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Solid State Lasers and Amplifiers

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Volume Number: 5460
Date Published: 1 September 2004

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Broadband bismuth-oxide-based erbium-doped fiber lasers
Author(s): Hideyuki Sotobayashi; Juliet T. Gopinath; Erich P. Ippen
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Femtosecond neodymium-doped fiber laser operating in the 894- to 909-nm spectral range
Author(s): Matei Rusu; Suvi P. Karirinne; Mircea Guina; Anatoly B. Grudinin; Oleg G. Okhotnikov
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Dispersion compensation-free fiber laser mode-locked and stabilized by a high-contrast saturable absorber mirror
Author(s): Robert Herda; Oleg G. Okhotnikov
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Theoretical and experimental investigations of a single-mode 976-nm Yb-doped fiber amplifier
Author(s): Aude Bouchier; Gaelle Lucas-Leclin; Francois Balembois; Patrick M. Georges
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Double-cladding fiber laser and frequency doubling with PPLN
Author(s): Qihong Lou; Jun Zhou; Zhijiang Wang
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A Ce: LiCAF UV laser pumped by an intracavity frequency-doubled radiation at 532 nm
Author(s): Patrick Cordelier; Richard Moncorge; R. Yu. Abdulsabirov; Vadim V. Semashko; Stella L. Korableva; Mathieu Laroche; Sylvain Girard
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Highly stable solid state dye lasers based on polymer-filled nanoporous silica aerogels
Author(s): Angel Costela; Inmaculada Garcia-Moreno; Clara Gomez; Olga Garcia; Roberto Sastre; Elies Molins; Anna Roig
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Polarized operation of Yb:YAl3(BO3)4 CW and mode-locked lasers
Author(s): Yanrong Song; Bronwen Taylor; Peter Dekker; Judith Dawes; James Piper
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Investigations of a Q-switched Ho:YAG laser intracavity-pumped by a diode-pumped Tm:YLF laser
Author(s): Christelle Kieleck; Antoine Hirth
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Q-switching of mid-infrared Er:YAG laser and its radiation delivery system
Author(s): Helena Jelinkova; Petr Koranda; Michal Nemec; Jan Sulc; Miroslav Cech; Mitsunobu Miyagi; Yi-Wei Shi; Yuji Matsuura
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Chromium-doped chalcogenide lasers
Author(s): Timothy J. Carrig; Gregory J. Wagner; William J. Alford; Andrew Zakel
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High-power CW diode-pumped laser operation of Yb3+:CaF2 crystal
Author(s): Mathieu Jacquemet; Andrea Lucca; Frederick Druon; Francois Balembois; Patrick M. Georges; Vincent Petit; Jean-Louis Doualan; Patrice Camy; Richard Moncorge
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Use of a novel tunable solid state disk laser as a diagnostic system for laser-induced fluorescence
Author(s): Wolfgang Paa; Wolfgang Triebel
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Nd:SrWO4 Raman laser
Author(s): Helena Jelinkova; Jan Sulc; Maxim E. Doroschenko; Vadim V. Skornyakov; Sergey B. Kravtsov; Tasoltan Tazretovich Basiev; Peter G. Zverev
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Flashlamp pumped oscillator–amplifier Nd:YAG system mode-locked using multiple quantum well saturable absorber
Author(s): Vaclav Kubecek; Helena Jelinkova; Andrej Dombrovsky; Jean-Claude Diels; Andreas Stintz
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Closing the gap using direct pumping of neodymium-doped crystals
Author(s): Raphy Lavi; Sharone Goldring; Alon Tal; Steven M. Jackel; Eyal Lebiush; Yitshak Tzuk
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Spectroscopy and tunable laser operation of Yb3+:CaF2 single crystals
Author(s): Vincent Petit; Jean-Louis Doualan; Patrice Camy; Corina Budasca; Richard Moncorge
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Optical spectroscopy and laser oscillation in a high-power laser material: Yb:GdVO4
Author(s): Johan Petit; Pascal Loiseau; Philippe Goldner; Bruno Viana; Daniel Vivien; Bernard Ferrand
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Effect of intracavity diffusion-bonded optical elements on laser performance
Author(s): Boaz Rubinstein; Steven M. Jackel; Revital Feldman; Yehoshua Shimony
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Yb3+-doped laser materials for high-power or ultrafast applications
Author(s): Bruno Viana; Johan Petit; Romain Gaume; Daniel Vivien; Frederick Druon; Francois Balembois; Patrick M. Georges
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Experimental and theoretical investigation of a nonlinear lensing effect observed in a Cr:LiSAF laser
