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Data Analysis and Modeling for Process Control

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Volume Number: 5378
Date Published: 29 April 2004

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Intel nanotechnology integrated process control systems: an overview
Author(s): Kumud Srinivasan; Youssry Botros
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In-tool process control for advanced patterning based on integrated metrology
Author(s): David S. L. Mui; Hiroki Sasano; Wei Liu; John Yamartino; Andrew Skumanich
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Multivariable versus univariable APC
Author(s): Kamyar Faron; Mark Freeland; Ole Krogh; Sukesh Patel; Gayathri Raghavendra
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Advanced process control applied to metal layer overlay process
Author(s): Christopher J. Gould; Yuanting Cui; Sean Louks
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Modeling for profile-based process-window metrology
Author(s): Christopher P. Ausschnitt; Shaunee Y. Cheng
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Model-based fault detection and metrology error rejection in registration APC system
Author(s): Ziqiang John Mao; Issi Geier
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Advanced module-based approach to effective CD prediction of sub-100nm patterns
Author(s): Jangho Shin; Insung Kim; Chan Hwang; Dong-Woon Park; Sang-Gyun Woo; Han-Ku Cho; Woo-Sung Han; Joo-Tae Moon
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Propagation of APC models across product boundaries
Author(s): Tito Chowdhury; Mark Freeland; Ole Krogh; Geethakrishnan Narasimhan; Gayathri Raghavendra
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Comparing the transient response of a resistive-type sensor with a thin film thermocouple during the post-exposure bake process
Author(s): Kenneth G. Kreider; David P. DeWitt; Joel B. Fowler; James E. Proctor; William A. Kimes; Dean C. Ripple; Benjamin K. Tsai
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Intra-wafer CDU characterization to determine process and focus contributions based on scatterometry metrology
Author(s): Mircea Dusa; Richard Moerman; Bhanwar Singh; Paul Friedberg; Ray Hoobler; Terry Zavecs
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In-line lithography cluster monitoring and control using integrated scatterometry
Author(s): Ivan Pollentier; Shaunee Y. Cheng; Bart Baudemprez; David Laidler; Youri van Dommelen; Rene Carpaij; Jackie Yu; Junichi Uchida; Anita Viswanathan; Doris Chin; Kelly Barry; Nickhil Jakatdar
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Complementary feed-forward and feedback method for improved critical dimension control
Author(s): Igor Jekauc; Christopher J. Gould; Walter Hartner; Tim Urenda
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Automatic defect classification using topography map from SEM photometric stereo
Author(s): Sergio David Serulnik; Jacob Cohen; Boris Sherman; Ariel Ben-Porath
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Automated fault detection and classification of etch systems using modular neural networks
Author(s): Sang Jeen Hong; Gary Stephen May; John Yamartino; Andrew Skumanich
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Integrated electrical and SEM-based defect characterization for rapid yield ramp
Author(s): Jacob Orbon; Lior Levin; Ofer Bokobza; Rinat Shimshi; Manjari Dutta; Brian Zhang; Dennis Ciplickas; Teri Pham; Jim Jensen
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PVD fault detection using disparate integrated data sources
Author(s): Alan F. Krauss
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CD error budget analysis in ArF lithography
Author(s): Takahisa Otsuka; Kazuo Sakamoto
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Improvement of 90nm KrF Cu process window by minimizing via deformation caused by low-frequency resonance of scanner projection lens
Author(s): Shu-Ping Fang; Benjamin Szu-Min Lin; Kuei-Chun Hung
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Use case approach to integrating and implementing lithography run-to-run control
Author(s): Dorit Karlikar; Irit K. Abramovich; Miri Kish; David Crow; Etienne Joubert; Alan Carlson
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Enhancement of photolithographic performance by implementing an advanced process control system
Author(s): David Crow; Etienne Joubert; Alan Carlson; Irit K. Abramovich; Dorit Karlikar; Miri Kish
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Yield loss in lithographic patterning at the 65nm node and beyond
Author(s): Kevin M. Monahan; Brad Eichelberger; Matt Hankinson; John Robinson; Mike Slessor
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Improving manufacturing variability control in advanced CMOS technology by using TCAD methodology
Author(s): Jihong Chen; Jeff Wu; Kaiping Liu; Hong Yang; David Scott
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Mix-and-match overlay method by compensating dynamic scan distortion error
Author(s): Takuya Kono; Manabu Takakuwa; Keita Asanuma; Nobuhiro Komine; Tatsuhiko Higashiki
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Necessary nonzero lithography overlay correctables for improved device performance for 110nm generation and lower geometries
Author(s): Igor Jekauc; Bill Roberts; Paul Young; Paul Jowett; Reuben Ferguson; Sean Louks
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Simulation benchmarking for the whole resist process
Author(s): Sang-Kon Kim; Ji-Eun Lee; Seung-Wook Park; Ji-Yong Yoo; Hye-keun Oh
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Development of customer assistance software for alignment parameter optimization
Author(s): Yuho Kanaya; Shinichi Nakajima
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