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Health Monitoring and Smart Nondestructive Evaluation of Structural and Biological Systems III
Editor(s): Tribikram Kundu

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Volume Number: 5394
Date Published: 21 July 2004

Table of Contents
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Automated structural health monitoring system using acoustic emission and modal data
Author(s): Ajit K. Mal; Sauvik Banerjee; Fabrizio Ricci
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Corrosion damage detection with piezoelectric wafer active sensors
Author(s): Dustin T. Thomas; John T. Welter; Victor Giurgiutiu
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Demonstration of advanced life-prediction and state-awareness technologies necessary for prognosis of turbine engine disks
Author(s): Stephan M. Russ; Andrew H. Rosenberger; James M. Larsen; Robert B. Berkley; David Carroll; Bradford A. Cowles; Richard A. Holmes; Jerrol W. Littles Jr.; Richard G. Pettit; John J. Schirra
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Characterization of Lamb waves in absorbing plates
Author(s): Kritsakorn Luangvilai; Laurence J. Jacobs; Paul Wilcox; Michael J.S. Lowe; Jianmin Qu
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Guided acoustic emission waves in a thick composite plate
Author(s): Ajit K. Mal; Sauvik Banerjee
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Plate damage identification using wave propagation and impedance methods
Author(s): Jeannette R. Wait; Gyuhae Park; Hoon Sohn; Charles R. Farrar
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Disbond detection in adhesively bonded structures using piezoelectric wafer active sensors
Author(s): Adrian Cuc; Victor Giurgiutiu
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Propagation of ultrasonic guided waves in lap-shear adhesive joints
Author(s): Francesco Lanza di Scalea; Piervincenzo Rizzo; Alessandro Marzani
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Elastic wave propagation in symmetrically periodic sinusoidal waveguide
Author(s): Sourav Banerjee; Tribikram Kundu
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Impedance-based health monitoring of space shuttle ground structures
Author(s): Daniel M. Peairs; Benjamin L. Grisso; Ravi N. Margasahayam; Kenneth R. Page; Daniel J. Inman
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Optimal sensor placement on a large-scale civil structure
Author(s): Michele Meo; Giuseppe Zumpano
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Airport pavement roughness evaluation based on aircraft response
Author(s): Qinxi Dong; Yoshitaka Hachiya; Katsura Endo; Kenji Himeno; Akira Kawamura; Kunihito Matsui
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High-sensitivity NDE in concrete: enhancement of energy dispersion using acoustic perturbation
Author(s): Kraig L. Warnemuende; Hwai-Chung Wu
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Elastic wave propagation in laminated FRP plates
Author(s): Subrata Nayak; Pradipta Banerji
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Evaluation of the performance of an electromagnetic SHM system for composite, comparison between numerical simulation, experimental data, and ultrasonic investigation
Author(s): Michel B. Lemistre; Dominique Placko
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Design of a wireless active sensing unit for structural health monitoring
Author(s): Jerome Peter Lynch; Arvind Sundararajan; Kincho H. Law; Hoon Sohn; Charles R. Farrar
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Smart damage prediction: a distance-to-bifurcation-based approach
Author(s): Amit Shukla; Amanda Frederick
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Modeling delamination in composite structures by incorporating the Fermi-Dirac distribution function and hybrid damage indicators
Author(s): Anindya Ghoshal; Heung Soo Kim; William H. Prosser; Hsiang Tai; Mark J. Schulz; Goutham Kirikera
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Direct damage diagnosis of structural component using vibration response
Author(s): Tian-Wei Ma; Henry T. Yang; Chih-Chen Chang
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Rolling dry-coupled transducers for ultrasonic inspections of aging aircraft structures
Author(s): Igor N Komsky
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Structural boundary effects and their applications to health monitoring
Author(s): Perngjin Frank Pai; Lu Huang; Sharath H. Gopalakrishnamurthy; Jaycee H. Chung
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Temperature influences on the wave propagation technique for use in supplementing impedance-based structural health monitoring
Author(s): Benjamin L. Grisso; Donald J. Leo; Daniel J. Inman
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Precision measurement of acoustic reflectivity for a scanning acoustic microscope that measures amplitude and phase: applicability in biology
Author(s): Wilfred Ngwa; Stefan Knauth; Christian Laforsch; Wolfgang Grill
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Passive wireless strain monitoring of tire using capacitance change
Author(s): Ryosuke Matsuzaki; Akira Todoroki
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Investigation of mechanical impact effects on biological cells with scanned image microscopy