Author(s): Nicolas Passilly; Michael Fromager; Kamel Ait-Ameur; Richard Moncorge; Jean-Louis Doualan; Antoine Hirth; Greg Quarles
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Experimental characterization of phase-shift induced by complex susceptibility changes through dynamic behavior of EDFL
Author(s): Jean-Marc Martin; Jean-Claude Mollier
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Up-conversion processes in Ho3+/Tm3+-codoped LiYF4 crystals
Author(s): Taiju Tsuboi; Kiyoshi Shimamura
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Spectroscopic properties of Tm3+:TeO2-PbF2 glasses in the near infrared
Author(s): Idris Kabalci; Gonul Ozen; Adnan Kurt; Umit Demirbas; Alphan Sennaroglu
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Modeling and computation of laser cavity eigenmodes
Author(s): Konrad Altmann; Christoph Pflaum; David Seider
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Spatio-temporal mode analysis in self-organizing diode-pumped solid state lasers on dynamic gratings
Author(s): Oleg L Antipov; Oleg N. Eremeykin; Andrey P. Zinoviev; Alaxander P. Savikin
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Numerical modeling of the intracavity stimulated Raman scattering as a source of subnanosecond optical pulses
Author(s): Yuri M. Yashkir; Yuriy Yu. Yashkir
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Numerical and experimental study diode-pumped Nd:YVO4 laser with undoped end cap
Author(s): Xiaoyuan Peng; Lei Xu; Anand Asundi
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Ultrafast fiber laser and amplifier systems for precision applications
Author(s): Carsten Fallnich
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Cavity dumping with a diode-pumped femtosecond laser oscillator
Author(s): Alexander W. Killi; Max J. Lederer; Daniel Kopf; Uwe Morgner
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Diode-pumped femtosecond Yb:KYW laser with compact three-element cavity
Author(s): Alexander A. Lagatsky; Christopher Leburn; Tom Brown; Wilson Sibbett
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980-nm picosecond ytterbium fiber laser
Author(s): Suvi P. Karirinne; Janne Konttinen; Tomi Jouhti; Anatoly B. Grudinin; Oleg G. Okhotnikov
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Diode-pumped Yb:KGW mode-locked laser delivering 100-fs pulses
Author(s): Gabriela Paunescu; Joachim Hein; Gisela Quednau; Roland Sauerbrey
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80-mJ/1.64-µm pulsed Er:Yb:YAG diode-pumped laser
Author(s): Efstratios Georgiou; Foteini Kiriakidi; Olivier Musset; Jean-Pierre Boquillon
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Passive semiconductor saturable absorbers in the eye-safe wavelengths
Author(s): Junewen Chen; Jun-Ting Lin; Chao-Hung Tseng; Yu-Te Chou; Te-Chien Hung
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V:YAG saturable absorber for flash-lamp and diode-pumped solid state lasers
Author(s): Jan Sulc; Helena Jelinkova; Michal Nemec; Karel Nejezchleb; Vaclav Skoda
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Oscillator of Nd-glass laser facility for in-lab simulation of astrophysical phenomena
Author(s): Vadim Vadimovich Zhmailo; Anton Sergueevich Konkin; Rostislav Alexeevich Orlov; Alexander Evgenievich Lakhtikov; Alexander Petrovich Morovov
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Bidirectional operation of a ring diode-pumped mode-locked Nd:YVO4 laser
Author(s): Vaclav Kubecek; Jean-Claude Diels; Andreas Stintz
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Nonlinear refraction, nonlinear absorption, and optical limiting in BSO and BGO photorefractive crystals
Author(s): Aleksandr Igorevich Ryasnyanskiy
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Amplifier of Nd-glass laser facility for in-lab simulation of astrophysical phenomena
Author(s): Anton Sergueevich Konkin; Vadim Vadimovich Zhmailo; Rostislav Alexeevich Orlov; Alexander Evgenievich Lakhtikov; Alexander Petrovich Morovov
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New efficient and stable polymeric solid state lasers based on modified dipyrromethene.BF2 complexes
Author(s): Angel Costela; Inmaculada Garcia-Moreno; Clara Gomez; Marta Alvarez; Francisco Amat-Guerri; Marta Liras; Roberto Sastre
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Spectroscopic investigation of the laser materials Yb3+:RE2SiO5, RE=Y, Sc, Lu
Author(s): Sebastien Campos; Johan Petit; Bruno Viana; Serge Jandl; Daniel Vivien; Bernard Ferrand
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Precise metrology of fluorescence in laser glass
Author(s): Stephane Bouillet
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1-J 500-Hz MOPA solid state laser pumped by diodes
Author(s): Chun Tang; Qingsong Gao; Zhen Chai; Deyong Wu; Lixin Tong; Songxing Gao; Kai Zhang
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