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Microwave and Terahertz Photonics
Editor(s): Andreas Stohr; Dieter Jager; Stavros Iezekiel

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Volume Number: 5466
Date Published: 1 September 2004

Table of Contents
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Radio-over-fiber networks for mobile communications
Author(s): David Wake; Keith Beacham
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Optical transmission and up-conversion OF QAM and QPSK modulated microwave subcarriers
Author(s): Y. Le Guennec; Beatrice Cabon; Ghislaine Maury
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Radio-over-fiber using spectrum sliced optical links
Author(s): John E. Mitchell
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Heterogeneous wireless/wireline optical access networks with the R-EAT as backend component
Author(s): Klaus Hagedorn; Ralf Gindera; Andreas Stohr; Dieter Jager
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Low phase noise optical links for microwave and RF frequency distribution
Author(s): Gianandrea Quadri; Bertrand Onillon; Horacio Martinez-Reyes; Benoit Benazet; Olivier Llopis
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Tunable all-optical microwave filter using uniform fiber Bragg gratings with identical reflectivities
Author(s): Fei Zeng; Jianping Yao
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High-bandwidth photodiode frequency-response characterization method based on the photomixing technique
Author(s): Riccardo Miglierina; Michele Norgia; Guido Giuliani; Silvano Donati
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Dispersion effects in fiber Bragg gratings based all-optical microwave filters
Author(s): Fei Zeng M.D.; Jianping Yao
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Simultaneous optical and electrical mixing in a single fast photodiode for the demodulation of weak mm-wave signals
Author(s): Michele Norgia; Guido Giuliani; Riccardo Miglierina; Silvano Donati; Tiziana Tambosso
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Resonant grating effects at terahertz frequencies
Author(s): Emmanuel Bonnet; Alain Cachard; Alexandre V. Tishchenko; Olivier M. Parriaux; Frederic Garet; Jean-Louis Coutaz; Georges-Andre Racine
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Design and characterization of a traveling wave semiconductor cascade laser
Author(s): Stavros Iezekiel; H. H. Hashim
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Optoelectronic control of coplanar transmission lines up to 110 GHz
Author(s): Johan H. Stiens; Gert Poesen; Gaetan Koers; Pascal Simon; Jean-Pierre Raskin; Isabelle Huynen; Walter De Raedt; Roger A. Vounckx
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A new single side band suppression carrier photonic modulator with Bragg photonic microcavities
Author(s): Amina Lammari; Anne-Laure Billabert; Christian Rumelhard; Tarik Bourouina
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Fabrication, optimization, and characterization of monolithic semiconductor mode-locked lasers and colliding, pulse mode-locked lasers at millimeter-wave frequencies
Author(s): Marco Passerini; Marc Sorel; Peter J.R. Laybourn; Guido Giuliani; Silvano Donati
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Experimental evaluation of an ultrafast free-space optical analog-to-digital conversion scheme using a tunable semiconductor laser
Author(s): Johan Stigwall; Sheila Galt; Sverker Hard
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Generation of tunable high-purity microwave and terahertz signals by two-frequency solid state lasers
Author(s): Marc Brunel; Ngoc Diep Lai; M. Vallet; Albert Le Floch; Fabien Bretenaker; Loic Morvan; Daniel Dolfi; Jean-Pierre Huignard; Stephane Blanc; Thomas Merlet
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Photonic generation and delivery of millimeter-wave reference signals
Author(s): Pengbo Shen; Phillip A. Davies; Nathan J. Gomes; W. P. Shillue; Peter G. Huggard; Brian N. Ellison
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Photonic microwave generator utilizing narrowband Brillouin amplification and a fiber-based oscillator
Author(s): Andreas Wiberg; Per Olof Hedekvist
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New optical methods for microwave signal generation
Author(s): Tibor Berceli; Tamas Banky
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Optical frequency up-conversion in multimode and single-mode fiber radio systems
Author(s): Anthony Ng'oma; Antonius M. J. Koonen; Idelfonso Tafur-Monroy; H. P.A. vd. Boom; Patrick F.M. Smulders; Giok-Djan Khoe
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Optical far-IR wave generation - state-of-the-art and advanced device structures
Author(s): Viktor Krozer; B. Leone; Hartmut G. Roskos; Torsten Loffler; Gabriel Loata; Gottfried H. Dohler; Frank Renner; S. Eckardt; S. Malzer; A. SchwanhauBer; Tjeerd O. Klaassen; A. Adam; Paolo Lugli; Aldo Di Carlo; Maurizio Manenti; Gaetano Scamarcio; M. S. Vitiello; Michael Feiginov
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Integrated 1.55 µm photomixer local oscillators for heterodyne receivers at mm wavelengths
Author(s): Peter G. Huggard; Luis Azcona; Alexandre Laisne; Brian N. Ellison; Pengbo Shen; Nathan J. Gomes; Phillip A. Davies
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Waveguide and antenna coupled travelling-wave 1.55-μm photodetectors for optical (sub)millimeter-wave generation
Author(s): Andrei Malcoci; Andreas Stohr; Andres Sauerwald; Sven Schulz; Dieter Jager
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Analytical and computer models of terahertz HEMT photomixer
Author(s): Victor Ryzhii; Akira Satou; Irina Khmyrova; Maxim Ryzhii; Taiichi Otsuji; Michael S. Shur
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Effect of photogenerated electrons on the terahertz plasma-wave resonance in HEMT’s under interband photoexcitation
Author(s): Mitsuhiro Hanabe; Taiichi Otsuji; Victor Ryzhii
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