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Laser Radar Technology and Applications IX

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Volume Number: 5412
Date Published: 13 September 2004

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Airborne three-line mid-IR DIAL for rapid chemical species plume mapping
Author(s): Christian J. Grund; Scott Shald; Steven V. Stearns
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Molecular optical air data system (MOADS) prototype II
Author(s): Christopher B. Watkins; Charles J. Richey; Pete Tchoryk Jr.; Greg A Ritter; Michael T. Dehring; Paul B. Hays; Carl A Nardell; Russell Urzi
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Optical refraction measurements over sea surface with lidar
Author(s): Arne Hagard; Rolf Persson; Ove K. S. Gustafsson
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Performance evaluation facility for ladars
Author(s): Geraldine S. Cheok; William C. Stone
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Scanning Shack-Hartmann wavefront sensor
Author(s): Vasyl V. Molebny
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Range precision of direct-detection laser radar systems
Author(s): Steven E. Johnson; Terry L. Nichols; Philip Gatt; T.J. Klausutis
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Validar: a testbed for advanced 2-micron Doppler lidar
Author(s): Grady J. Koch; Mulugeta Petros; Bruce W. Barnes; Jeffrey Y. Beyon; Farzin Amzajerdian; Jirong Yu; Michael J. Kavaya; Upendra N. Singh
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Characterization of InGaAs self-mixing detectors for chirp amplitude-modulated ladar (CAML)
Author(s): Keith Aliberti; William C. Ruff; Hongen Shen; Peter G. Newman; Mark M. Giza; Wendy Sarney; Michael R. Stead; John Dammann; Rishabh Mehandru; Fan Ren
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Eye-safe laser radar 3D imaging
Author(s): Roger Stettner; Howard Bailey; Richard D. Richmond
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Eye-safe erbium glass laser transmitter study Q-switched with cobalt spinel
Author(s): Ruikun Wu; TaoLue Chen; John D Myers; Michael J Myers; Christopher R Hardy; John K. Driver
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Large-area InAlAs/InGaAs single-photon-counting avalanche photodiodes
Author(s): Joseph C. Boisvert; Geoffrey S. Kinsey; Denton McAlister; Takahiro Isshiki; Rengarajan Sudharsanan; Michael Krainak
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Airborne ladar man-in-the-loop operations in tactical environments
Author(s): Joseph E Grobmyer Jr.; Tommy Lum; Robert E. Morris; Sarah J. Hard; H. Lee Pratt; Tom Florence; Ed Peddycoart
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High-fidelity ladar simulation
Author(s): Rastislav J. Telgarsky; Michael C. Cates; Carolyn Thompson; John N. Sanders-Reed
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Model of lidar range-Doppler signatures of solid rocket fuel plumes
Author(s): Isaac N. Bankman; John W. Giles; Stephen C. Chan; Robert A. Reed
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Direct-detection laser vibrometry with an amplitude modulated ladar
Author(s): Brian C. Redman; William C. Ruff; Keith Aliberti
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Hybrid 3D laser sensor based on a high-performance long-range wide-field-of-view laser scanner and a calibrated high-resolution digital camera
Author(s): Andreas Ullrich; Nikolaus Studnicka; Johannes Riegl
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A 32x32 pixel FLASH laser radar system incorporating InGaAs PIN and APD detectors
Author(s): John Christopher Dries; Brian Miles; Roger Stettner
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High accuracy 3D laser radar
Author(s): Jens Busck; Henning Heiselberg
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A 32x32 pixel focal plane array ladar system using chirped amplitude modulation
Author(s): Barry L. Stann; Keith Aliberti; Daniel Carothers; John Dammann; Gerard Dang; Mark M. Giza; William B. Lawler; Brian C. Redman; Deborah R. Simon
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Space Shuttle thermal protection system inspection by 3D imaging laser radar
Author(s): James C. Lamoreux; James D. Siekierski; J. P. Nick Carter
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Obscuration measurements of tree canopy structure using a 3D imaging ladar system
Author(s): Richard W. Cannata; William Clifton; Steven Blask; Richard M. Marino
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3D laser sensing at FOI: overview and a system perspective
Author(s): Ove K. Steinvall; Lena M. Klasen; Christina Anna Gronwall; Ulf Soderman; Simon Ahlberg; Asa Persson; Magnus Elmqvist; Hakan Larsson; Dietmar Letalick; Pierre Andersson; Tomas Carlsson; Markus Henriksson
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Methods for recognition of natural and man-made objects using laser radar data
Author(s): Christina Anna Groenwall; Tomas R. Chevalier; Asa Persson; Magnus Elmqvist; Simon Ahlberg; Lena M. Klasen; Pierre Andersson
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Aided target recognition from 3D laser radar data
Author(s): Lena M. Klasen; Pierre Andersson; Hakan Larsson; Tomas R. Chevalier; Ove K. Steinvall
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Three-dimensional environment models from airborne laser radar data
Author(s): Ulf Soderman; Simon Ahlberg; Magnus Elmqvist; Asa Persson
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Structural-surface extraction from 3-D laser radar point clouds
Author(s): James R. Lersch; Brian N. Webb; Karen F. West
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Processing of laser radar data for the extraction of an along-the-levee-crown elevation profile for levee remediation studies
Author(s): Michael J. Bishop; Thomas E. McGill; Stacy R. Taylor
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Three-dimensional laser radar sensor modeling and validation via a Monte Carlo Rayleigh-Sommerfeld wave optics approach
Author(s): Stephen C. Cain
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Experimental investigations of the potential of commercial laser sources for spaceborne imaging laser sensors
Author(s): Andreas Ullrich; Joao Pereira do Carmo; Gerd Joachim Ulbrich
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Spectral estimation of Doppler spread vibrating targets using coherent ladar
Author(s): Douglas G. Youmans
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Atmospheric trace constituent detection by CW-FM-LD-ladar: a concept development
Author(s): Ravil R. Agishev; Rafael K. Sagdiev; Barry M. Gross; Fred Moshary; Alexander Gilerson; Samir A. Ahmed; Adolfo Comeron
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High-speed multiple object passive and active electro-optical tracking
Author(s): Jack Daugherty; Paul W. Fairchild; Victor H. Hasson; Howard Hyman; Daniel H. Leslie
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Design description and field testing of the SHOALS-1000T airborne bathymeter
Author(s): Paul E. LaRocque; John R. Banic; A. Grant Cunningham
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Use of SHOALS bottom reflectance images to constrain the inversion of a hyperspectral radiative transfer model
Author(s): Grady H. Tuell; Joong Yong Park
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Single-and double-path laser link measurements over water
Author(s): Ove K. Steinvall; Goran Bolander; Lars Sjoqvist; Mikael Petersson; Ove K. S. Gustafsson; Folke Berglund; Lars Allard; Kjell Karlsson; Tomas Larsson; Frank Gustavsson
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