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MEMS, MOEMS, and Micromachining
Editor(s): Hakan Urey; Ayman El-Fatatry

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Volume Number: 5455
Date Published: 16 August 2004

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Infrared MEMS-based Lamellar grating spectrometer
Author(s): Omar Manzardo; Felix Shadelin; Wilfried Noell; Nicolaas F. de Rooij; Hans Peter Herzig
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Development of a NIR microspectrometer based on a MOEMS scanning grating
Author(s): Fabian Zimmer; Heinrich Grueger; Andreas Heberer; Alexander Wolter; Harald Schenk
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Compact triangulation distance sensor realized by wafer bending technique
Author(s): Minoru Sasaki; Satoshi Endou; Kazuhiro Hane
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Integrated asymmetric vertical coupler pressure sensors
Author(s): Isa Kiyat; Askin Kocabas; Imran Akcag; Atilla Aydinli
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Polymer-based pixel matrix display in MOEMS technology
Author(s): Ryszard R. Buczynski; Stefan Kufner; Rafal Kasztelanic; Arkadiusz Sagan; Ines Frese; Thomas Klotzbucher; Tomasz Szoplik
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Design for reliability of drift-free MEMS micromirrors
Author(s): Herbert R. Shea; Arman Gasparyan
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Fabrication end-test of the micro scanning mirror
Author(s): Alexander Wolter; Eric Gaumont; Hilmar Korth; Harald Schenk; Hubert K. Lakner
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Experimental investigation on the dynamics of MEMS structures
Author(s): Gino Rinaldi; Muthukumaran Packirisamy; Ion G. Stiharu
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Single-mode microwave sealing of polymer-based microfluidic devices using conductive polymer
Author(s): Abdirahman A. Yussuf; Igor Sbarski; Jason P. Hayes; Nguyen Tran; Matthew Solomon
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MEMS application to characterization of field emitters and biomolecules
Author(s): Kuniyuki Kakushima; Hiroyuki Fujita
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Optical systems based on electrowetting
Author(s): Frank Gindele; Frank Gaul; Thomas Kolling
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Micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS) for enzymatic detection
Author(s): Amritsar Jeetender; Muthukumaran Packirisamy; Ion G. Stiharu; Ganesharam Balagopal
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Artificial muscle valves for responsive drug delivery systems
Author(s): Chong Wang; Han Xu; ChunLei Wang; Jim V. Zoval; Marc J. Madou
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Designing manufacturable MEMS in CMOS-compatible processes: methodology and case studies
Author(s): Gerold Schropfer; Mark McNie; Mark da Silva; Rhodri Davies; Alexandra Rickard; Francois-Xavier Musalem
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Analysis of parametric resonances in comb-driven microscanners
Author(s): Caglar Ataman; Ozgur Kaya; Hakan Urey
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Mathematical modeling and design of a novel 2-DOF micro attraction actuator for a micro optical switch
Author(s): Daiki Kamiya; Saeed Bagheri; Mikio Horie
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Damping analysis and measurement for a comb-drive scanning mirror
Author(s): Thilo Sandner; Thomas Klose; Alexander Wolter; Harald Schenk; Hubert K. Lakner; Wyatt Davis
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A tilting micromirror with well-controlled digital angle through constrained lever structure
Author(s): Jin-Chern Chiou; Chin-Fu Kuo; Yu-Chen Lin
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A surface micromachined tunable film bulk acoustic resonator
Author(s): Wanling Pan; Philippe Soussan; Bart Nauwelaers; Harrie A. C. Tilmans
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Piezoelectric actuation for application in RF-MEMS switches
Author(s): Gerard Klaasse; Bob Puers; Harrie A. C. Tilmans
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MEMS-based redundancy ring for low-noise millimeter-wave front-end
Author(s): Patrick Pons; David Dubuc; Federic Flourens; Mohammad Saddaoui; Samuel Melle; Alex Tackacs; Junwu Tao; Herve Aubert; Ali Boukabache; T. Paillot; Pierre Blondy; Olivier Vendier; Katia M. Grenier; Robert Plana
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CMOS-compatible RF MEMS switch
Author(s): Narendra V. Lakamraju; Bruce Kim; Stephen M. Phillips
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Infrastructure for the design and fabrication of MEMS for RF/microwave and millimeter wave applications
Author(s): Vahe Nerguizian; Mustapha Rafaf
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4x4 and 8x8 optical cross connect for optical fiber networks