Author(s): Bernhard R. Tittmann; Subash Jayaraman; Chiaki Miyasaka; Jill Welsch; Wes C. Hymer; Nicholas C. Nicholas
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Health monitoring of biomaterials from molecular fingerprints
Author(s): Reiner Salzer; Gerald Steiner; Christoph Krafft; Cordelia A. Zimmerer; Sibel Tunc
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Bio-soft-matter imaging and micrometrology by phase-sensitive ultrasonic microscopy
Author(s): Wilfred Ngwa; Wolfgang Grill; Tribikram Kundu
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Osteoblast adhesion of breast cancer cells with scanned image microscopy
Author(s): Chiaki Miyasaka; Bernhard R. Tittmann; Robyn R. Mercer; Andrea M. Mastro
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Design and test of a microfabricated SU-8 optical scanner
Author(s): Wei-Chih Wang; Reynold R. Panergo
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In vivo wireless biodiagnosis system for long-term bioactivity monitoring network
Author(s): Chun-Kuang Chen; Wen-Jong Wu; Shih-An Yu; Jhen-Gang Huang; Yun-Han Lin; Yih-Fan Chen; Ming-Hui Jin; Chih-Min Wen; Cheng-Yan Kao; Shi-Ming Lin; Shey-Shi Lu; Chii-Wann Lin; Jia-Yush Yen; Fu-Shan Jaw; Chi-An Chen; Fang-Jen Liao; Nan-Fu Chiu; Chia-Nan Chien; Chih-Kung Lee
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Nonlinear excitation and attractor mapping for detecting bolt preload loss in an aluminum frame
Author(s): Michael D. Todd; L. Chang; K. Erickson; K. Lee; Jonathan M. Nichols
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Detecting damage through the application of a CWT-based algorithm
Author(s): Stephanie A. Wimmer; Virginia G. DeGiorgi
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Health monitoring of an aeroelastic system with a freeplay nonlinearity
Author(s): Stephen T. Trickey; Mark Seaver; Jonathan M. Nichols
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Use of fiber optic sensors and recurrence quantification analysis in detecting and localizing damage in a thin steel plate
Author(s): Jonathan M. Nichols; Stephen T. Trickey; Mark Seaver
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Attractor-based damage detection in a plate subjected to supersonic flows
Author(s): Bogdan I. Epureanu; Shih-Hsun Yin; Mark M. Derriso
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Detecting structural damage using adaptive feature extraction from transient signals
Author(s): Liming W. Salvino; Erik A. Rasmussen; Darryll J. Pines
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A comparison of feature-based classifiers for ultrasonic structural health monitoring
Author(s): Jennifer E. Michaels; Adam C. Cobb; Thomas E. Michaels
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Development of node-decoupled extended Kalman filter (NDEKF) training method to design neural network diagnostic/prognostic reasoners
Author(s): Kenichi Kaneshige; Xudong Wang; Mark Saewong; Vassilis Syrmos
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Geometric approach to detecting and locating cracks in thin plates by Lamb wave reflection: case of moving transducer
Author(s): Jose Rodrigo Mares; Roberto A. Osegueda; Nagaswaroopa Kaukuri; Vladik Kreinovich
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Dynamic characterization of a damaged beam using empirical mode decomposition and Hilbert spectrum method
Author(s): Chih-Chen Chang; Chun-Wing Poon
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Damage diagnosis for SHM of existing civil structure with statistical diagnostic method
Author(s): Atsushi Iwasaki; Akira Todoroki; Tsuneya Sugiya; Shinsuke Sakai
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Detecting and quantifying friction nonlinearity using the Hilbert transform
Author(s): Michael A. Minnicino II; Henry J. Sommer III
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Semi-real-time monitoring of cracking on couplings by neural network analysis of acoustic emission signals
Author(s): Valery F. Godinez-Azcuaga; Fong Shu; Richard D. Finlayson; Bruce W. O'Donnell
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Structural damage assessment using principal component analysis
Author(s): Chih-Chen Chang; K. W. Sze; Zhi Sun
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Remote online machine fault diagnostic system
Author(s): Min-Chun Pan; Po-Ching Li
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Structural damage detection using neural network and H(infinity symbol) filter algorithm
Author(s): Hesheng Tang; Tadanobu Sato
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Efficient system identification algorithm using Monte Carlo filter and its application
Author(s): Yohei Tanaka; Tadanobu Sato
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Nonlinear structural system identification using shaking table test data of five-story model building
Author(s): Kazuki Ogiyama; Tadanobu Sato
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Monitoring of civil engineering structures
Author(s): Valentin E. Tyrsa; Larisa P. Burtseva; Moises Rivas Lopez; Vera V. Tyrsa
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Simulation of a sensor array for multiparameter measurements at the prosthetic limb interface
Author(s): Gabriel I. Rowe; Alexander V. Mamishev
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