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Optical Sensing

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Volume Number: 5459
Date Published: 1 September 2004

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Development of a biosensor based on a prism coupler method
Author(s): Stephen Couvignou; Luc Trudel; Roger A. Lessard; Louise Brisson
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Multiparametric fluorescence probing of nanoscale compositions and biological systems
Author(s): Andrey S. Klymchenko; Guy Duportail; Yves Mely; Sebnem Ercelen; Alexander P. Demchenko
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Near-infrared oxymeter prototype for noninvasive analysis of rat brain oxygenation
Author(s): Francesco Crespi; Maurizio Donini; Andrea Bandera; Christian Heidbreder; Giorgia Salvatori; Luigi Rovati
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Mid-infrared light sources at room temperature based on lead chalcogenides
Author(s): Regine Glatthaar; Joachim Nurnus; Uwe Vetter; Dirk Szewczyk; Armin Lambrecht; Fritz Weik; Jens W. Tomm
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Chalcogenide glass fibers used for in situ infrared spectroscopy in biology and medicine
Author(s): Julie Keirsse; Bruno Bureau; Catherine Boussard-Pledel; P. Leroyer; M. Ropert; Virginie Dupont; Marie Laure Anne; C. Ribault; Olivier Sire; Olivier Loreal; Jean Luc Adam
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Imaging of carbon monoxide distributions around igniting n-heptane droplets after excitation with a quantum cascade laser at 4.6 µm
Author(s): Alfons Burkert; Wolfgang Triebel; Christian Eigenbrod
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Performance of a far-IR TES bolometer on monolithic sapphire membrane
Author(s): Brook Lakew; Shahid Aslam; John C. Brasunas
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Structural health monitoring by embedded fiber Bragg gratings
Author(s): Thomas Alt; Kathrin Badstuebner; Bernd Michel; A. Ansorge
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Characterization of twin Bragg gratings for sensor application
Author(s): Christophe Caucheteur; Karima Chah; Frederic Lhomme; Michel Blondel; Patrice Megret
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Interferometric and fibre Bragg grating sensor interrogation using an arrayed waveguide grating
Author(s): David C. C. Norman; David J. Webb; Ralf D. Pechstedt
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Gratings in novel fibre geometry for applications in shape sensing
Author(s): Helen Dobb; Thomas Allsop; David J. Webb; Kyriacos Kalli
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Type 1A fibre Bragg grating photosensitivity and the development of optimum temperature invariant type I-type IA strain sensors
Author(s): A. George Simpson; Kyriacos Kalli; Lin Zhang; Kaiming Zhou; Ian Bennion
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Interferometric visualization and demodulation method for measuring quasi-static strain in fiber Bragg grating sensors by a simple rotating etalon filter
Author(s): Alessandra S. Rocco; Giuseppe Coppola; Pietro Ferraro; Giuseppe Foti; Mario Iodice
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High-resolution characterisation methods for narrow line-width fiber Bragg gratings
Author(s): Gesine Grosche; Michael Eggert
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A high-performance miniaturized time division multiplexed sensor system for remote structural health monitoring
Author(s): Glynn D. Lloyd; Lorna A. Everall; Kate Sugden; Ian Bennion
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Deformation monitoring of wooden works of art using FBG sensors
Author(s): Riccardo Falciai; Cosimo Trono; Giancarlo Lanterna; Ciro Castelli
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Autocorrelator for multiphoton microscopy
Author(s): Franco Quercioli; Alessandro Ghirelli; Bruno Tiribilli; Massimo Vassalli
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All solid state imaging infrared/imaging LADAR sensor system
Author(s): Joachim Barenz; Rainer Baumann; Frank Imkenberg; Dirk Krogmann; Hans-Dieter Tholl
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Confocal micro-optical distance sensor for precision metrology
Author(s): Peter Luecke; Arndt Last; Juergen Mohr; Aiko Ruprecht; Wolfgang Osten; Hans J. Tiziani; Peter Lehmann
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Avalanche photodiode-based optical coherence tomography
Author(s): Ramona Cernat; Adrian Gh. Podoleanu; Harald W. J. Gnewuch
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A time-of-flight line sensor: development and application
Author(s): Rolf Kaufmann; Michael Lehmann; Matthias Schweizer; Michael Richter; Peter Metzler; Graham Lang; Thierry Oggier; Nicolas Blanc; Peter Seitz; Gabriel Gruener; Urs Zbinden
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Optical simulation for CMOS imager microlens optimization
Author(s): Jerome Vaillant; Flavien Hirigoyen
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Novel design and prototyping of a micro-optical distance sensor considering a distributed fabrication
Author(s): Uwe Hollenbach; Juergen Mohr; Toru Oka; Ulrike Wallrabe; Ingo Sieber
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Simulations and experimental research of fiber optic contrast-based dislocation sensor
Author(s): Mieczyslaw Szustakowski; Norbert Palka; Wieslaw M. Ciurapinski
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Silicon planar technology for single-photon optical detectors
Author(s): Emilio Sciacca; Andrea C. Giudice; Delfo Sanfilippo; Salvatore Lombardo; Franco Zappa; Rosario Cosentino; Massimo Cataldo Mazzillo; Massimo Ghioni; Giorgio Fallica; Massimiliano Belluso; Giovanni Bonanno; Sergio Cova; Emanuele Rimini
