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Optical Pattern Recognition XV
Editor(s): David P. Casasent; Tien-Hsin Chao

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Volume Number: 5437
Date Published: 12 April 2004

Table of Contents
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Face recognition with pose and illumination variations using new SVRDM support vector machine
Author(s): David P. Casasent; Chao Yuan
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Portable 512x512 grayscale optical correlator
Author(s): Tien-Hsin Chao; Jay C. Hanan; Hanying Zhou; George F. Reyes
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Optical 3D watermarking and authentication by correlation techniques
Author(s): Sherif Kishk; Bahram Javidi
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Efficient method for extracting object recognition metric from correlation filter output
Author(s): Bhagavatula V. K. Vijaya Kumar; Jason Thornton
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Invariant fringe-adjusted joint transform correlation-based target tracking in FLIR sequences
Author(s): Chye-Hwa Loo; Mohammad S. Alam
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Performance assessment of Unconstrained Hybrid Optical Neural Network (U-HONN) filter for object recognition tasks in clutter
Author(s): Ioannis I. Kypraios; Rupert C.D. Young; Chris R. Chatwin
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Performance evaluation for cluttered infrared image based on fringe-adjusted joint transform correlator
Author(s): Mohammad S. Alam; El-Houssine H. Horache; S. F. Goh
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Modified phase-encoded fringe-adjusted joint transform correlation for multiple target detection
Author(s): Mohammed R. Haider; Mohammed Nazrul Islam; Mohammad S. Alam; Jesmin Khan
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On the development of filter management module for grayscale optical correlator
Author(s): Hanying Zhou; Casey Hughlett; Jay C. Hanan; Tien-Hsin Chao
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Performance evaluation of quadratic correlation filters for target detection and discrimination in infrared imagery
Author(s): S. Richard F. Sims; Abhijit Mahalanobis
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Performance of multilevel error correction in binary holographic memory
Author(s): Jay C. Hanan; Tien-Hsin Chao; George F. Reyes
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Photoconductive optically driven deformable membrane for spatial light modulator applications utilizing GaAs and InP substrates
Author(s): B. Haji-Saeed; R. Kolluru; Dana Pyburn; R. Leon; S. K. Sengupta; Markus E. Testorf; W. D. Goodhue; Jed Khoury; Alvin J. Drehman; Charles L. Woods; John Kierstead
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Optical correlator using four kilohertz analog spatial light modulators
Author(s): Teresa Ewing; Steven A. Serati; Kipp Bauchert
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Distributed multisensor processing, decision making, and control under constrained resources for remote health and environmental monitoring
Author(s): Ashit Talukder; Tanwir Sheikh; Lavanya Chandramouli
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Characterization of photorefractive deconvolution techniques for one-way image transmission through an aberrating medium
Author(s): B. Haji-Saeed; S. K. Sengupta; Markus E. Testorf; Dalila B. Megherbi; W. D. Goodhue; Jed Khoury; Charles L. Woods; John Kierstead
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Resolution limits in imaging LADAR systems
Author(s): Jed Khoury; Charles L. Woods; Joseph P. Lorenzo; John Kierstead; Dana Pyburn; S. K. Sengupta
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Hyperspectral imaging using electro-optic Fourier transform spectrometer
Author(s): Tien-Hsin Chao; Hanying Zhou; Xiaowei Xia; Steven A. Serati
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Feature selection from high-dimensional hyperspectral and polarimetric data for target detection
Author(s): Xue-Wen Chen; David P. Casasent
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Fast noninvasive eye-tracking and eye-gaze determination for biomedical and remote monitoring applications
Author(s): Ashit Talukder; John Michael Morookian; Steve P. Monacos; Raymond K. Lam; C. Lebaw; A. Bond
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Image segmentation using variable threshold functions
Author(s): Hassan Hassan
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Dual LCD-based flat panel display
Author(s): James C. Kirsch; Brian K. Jones
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Improved target detection using polarization-enhanced fringe-adjusted joint-transform correlation
Author(s): Aed M. El-Saba; Mohammad S. Alam; El-houssine H. Horache; Srinivas Regula
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Passive optical methods for helmet tracking in aircraft
Author(s): Patrick J. Vitarius; Don A. Gregory; Denise Morell
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Neural network tracking and extension of positive tracking periods
Author(s): Jay C. Hanan; Tien-Hsin Chao; Pierre Moreels
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Hand motion recovery based on skin color segments and motion parameter estimation
Author(s): Samuel H. Chang; Les Elkins; ZhaoYang Wang; Tong Zhou; Seat Foo; Andrei Tchoyprakov; J. Joseph Fuller
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Enhanced projection slice theorem synthetic discriminant functions based on the Karhunen-Loeve transform with application to the protein structure identification in cryo-electron microscopic images
Author(s): Vahid R. Riasati; Hui Zhou
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Optical implementation of image encryption using the zero-order phase-contrast technique
Author(s): Jose Carlos Pizolato Jr.; Luiz Goncalves Neto
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Classification and rejection of MSTAR data
Author(s): Lakshmi D. Ramamoorthy; David P. Casasent
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Face verification and rejection with illumination variations using MINACE filters
Author(s): Rohit Patnaik; David P. Casasent
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Theoretical modeling of the operational mechanism of a photoconductive MEMS spatial light modulator under AC and DC bias
Author(s): Jed Khoury; Charles L. Woods; B. Haji-Saeed; S. K. Sengupta; Dalila B. Megherbi; W. D. Goodhue; John Kierstead
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A real-time optical automatic target recognition system
Author(s): Huaixin Chen; Jianshe Nan; Xiaosun Li; Honggang Wei
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Incoherent acousto-optic image correlator with the kinoform
Author(s): Sergey N. Starikov; Vladislav G. Rodin; Ivan V. Solyakin; Ekaterina A. Shapkarina; Alexander P. Chervonkin
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Design of the optoelectronic computer systems for image processing in stationary and dynamic modes
Author(s): Veacheslav L. Perju; David P. Casasent
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