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Digital Wireless Communications VI

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Volume Number: 5440
Date Published: 10 August 2004

Table of Contents
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Performance evaluation of asynchronous multicarrier CDMA systems with frequency offsets and correlated fading
Author(s): Feng-Tsun Chien; C.-C. Jay Kuo
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Unified MMSE estimation for GMSK signals with turbo codes
Author(s): Chandragupta Gudena; Timothy S. Yao; Sergio Cabrera
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Approximate best linear unbiased channel estimation for multi-antenna frequency selective channels with applications to digital TV systems
Author(s): Serdar Ozen; Christopher Pladdy; Sreenivasa M. Nerayanuru; Mark J. Fimoff; Michael D. Zoltowski
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Advances in reduced-rank adaptive beamforming
Author(s): Michael D. Zoltowski; Ernesto Santos
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Unitals and ovals of symmetric block designs in LDPC and space-time coding
Author(s): Bruno R. Andriamanalimanana
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An error-resilient approach for real-time packet communications by HF-channel diversity
Author(s): Antonio Navarro; Rui Rodrigues; Joao Angeja; Joao Tavares; Luis Carvalho; Fernando Perdigao
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Decomposite channel estimation and equalization for GMSK-based system with transmit diversity
Author(s): Timothy S. Yao; Chandragupta Gudena
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Reduced-rank space-time channel estimation for DS-CDMA in MIMO dispersive channels
Author(s): Fu-Hsuan Chiu; Sau-Hsuan Wu; C.-C. Jay Kuo
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Power control in ad hoc networks: an overview
Author(s): Aly I. El-Osery; David Baird; Mazhar Memon; Stephen Bruder; Kevin Wedeward
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Analysis of power management and system latency in wireless sensor networks
Author(s): Matthew T. Oswald; Judd A. Rohwer; Michael A. Forman
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A distributed evolutionary algorithmic approach to the least-cost connected constrained sub-graph and power control problem
Author(s): Jason C. Tillett; Raghuveer Rao; Ferat Sahin; T. M. Rao
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Genetic algorithm parameter optimization: applied to sensor coverage
Author(s): Ferat Sahin; Giuseppe Abbate
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Impact of energy depletion and reliability on wireless sensor network connectivity
Author(s): Jae-Joon Lee; Bhaskar Krishnamachari; C.-C. Jay Kuo
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A predictive sensor network using ant system
Author(s): Rajani Muraleedharan; Lisa Ann Osadciw
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Analysis of location-aware QoS-routing protocols based on partial temporal and spatial topology for real-time multimedia in mobile ad hoc networks
Author(s): William S. Hortos
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Distinguishing congestion from malicious behavior in mobile ad-hoc networks
Author(s): Jin Ding; Sirisha R. Medidi
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An improved unified network protocol framework for large-scale wireless sensor networks
Author(s): Jin Ding; Krishna M. Sivalingam
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Joint maximum likelihood estimation of carrier frequency offset and channel in uplink OFDMA systems
Author(s): Man-On Pun; Shang-Ho Tsai; C.-C. Jay Kuo
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Symbol-by-symbol maximum likelihood (ML) detection with reduced complexity over multicarrier systems
Author(s): Shang-Ho Tsai; Xiaoli Yu; C.-C. Jay Kuo
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Transmission power control, dynamic subchannel allocation and adaptive modulation for downlink multiuser OFDM systems
Author(s): Min-Kuan Chang; C.-C. Jay Kuo
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Semi-blind channel estimation for zero padded-OFDM systems with asynchronous interferers
Author(s): Hyejung Jung; Michael D. Zoltowski
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Differential space-frequency coding for a multipath fading channel
Author(s): Fred C. Kellerman
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An investigation of OFDM-CDMA waveforms using different modulation schemes on HF multipath/fading channels
Author(s): John W. Nieto
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Cost-effective multirate cascaded integrator comb decimator filter design on field programmable gate arrays
Author(s): Suhasini R. Rao; Uwe H. Meyer-Baese
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Hybrid emergency radiation detection: a wireless sensor network application for consequence management of a radiological release
Author(s): Ronald D. Kyker; Nina Berry; Doug Stark; Noel Nachtigal; Chris Kershaw
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A survey of COTS wireless transceiver solutions for unmanned/unattended homeland defense systems
Author(s): Timothy J. Wurth; Jeffrey S. Wells; Michael L. Trimble
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Wireless sensor network for streetlight monitoring and control
Author(s): Xin-Ming Huang; Jing Ma; Lawrence E. Leblanc
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Network video image processing for security, surveillance, and situational awareness
Author(s): Abhijit Mahalanobis; Jamie L. Cannon; Steven Robert Stanfill; Robert R. Muise; Mubarak Ali Shah
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Detection of UDP-flood attack with hidden Markov models
Author(s): Junghun Park; Lei Huang; C.-C. Jay Kuo
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An adaptive advance reservation algorithm for QoS sensitive multimedia networks
Author(s): Sungwook Kim; Pramod K Varshney
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Buddy enhanced return routability for authentication in mobile IPv6
Author(s): Matthew E. N. Whitehead; Sirisha R. Medidi
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Subchannel assignment and collision resolution enhancements for receiver-initiated MAC protocols
Author(s): Muralidhar Medidi; Balvinder Kaur Thind
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Demonstration of high-spectral-efficiency 40-Gb/s optical communications system using 4 bits per symbol coding
Author(s): Pak S. Cho; Geof Harston; Chris J. Kerr; Art S. Greenblatt; Arkady Kaplan; Yaakov Achiam; Guy Levy-Yurista; Moti Margalit; Yoav Gross; Jacob B. Khurgin
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Simple iterative method to exploit the signal space diversity
Author(s): Yabo Li; Xiang-Gen Xia; Genyuan Wang
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Deriving uniformly spaced samples from a nonuniformly sampled function via time warping with applications to fast transforms
Author(s): John D. Browning; Alan R. Lindsey; Leon Cohen
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