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Tenth Joint International Symposium on Atmospheric and Ocean Optics/Atmospheric Physics. Part II: Laser Sensing and Atmospheric Physics
Editor(s): Gennadii G. Matvienko; Georgii M. Krekov

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Volume Number: 5397
Date Published: 23 February 2004

Table of Contents
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Mathematical modeling for studies of anthropogenic impact on the climatic system
Author(s): Viktor V. Penenko
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Modern quality monitoring of radioactive pollution in the near-ground atmosphere
Author(s): Liliya K. Chistyakova
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Investigation of the evolution of charged water droplets in the electrodynamic trap
Author(s): Daniel Jakubczyk; Marcin Zientara; Gennadij Derkachov; Krystyna Kolwas; Maciej Kolwas
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Assessment of the effect of random and regular factors on the variability of the optical-physical state of near-ground haze
Author(s): R. F. Rakhimov; Victor N. Uzhegov; E. V. Makienko; Yurii A. Pkhalagov
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Sensitivity of nephelometric method for the investigation of condensation processes in submicron aerosol
Author(s): Mikhail V. Panchenko; Mikhail A. Sviridenkov; Svetlana A. Terpugova
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Investigation of the transformation of aerosol microphysical characteristics by thermo-optical method
Author(s): Mikhail V. Panchenko; Svetlana A. Terpugova; Mikhail A. Sviridenkov
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Some results of measurements of turbulent fluctuations of the aerosol scattering coefficient in the surface atmospheric layer
Author(s): Nadezhda Andreyevna Shefer; Andrey P. Rostov
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Technology and complete set of the equipment of air-plasma method for synthesis of nanoaerosols
Author(s): Yurii D. Kopytin; O. G. Novikov
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Seasonal dynamics of the vertical profiles of single scattering albedo of submicron aerosol in the lower troposphere
Author(s): Valerii Stepanovich Kozlov; Mikhail V. Panchenko; V. Shmargunov
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Model estimates of the effective heights of aerosol atmosphere in the wavelength range where experimental data is absent
Author(s): Nikolay N. Shchelkanov
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Microphysical interpretation of an anomalous spectral dependence of aerosol extinction on a near-ground path
Author(s): E. V. Makienko; R. F. Rakhimov; Yurii A. Pkhalagov; Victor N. Uzhegov
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The use of a stage diffusion cut-off in aerosol optical investigations
Author(s): Valerii Stepanovich Kozlov; A. S. Kozlov; A. N. Ankilov; A. M. Baklanov; Mikhail V. Panchenko; Mikhail A. Sviridenkov; Svetlana A. Terpugova
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Variations of the wood smoke microstructure under the influence of external factors
Author(s): Valerii Stepanovich Kozlov; R. F. Rakhimov; E. V. Makienko; Mikhail V. Panchenko; V. Shmargunov
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Investigation of seasonal and diurnal dynamics of aerosol extinction in visible and IR wavelength ranges
Author(s): Victor N. Uzhegov; Yurii A. Pkhalagov
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Peculiarities of the diurnal variability of the spectral structure of aerosol extinction of radiation in the wavelength range 0.44 to 1.06 µm on near-ground and slant paths
Author(s): Yurii A. Pkhalagov; Victor N. Uzhegov; D. M. Kabanov; Sergei M. Sakerin
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Investigation of formation and structural characteristics of the adsorbed layer of organic matter on suspended mineral particles after the examples of humate Na adsorption processes on clay minerals
Author(s): P. V. Pozhilenkova; Anatolii D. Aponasenko; V. S. Filimonov
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Some results of numerical simulation of atmospheric aerosol and gaseous component dispersion over an industrial center
Author(s): Alexander V. Starchenko; Alexey O. Yesaulov
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Experimental and theoretical research of wet deposition of sulfates and nitrates in the Lake Baikal region
Author(s): O. G. Netsvetaeva; L. P. Golobokova; Vladimir L. Makukhin; V. A. Obolkin
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The electrical characteristics of atmosphere and dust in the city of Irkutsk
Author(s): U. V. Shamansky
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Influence of meteorological conditions on the spreading and transformation processes of aerosol and gas components in the Lake Baikal region
Author(s): I. V. Latysheva; A. S. Ivanova; Vladimir L. Makukhin; V. I. Mordvinov
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Network solar photometer: software elements and preliminary tests
Author(s): Dmitry M. Kabanov; Filipp V. Dorofeev; Andrey P. Rostov; Sergei M. Sakerin; Sergei A. Turchinovich
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Methodology and sample results of retrieving aerosol parameters by combined multiwavelength lidar and Sun-sky scanning measurements
Author(s): Anatoly P. Chaikovsky; A. I. Bril; Vladimir V. Barun; O. Dubovik; Brent N. Holben; Philippe Goloub; P. Sobolewski
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Application of neural networks for retrieving atmospheric gases concentration profile for lidar sounding data
