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Testing, Reliability, and Application of Micro- and Nano-Material Systems II

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Volume Number: 5392
Date Published: 21 July 2004

Table of Contents
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Micro/nanoscale tribological and mechanical characterization for MEMS/NEMS
Author(s): Bharat Bhushan; Huiwen Liu
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Nondestructive mechanical imaging of SnO2 nanobelts
Author(s): Yuegui Zheng; Robert E. Geer
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Nanoscale nondestructive electric field probing in ferroelectrics, organic molecular films and near-field optical nanodevices
Author(s): Lukas M. Eng; Stefan Grafstrom; Ingo Hellmann; Christian Loppacher; Tobias Otto; Jan Renger; Frank Schlaphof; Jan Seidel; Ulrich Zerweck
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Evaluation of interactive forces between alkaline earth metal fluoride particles and single crystal substrate using atomic force microscopy
Author(s): Yi-Yang Tsai; Vijay Nalladega; Shamachary Sathish; Malcolm Keith Stanford
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Characterization of microcracks by application of digital image correlation to SPM images
Author(s): Juergen Keller; Astrid Gollhardt; Dietmar Vogel; Bernd Michel
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Positron annihilation spectroscopy to study nanoprecipitations in aluminum alloys
Author(s): Norbert Meyendorf; Gunter Dlubek; Alexander Surkov
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Micro- and nano-NDE in the laboratory for acoustic diagnosis and quality assurance
Author(s): Bernd Koehler; Juergen Schreiber; Beatrice Bendjus; Martin Herms; Valeri Melov; Lukas Helfen; Petr Mikulik; Tilo Baumbach
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Introduction to EBSD analysis of micro- to nanoscale microstructures in metals and ceramics
Author(s): Scott D. Sitzman
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Raman spectroscopic investigation of stresses in microstructures of pyroelectric devices
Author(s): Rhena Krawietz
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Barkhausen noise and eddy current microscopy: a new scanning probe technique for microscale characterization of materials
Author(s): Klaus Szielasko; Sergey Lugin; Melanie Kopp; Iris Alpeter
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Improved mechanical properties of metallic micro-structures
Author(s): Juergen Schreiber; Stefan Braun; Alexandre Gatto; Harald Schenk
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Comparison between the atomic force microscopy and x-ray reflectivity on the characterization of the roughness of a surface
Author(s): Hui-Chia Su; Ming-Zhe Lin; Tzu-Wen Huang; Chih-Hao Lee
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Carbon buffer layers for smoothing substrates of EUV and x-ray multilayer mirrors
Author(s): Stefan Braun; Beatrice Bendjus; Thomas Foltyn; Maik Menzel; Juergen Schreiber; Danny Weissbach
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Determination of Local Stress Intensity Factor at Crack Tip Using Image Correlation Techniques
Author(s): Yi-Yang Tsai; Juergen Keller; Daniel Eylon; Dietmar Vogel; Bernd Michel; Norbert Meyendorf
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Characterization of materials with nanoscopic filler particles by AFM techniques
Author(s): Dietmar Vogel; Juergen Keller; Bernd Michel
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Characterization of microscopic surface breaking cracks using the near-field intensification of nondestructive laser-generated surface waves
Author(s): Adam T. Cooney; James L. Blackshire
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Laser processing of micro-cracks for structural life extension
Author(s): James L. Blackshire; Larry Dosser; Ken Hix
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Calibration of an electro-optical variable circular retarder with application in a nulling microellipsometer
Author(s): Yew Li Hor; Qiwen Zhan
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NDE of microstructured materials by x-ray diffraction and refraction topography
Author(s): Manfred P. Hentschel; Axel Lange; K.-Wolfram Harbich; Joerg Schors; Oliver Wald; Bernd R. Mueller
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Application of computer tomography in microelectronic packaging
Author(s): Martina Speck; Klaus-Jurgen Wolter; Dietmar Daniel; Marek Danczak
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Mechanical wave propagation at phase and material interfaces of microstructures
Author(s): Jacqueline Vollmann; Dieter M Profunser; Jozefien Goossens; Juerg Dual
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Acoustic Emission (AE) of fiberglass insulation material
Author(s): Fong Shu; Valery Godinez; Richard Finlayson
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Continuum simulation of adhesive-adherend interface layers for USNDE
Author(s): R. Yerikalapudy Vasudeva; Gopinathan Sudheer
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Nondestructive ultrasonic characterization of multilayer coatings
Author(s): Saeed Uzzaman; Mohammad Khobaib; Jochen P. Hoffmann; Norbert Meyendorf
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Real-time visualization of bridge structural response through wireless MEMS sensors
Author(s): Hung-Chi Chung; Tomoyuki Enomoto; Kenneth Loh; Masanobu Shinozuka
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Development of GMR eddy current sensors for high-temperature applications and imaging of corrosion in thick multilayer structures
Author(s): Sandeep Bajjuri; Jochen P. Hoffmann; Ajay Babu Siddoju; Norbert Meyendorf
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High-resolution nondestructive evaluation at the Center for Materials Diagnosis
Author(s): Norbert Meyendorf; Shamachary Sathish; Carl J. Druffner; James L. Blackshire; Jochen P. Hoffmann; Qiwen Zhan; Robert J. Andrews
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Materials characterization of micro-devices
Author(s): Jürgen Schreiber; Beatrice Bendjus; Bernd Köhler; Valeri Melov; Tilo Baumbach
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