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Spectral response of an infrared superconducting quantum detector
Author(s): Alexei D. Semenov; Andreas Engel; Heinz-Wilhelm Hübers; Konstantin Il'in; Michael Siegel
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Speed- and sensitivity-enhanced integrated optical sensor with divided photodiode
Author(s): Michael Foertsch; Horst Zimmermann; Holger Pless
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Sampled chirped fiber gratings as distributed pressure sensors
Author(s): Swee Chuan Tjin; Lipi Mohanty; Nam Quoc Ngo
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Miniaturised optical displacement sensor
Author(s): Frank Gindele; Frank Gaul; Silvio Kraus M.D.; Susanne Sigloch; Ulrich Teubner
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Detection of condensed vapours and their refractive indices using photorefractive crystals
Author(s): Vladislav Matusevich; Katsiaryna Pismennaya; Armin Kiessling; Richard Kowarschik
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Real-time monitoring of volcanic emissions with a laser-based fiber spectrometer
Author(s): Alessandra S. Rocco; Gianluca Gagliardi; Livio Gianfrani; Giuseppe De Natale; Paolo De Natale
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Online fully automated measurement of Cr(VI) concentration in water by a fiber optic probe: measurement accuracy improvement and evaluation
Author(s): Giulio D'Emilia; Emanuela Natale
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The fiber optic Sagnac interferometer application for recognition of the rotational seismic events
Author(s): Leszek R. Jaroszewicz; Zbigniew Krajewski; Lech Solarz
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Online water color monitoring by means of fiber optic technology in a water recycling plant
Author(s): Anna Grazia Mignani; Andrea A. Mencaglia; Leonardo Ciaccheri; R. Camisa
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Remote gas analysis using fibre optic links and near infrared absorption
Author(s): George Stewart; Gillian Whitenett; Joanna P. Marshall; Walter Johnstone; Brian Culshaw; Alistair MacLean; Iain S. Mauchline; David G. Moodie
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Investigations on the stability of polarimetric fiber laser sensors in harsh environments
Author(s): Andreas Frank; Klaus Bohnert; Karim Haroud; Hubert Braendle
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A sensitivity-enhanced optical heterodyne polarimeter for the measurement of optical rotation angle of chiral media
Author(s): Ying C. Tsai; Chien M. Wu
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Extrinsic fibre Fabry-Perot interferometer for vibration and displacement measurement: the benefit of polarization decomposition
Author(s): Elisabeth Ouisse; Vincent Metivier; Noel Servagent; Christian Yves Boisrobert
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Automatic in-line fiber-optic polarization analyzers
Author(s): Pawel Marc; Leszek R. Jaroszewicz
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Scattering of light by sound on a nanoscale
Author(s): Adnen Mlayah; Jesse Groenen; Guillaume Bachelier; Fanny Poinsotte; Jean Roch Huntzinger; Maximilien Cazayous; Elena Bedel-Pereira; Alexandre Arnoult; Oliver G Schmidt; Nicolas Bertru; Cyrill Paranthoen; Olivier Dehaese
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Fiber optic dilato-spectroscopic sensor: simultaneous thermal, spectral, and physical analyses of materials
Author(s): Balkarransingh Degamber; Darren Winter; John Tetlow; Gerard Franklyn Fernando
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Two-dimensional velocimetry measurements with self-mixing technique in diode pumped Er glass laser
Author(s): Luc Kervevan; Herve Gilles; Sylvain Girard; Mathieu Laroche
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Advanced Hg1-xCdxTe detectors based on MBE-grown multi-layer structures for IR spectroscopy and synergy with IR-fiber optics
Author(s): Galina Chekanova; Mikhail S. Nikitin; Viacheslav Artyushenko; Marina Musina; Albina Drugova; Viacheslav Kholodnov; Sergey Dvoretski; Yuri Sidorov
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Discrimination between normal and cancerous cells by gap-FRAP: feasibility in endoscopy
Author(s): Jean-Rene Stines; Dominique Dumas; Walter Blondel; Jacques Didelon; Francois Guillemin
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Angular and spectral selectivity of resonant cavity light emitting diodes used as resonant cavity photodetectors
Author(s): Mihail M. Dumitrescu; Emil-Mihai Pavelescu; Charis Reith; Tomi Leinonen; Mikko Suominen; Markus Pessa
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H-bond sensing with 3-hydroxyflavones: steady-state and time-resolved fluorescence studies
Author(s): Vasyl V. Shynkar; Andrey S. Klymchenko; Alexander P. Demchenko; Yves Mely
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Temperature-referenced high-sensitivity point-probe optical fiber chem-sensors based on cladding etched fiber Bragg gratings
Author(s): Kaiming Zhou; Xianfeng Chen; George Simpson; Donghui Zhao; Lin Zhang; Ian Bennion
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Refractive index measurement using multimode fibers with long period grating
Author(s): Vinu V. Namboodiri; Abraham V. Scaria; V.P.N. Nampoori; V.M. Nandakumaran; P. Radhakrishnan
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Fiber optic sensor for use in flat dilatometer for geotechnical investigation
Author(s): Giulio D'Emilia; Giuseppe De Vecchis; Emanuela Natale
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Optical multichannel sensing of skin blood pulsations
Author(s): Janis Spigulis; Renars Erts; Indulis Kukulis; Maris Ozols; Karlis Prieditis
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