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Semiconductor Photodetectors

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Volume Number: 5353
Date Published: 8 June 2004

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High speed, lateral PIN photodiodes in silicon technologies
Author(s): Jeremy D. Schaub; Steven J. Koester; Gabriel Dehlinger; Q. Christine Ouyang; Drew Guckenberger; Min Yang; Dennis L. Rogers; Jack Chu; Alfred Grill
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Determination of the carrier collection efficiency function of Si photodiode using spectral sensitivity measurements
Author(s): Alexander O. Goushcha; Richard A. Metzler; Chris Hicks; Valery N. Kharkyanen; Natalja M. Berezetska
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Integration of Si-CMOS embedded photo detector array and mixed signal processing system with embedded optical waveguide input
Author(s): Daeik D Kim; Mikkel A Thomas; Martin A. Brooke; Nan Marie Jokerst
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Highly sensitive silicon photodetectors with internal discrete amplification
Author(s): Edward E. Godik; Wayne A. Seemungal
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Polymer flip-chip integrated AlGaAsSb/AlGaSb p-i-n photodetectors for 1550-nm high-speed optical interconnects
Author(s): Saurabh K. Lohokare; Christopher A Schuetz; Zhaolin Lu; Dennis W. Prather; Oleg V. Sulima; Jeffery A. Cox; Victor A. Solov'ev; Sergey V. Ivanov; Jian V. Li
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High speed InGaAs thin film MSM photodetector characterization using a fiber-based electro-optic sampling system
Author(s): Sang-Woo Seo; Sang-Yeon Cho; Sa Huang; April Brown; Nan Marie Jokerst
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High speed optical interconnection using thin film PDs embedded in polymer waveguides on electrical boards
Author(s): Sang-Yeon Cho; Sang-Woo Seo; Nan Marie Jokerst; Martin A. Brooke
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Germanium on double-SOI photodetectors for 1550-nm operation
Author(s): Olufemi I. Dosunmu; Douglas D Cannon; Matthew K Emsley; Bruno Ghyselen; Jifeng Liu; Lionel C Kimerling; M. Selim Unlu
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Single-photon quantum efficiency of Geiger-mode InGaAs/InP avalanche photodiodes
Author(s): Keith W. Forsyth; J. Christopher Dries
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Quantum grid infrared photodetector arrays for use as a multichannel long wavelength spectrometer
Author(s): Gerard Dang; Kwong-Kit Choi; John Little
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Improved measurement-based modeling of inverted-MSM photodetectors using on-wafer calibration structures
Author(s): Cheolung Cha; Jae Hong Kim; Zhaoran Huang; Nan Marie Jokerst; Martin A. Brooke
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Trapping mechanisms of persistent photocurrent in GaN-based MSM detectors
Author(s): Beatrice Poti; Adriana Passaseo; Mauro Lomascolo; Roberto Cingolani; Massimo De Vittorio
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Three-dimensional imaging with arrays of Geiger-mode avalanche photodiodes
Author(s): Brian F Aull; Andrew H. Loomis; Douglas J. Young; Alvin Stern; Bradley J. Felton; Peter J. Daniels; Debbie J. Landers; Larry Retherford; Dennis D. Rathman; Richard M. Heinrichs; Richard M. Marino; Daniel G. Fouche; Marius A. Albota; Robert E Hatch; Gregory S. Rowe; David G. Kocher; James G. Mooney; Michael E. O'Brien; Brian E. Player; Berton C. Willard; Zong-Long Liau; John J. Zayhowski
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Ultrathin, two-dimensional, multi-element Si pin photodiode array for multipurpose applications
Author(s): Richard A. Metzler; Alexander O. Goushcha; Chris Hicks; Ed Bartley
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Sensor array based on photoconductance monitoring for optical vibration detection
Author(s): Philip Heinz; Elsa Garmire
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Physical modeling of semiconductor heterodimensional devices for photodetector applications
Author(s): Gregory B. Tait; Bahram Nabet
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Optical beam induced current microscopy at DC and radio frequency
Author(s): Fu-Jen Kao
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Thermal stability of contacts on AlGaN-Based UV photodetectors
Author(s): Kamarulazizi Ibrahim; Ali Abadi Aljubouri; Yan Cheung Lee; Zainuriah Hassan; Md. Roslan Hashim
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