Author(s): Michael Zickar; Wilfried Noell; Cornel Marxer; Nicolaas F. de Rooij
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Design and fabrication of a circular digital variable optical attenuator
Author(s): Winston Sun; Junaid Mughal; Frank Perez; Nabeel A. Riza; Wilfried Noell; Nicolaas F. de Rooij
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A MEMS-based all-dielectric tunable optical filter with increased tuning range
Author(s): Dennis Hohlfeld; Hans Zappe
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MEMS tunable filter for telecom applications
Author(s): Thomas Overstolz; Guido Niederer; Wilfried Noell; Michael T. Gale; Hans Peter Herzig; Samuel Obi; Hans Thiele; Nicolaas F. de Rooij
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Micromachined tunable optical microfilters design and experimental processing
Author(s): Dana Cristea; Raluca Muller; Philippe Arguel; Mihai Kusko; Catalin Tibeica; Dimitrtis Syvridis
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A new micromachined optical fiber switch for instrumentation purposes
Author(s): Mark Herding; Gergoe Somogyi; Ulrich Mescheder; Peter Woias
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Fabrication of micro-optical switch by post-CMOS micromachining process
Author(s): Ying-Chou Cheng; Chi-Yuan Lee; Ching-Liang Dai; Wen-Jong Chen; Pei-Zen Chang; Ping-Hei Chen
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Deep lithography with protons as an alternative fabrication technology for high-precision 2D fiber connector components
Author(s): Bart Volckaerts; Rafal G. Krajewski; Pedro Vynck; Heidi Ottevaere; Jan A. Watte; Daniel Daems; Alex Hermanne; Hugo Thienpont
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Carbon-MEMS architectures for 3D microbatteries
Author(s): Chunlei Wang; Lili Taherabadi; Guangyao Jia; Sam Kassegne; Jim V. Zoval; Marc J. Madou
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MOEMS industrial infrastructure
Author(s): Henne van Heeren; Lia Paschalidou
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Real-time monitoring of thickness of silicon membrane during wet etching using a novel surface acoustic wave sensor
Author(s): Chi-Yuan Lee; Tsung-Tsong Wu; Yung-Yu Chen; Ying-Chou Cheng; Wen-Jong Chen; Shih-Yung Pao; Pei-Zen Chang; Ping-Hei Chen; Kai-Hsiang Yen; Fu-Yuan Xiao
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Reagentless cell lysis on a PDMS CD using beads
Author(s): Jitae Kim; She-Hee Jang; Jim V. Zoval; Nancy A. Da Silva; Marc J. Madou
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CD (compact disc)-based DNA hybridization and detection
Author(s): Guangyao Jia; Kuo-Sheng Ma; Jitae Kim; Jim V. Zoval; Marc J. Madou; Sapna K. Deo; Sylvia Daunert; Regis Peytavi; Michel G. Bergeron
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An SU-8 liquid cell for surface acoustic wave biosensors
Author(s): Laurent Alain Francis; Jean-Michel Friedt; Carmen Bartic; Andrew Campitelli
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A VHDL-AMS package for microsystems polychromatic optical modeling
Author(s): Laurent Quiquerez; Siomar Ouaaziz; Patrick Pittet; Guo-Neng Lu
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Microengraving of a potassium dihydrogen phosphate crystal by laser ablation technique
Author(s): Gabriel Moagar-Poladian; Dumitru Ulieru; Cornel Sandu; Mircea Bulinski; Adrian Dinescu; Mihai Danila; Raluca Gavrila
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Optical MEMS components fabrication using micromachning of (111)-oriented silicon wafers
Author(s): Dana Cristea; Elena Manea; Mihai Kusko
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An in situ test structure for simultaneously determining multimaterial properties of a film
Author(s): Chi Hsiang Pan
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Characterization of waferstepper and process-related front- to backwafer overlay errors in bulk micromachining using electrical overlay test structures
Author(s): Henk W. van Zeijl; Frans G. C. Bijnen; John Slabbekoorn
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FEM calculations on laser bending of silicon with a moving laser source
Author(s): Udo Loeschner; Horst Exner
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Modeling of microstrip lines on micromachined silicon substrates
Author(s): Alina N. Cismaru; Romolo Marcelli; George Sajin; Florea Craciunoiu
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Bragg reflector based on periodic structures for silicon MOEMS applications
Author(s): Munizer G. Purica; Elena Budianu; Mihai Kusko; Daniela Dragoman; George Dinescu
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Static and dynamic characterization of MEMS and MOEMS devices using optical interference microscopy
Author(s): David Grigg; Eric Felkel; John Roth; Xavier Colonna de Lega; Leslie Deck; Peter J. de Groot
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