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Sixth Seminar on Problems of Theoretical and Applied Electron and Ion Optics
Editor(s): Anatoly M. Filachev

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Volume Number: 5398
Date Published: 1 March 2004

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Formation of subfemtosecond photoelectron bunches in time-dependent electric fields
Author(s): Sergei V. Andreev; Dmitrii E. Greenfield; Mikhail A. Monastyrski; Victor A. Tarasov; Mikhail Ya. Schelev
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A grid photocathode free of the first-order temporal chromatic aberration
Author(s): Dmitrii E. Greenfield; Mikhail A. Monastyrski; Victor A. Tarasov
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Calculation of the intensive charged particle beams in the near-cathode subdomain
Author(s): V. M. Sveshnikov
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Calculation of the intensive charged particle beams with increased accuracy
Author(s): V. M. Sveshnikov
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Method of parameterization of exact electron trajectory equations
Author(s): S. B. Birmurzayez; E. M. Yakushev
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Studying focusing and space-time features of the new type of 3D electrostatic lenses
Author(s): R. A. Bubliaev; G. A. Galeev; Lubov A. Baranova
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Extreme aberration properties of the combined immersion lenses and their prospects in ion nanolithography
Author(s): Valery A. Zhukov; Yaroslav A. Berdnikov; Evgeni E. Zhurkin
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Energy spectrum estimates for the ion-electron emission in the radioisotope battery
Author(s): V. M. Balebanov; N. S. Erokhin; L. A. Mikhailovskaya
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Influence of cylindrical pole sizes to parameters of high-dispersion mass-analyzer with inhomogeneous magnetic field
Author(s): T. Ya. Fishkova; L. P. Ovsyannikova
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Electron-optical system of the photomultiplier with subnanosecond time resolution
Author(s): A. S. Dolotov; A. B. Kostin; V. F. Tregubov
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Vacuum aspherization of high-precision optical elements of IR facilities
Author(s): V. G. Kryuchkov; V. V. Potelov; B. N. Senik
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Influence of parameters of the plasma electron sources on the characteristics of narrow electron beam
Author(s): O. N. Petrovich
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Ion-beam energy spectrum monitoring system
Author(s): A. N. Kozlov; V. D. Smolyaninov; A. P. Eremin; Anatoly M. Filachev
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Spread function and limit resolution of deflecting electrostatic energy analyzers
Author(s): Boris G. Freinkman; Edward I. Rau; S. I. Zaytsev
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Development of electron-beam valves with reduced mass-dimensional parameters
Author(s): Vladimir I. Peevodchikov; V. N. Shapenko; P. M. Stalkov; A. Murashov
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Problems of optimization of electron-optical systems of electron beam valves
Author(s): P. M. Stalkov
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Experiments with electron beam injection in ionosphere plasma and rare gas
Author(s): V. Bykovsky; I. Meshkov; I. Selesnev; E. Syresin
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Bipolar beams
Author(s): M. A. Zavjalov; V. A. Syrovoy
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Proton-ion linear accelerator ILA-9
Author(s): V. G. Abdul'manov; N. I. Alinovskii; V. L. Auslender; A. F. Baidak; A. D. Panfilov
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Focusing superconducting magnetic system of the electron-beam multicharge ion source MIS-1
Author(s): V. G. Abdul'manov; P. D. Vobyli; V. F. Kulikov; V. M. Syrovatin; A. V. Utkin
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Electron-optical system of a small-scale electron beam ion source
Author(s): V. G. Abdul'manov; P. D. Voblyi; P. V. Nevskii
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Electron beam with homogeneous solids interaction simulation using Monte-Carlo method in discrete looses approximation
Author(s): S. S. Borisov; Eugene A. Grachev; S. I. Zaitsev
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Approximation of electron beam energy loss in homogeneous semiconducting materials
Author(s): M. A. Stepovich; A. G. Khokhlov; A. A. Samokhvalov; M. M. Tchaikovsky
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Model of independent sources used for calculation of distribution of minority charge carriers generated in two-layer semiconductor by electron beam
Author(s): M. A. Stepovich; A. G. Khokhlov; M. G. Snopova
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Polyimide coating texture development by ECR-plasma etching
Author(s): Petr G. Babaevsky; Andrey A. Zhukov; Svetlana A. Zhukova; Yury S. Tchetverov; Sergei Yu. Shapoval
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Effect of plasma chemical etching on the properties of thin polyimide coatings differing by the chemical composition and molecular weight
Author(s): Andrey A. Zhukov; Svetlana A. Zhukova; Galina A. Korneeva; Yury S. Tchetverov
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Some possibilities of the use of confluence analysis for an interval parameter estimation of semiconductors in a cathodoluminescent microscopy
Author(s): Yu. E. Gagarin; M. A. Stepovich
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Modeling of dielectric polarization during an electron beam exposure
Author(s): S. S. Borisov; Eugene A. Grachev; S. I. Zaitsev; N. N. Negulyaev; E. A. Cheremukhin
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Collective electron oscillations in ceramic systems II
Author(s): A. M. Savchenko; D. V. Kreopalov
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