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Helmet- and Head-Mounted Displays IX: Technologies and Applications

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Volume Number: 5442
Date Published: 8 September 2004

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Aircrew visual acuity viewing with different night vision goggle eyepiece diopter settings
Author(s): Share-Dawn P. Angel; J. Bruce Baldwin
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Psychophysical measurement of night vision goggle noise using a binocular display
Author(s): George A. Reis; Peter L. Marasco; Paul R. Havig; Eric L. Heft
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Validation of synthetic imagery for night vision devices
Author(s): Paul J. Thomas; Robert S. Allison; Sion Jennings; Kevin Yip; Eugene Savchenko; Isaac Tsang; Todd Macuda; Richard Hornsey
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Detection of motion-defined form under simulated night vision conditions
Author(s): Todd Macuda; Robert S. Allison; Paul J. Thomas; Gregory Craig; Sion Jennings
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Effects of saturation contrast on color recognition in night vision goggles
Author(s): Paul R. Havig; Peter L. Marasco; David L. Post; Harold L. Ellwanger; George A. Reis
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Night vision goggle luminance disparity and the Pulfrich phenomenon
Author(s): Alan Pinkus; Harry Lee Task
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The impact of changing night vision goggle spectral response on night vision imaging system lighting compatibility
Author(s): Harry Lee Task; Peter L. Marasco
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Comparison of Topas cyclic olefin copolymers to BK7 glass in night vision goggle objectives
Author(s): James S. Stevens
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AMOLED image source for use in integrated panoramic night vision goggle (IPNVG)
Author(s): Jeff A. Ross; Vince Parisi
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Helmet-mounted displays for unmanned aerial vehicle control
Author(s): M. Ephimia Morphew; Jay R. Shively; Daniel Casey
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Projection-based head-mounted displays for wearable computers
Author(s): Ricardo Martins; Vesselin Shaoulov; Yonggang Ha; Jannick P. Rolland
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Helmet-mounted sensor fusion ATR for the dismounted soldier
Author(s): Pankaj N. Topiwala; David Casasent
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Near-to-eye display concepts for air traffic controllers
Author(s): John W. Ruffner; Jim E. Fulbrook; Marc Foglia
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Safe-to-fly determination for the helmet-mounted little high-end airborne laptop (Lil HAL) system
Author(s): Matthew A. Simpson; Douglas L. Franck
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Lil HAL: digital kneeboard for ejection seat aircraft
Author(s): Vince Parisi
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Adaptive magnetic tracker: a revolution in electromagnetic tracker technology
Author(s): Yaron Kranz; Giora Kornblau; Saul Stokar
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Helmet-mounted tracker system accuracy measurements
Author(s): Vince Parisi
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Helmet-mounted display symbology for enhanced trend and attitude awareness
Author(s): Joseph C. Jenkins; Donald G Sheesley; Frederick C. Bivetto
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AH-64 IHADSS aviator vision experiences in Operation Iraqi Freedom
Author(s): Keith L Hiatt; Clarence E. Rash; Eric S. Harris; William H. McGilberry
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Quantification of parallax in dual-sensor systems
Author(s): Sean Moore
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Laboratory system for the evaluation of helmet-mounted displays
Author(s): Howard H Beasley; Thomas H Harding; John S Martin; Clarence E. Rash
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Flight simulator evaluation of display media devices for synthetic vision concepts
Author(s): Jarvis James Arthur III; Steven P. Williams; Lawrence J. Prinzel III; Lynda J. Kramer; Randall E. Bailey
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Day/night ANVIS/HUD-24 (day HUD) flight test and pilot evaluations
Author(s): Zvi Yona; Ben Weiser; Oded Hamburger
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Methods for eliminating bright point emissions from liquid crystal microdisplays
Author(s): Peter L. Marasco
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Magnifying miniature displays with microlenslet arrays
Author(s): Vesselin Shaoulov; Ricardo Martins; Jannick P. Rolland
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Optical modeling of a holographic single-element head-mounted display
Author(s): Yonggang Ha; Vadim Smirnov; Leonid Glebov; Jannick P. Rolland
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Partial-overlap biocular image misalignment tolerance
Author(s): Melvyn E. Kalich; Lisa M. Lont; Corina van de Pol; Clarence E. Rash
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Potential see-through performance deficits in U.S. Army developmental helmet-mounted displays
Author(s): Thomas H Harding; Clarence E. Rash
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Active matrix OLED for rugged HMD and viewfinder applications
Author(s): Kia Low; Susan K. Jones; Olivier Prache; David A. Fellowes
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CRTs: electrostatic focusing systems for performing Laminar electron gun
Author(s): Artoush H. Abgarian
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A new normally black high-contrast wide symmetrical viewing angle AMLCD for military head-mounted displays (HMDs) and other viewer applications
Author(s): Hiap L. Ong; Ollie C. Woodard; Ngwe Cheong; Colin E. Reese
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