Author(s): Mikhail Yu. Kataev; A. Ya. Sykhanov
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Computer realization of estimations of the atmospheric anomalies caused by gas-aerosol pollution of the near-ground atmosphere
Author(s): Liliya K. Chistyakova; Anna I. Isakova; Oksana V. Smal; Sergei T. Penin; Mikhail Yu. Kataev; Yurii D. Kopytin
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ZnGeP2 crystal: applications for visualization or IR signals
Author(s): Yuri M. Andreev; Pavel P. Geiko; Elena Kotsubinskaya
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The automated system of detection and research of pollution in the atmosphere
Author(s): Anna I. Isakova; Oksana V. Smal; Liliya K. Chistyakova; Sergei T. Penin
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The influence of thermohaline fine structure on volume sound scattering in the ocean
Author(s): V. E. Sklyarov; A. V. Berezutskii
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Comparative analysis of the polarization-temporal properties of the reflected pulsed signals while multiply scattering media sounding with linearly and circularly polarized radiation
Author(s): L. I. Chaikovskaja
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Efficient CO2 frequency doubling with Hg1-xCdxGa2S4
Author(s): Deming Ren; Jinzhe Huang; Xiaoyong Hu; Yanchen Qu; Yuri M. Andreev; Pavel P. Geiko; Valerii V. Badikov
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Response of the lower thermosphere temperature on the winter warming of the stratosphere
Author(s): V. M. Ignatyev; S. V. Nikolashkin
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Identifying the causes of changing the stratospheric ozone concentration using neuronic networks
Author(s): Valentin B. Kashkin; Juliy P. Lankin; Irina Yu. Sakash; Sergei V. Smirnov; Eugene A. Goncharov
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The influence of global geophysical processes on the formation of vertical distribution of ozone and temperature over Western Siberia
Author(s): Valerii N. Marichev; I. L. Galkina; G. M. Kruchenitsky
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Seasonal variations of planetary wave intensity in the middle atmosphere
Author(s): Antonina N. Fahrutdinova; A. Yu. El'kin; V. V. Guryanov
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Interdependence of wave processes of zonal and meridional circulation of the middle atmosphere
Author(s): Dmitry V. Korotyshkin; Antonina N. Fahrutdinova
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Wave interactions in mid-latitude middle atmosphere of the Earth
Author(s): Antonina N. Fahrutdinova; Dmitry V. Korotyshkin; D. V. Fedorov
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Algorithms of self-adaptation for atmospheric model designing
Author(s): Juliy P. Lankin; Tatyana F. Baskanova
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Seasonal change of the ozone layer state over Yakutia
Author(s): A. A. Mikhailov; P. P. Ammosov; G. A. Gavrilyeva; N. N. Efremov; S. V. Nikolashkin
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A new index of solar and geomagnetic activity for analyzing climatic changes in the ionospheric E-region
Author(s): Venedict F. Petrukhin; Victor D. Kokourov; Evgenij A. Ponomarev; Nicolaj A. Sutyrin
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The dynamic regime of the ionospheric E-region as observed at Irkutsk
Author(s): Venedict F. Petrukhin; Evgenij A. Ponomarev; Victor D. Kokourov; Nicolaj A. Sutyrin
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Long-term variations of the atmospheric thermobaric field as deduced from NCAR/NCEP reanalysis data
Author(s): V. I. Mordvinov; I. V. Latysheva; A. S. Ivanova
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The behavior features of main ionospheric parameters along a weakly oblique path
Author(s): V. P. Grozov; V. E. Nosov; G. V. Kotovich; A. G. Kim; S. M. Matyushonok; G. Konstantin Ratovsky
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Spatial inhomogeneities of erythemal ultraviolet radiation fields
Author(s): Alexander V. Mikhalev; Mikhail A. Tashchilin; Marina A. Chernigovskaya
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The influence of solar-terrestrial connections on dynamics of wildfires in the North-Asian region
Author(s): V. S. Solovyev; V. I. Kozlov; S. Z. Kershengoltz
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Variability of processes in the Siberia climate system at transformations of baric systems
Author(s): Victor I. Shishlov; E. A. Dyukarev
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The dynamics of large-scale absorption variations (fmin) at Irkutsk
Author(s): Victor D. Kokourov; Eduard S. Kazimirovsky; Galina V. Vergasova
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Measurements of upper mesosphere temperature on the height of night sky emission excitation OH and O2(0-1) in Yakutsk
Author(s): G. A. Gavrilyeva; P. P. Ammosov
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Correlation of mid-latitude airglow characteristics with the state and dynamics of magnetospheric-ionospheric structures during geomagnetic disturbances
Author(s): Vitaly I. Degtyarev; Nadegda V. Kostyleva; Alexander V. Mikhalev
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Tools for pole motion predicting through neuro-net technology applications
Author(s): Anastasiya A. Baskova; Valentin B. Kashkin
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Fundamental character of the field structure in formation of atmospheric and ionospheric layers: unified field of waves
Author(s): Yu. I. Rusinov
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