeber
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Close-in phase noise in integrated oscillators
Author(s): Reza Navid; Christoph Jungemann; Thomas H. Lee; Robert W. Dutton
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Digital signal processor (DSP)-based 1/f alpha noise generator
Author(s): Robert Mingesz; Peter Bara; Zoltan Gingl; Peter Makra
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Design of digital blind feedforward nearly-jitter-free timing recovery schemes
Author(s): Erchin Serpedin; Yik-Chung Wu; Kai Shi
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Code design for correlated MIMO channels
Author(s): Langford B. White
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EXIT chart analysis of a new turbo equalizer based on a reduced-complexity MAP equalizer
Author(s): Sylvie L. Perreau; Gilles Gorlier
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Monitoring the HF spectrum in the presence of noise
Author(s): James E. Giesbrecht; Russell Clarke; Derek Abbott
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The history of noise
Author(s): Leon Cohen
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Network-assisted diversity for random-access wireless sensor networks under the use of the generalized approach to signal processing
Author(s): Vyacheslav P Tuzlukov; Wong-Sik Yoon; Yong Deak Kim
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Optimizing genetic algorithm strategies for evolving networks
Author(s): Matthew J. Berryman; Andrew Allison; Derek Abbott
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Online algorithm for identification of multiple narrowband burst-type interferers
Author(s): Peter Wing-Chau Chan; Roger Shu-Kwan Cheng
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Tracking points within noisy images
Author(s): Garry A Einicke
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The influence of sampling a Gauss-Markov process over a finite time for estimation and prediction
Author(s): Li Wen; Peter J. Sherman
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Effects of laser multimode content on the angle-of-arrival fluctuations in free-space optical access systems
Author(s): Halil Tanyer Eyyuboglu; Yahya Kemal Baykal
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Fluctuation characteristics of signals transmitted by a chaotic sequence with modulated parameters
Author(s): Elena D Surovyatkina
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Adaptive filter for reconstruction of stereo audio signals
Author(s): Krzysztof Cisowski
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Noise analysis for motion estimation with skip mechanism
Author(s): Xiaoying Gan; Shiying Sun; Wentao Song
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Per-port statistical estimation of bit error rate and optical signal-to-noise ratio in DWDM telecommunications
Author(s): Stamatios V. Kartalopoulos
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