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Reliability, Testing, and Characterization of MEMS/MOEMS III

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Volume Number: 5343
Date Published: 23 December 2003

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The reliability of RF-MEMS: failure modes, test procedures, and instrumentation
Author(s): Ingrid De Wolf
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Lifetime characteristics of ohmic MEMS switches
Author(s): John Maciel; Sumit Majumder; Richard Morrison; James Lampen
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Electrothermal actuator reliability studies
Author(s): Richard A. Plass; Michael S. Baker; Jeremy A. Walraven
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Reliability issues of an accelerometer under environmental stresses
Author(s): Petra Schmitt; Francis Pressecq; Guy Perez; Xavier Lafontan; Jean Marc Nicot; Daniel Esteve; Jean Yves Fourniols; Henri Camon; Coumar Oudea
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Improvement in reliability of MEMS resonator using multi-layers
Author(s): Prakash R. Apte; Priyadarshan U Patankar; Nilesh S Birari
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MEMS/MOEMS failure location and characterization methods: the micromirror device
Author(s): Cary O. Davis
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MEMS characterization using new hybrid laser Doppler vibrometer/strobe video system
Author(s): Eric M. Lawrence; Christian Rembe
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Novel low coherence metrology for nondestructive characterization of high aspect ratio micro-fabricated and micro-machined structures
Author(s): Wojciech Walecki; Frank Wei; Phuc Van; Kevin Lai; Tim Lee; S. H. Lau; Ann Koo
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Multifunctional interferometric platform for on-chip testing of the micromechanical properties of MEMS/MOEMS
Author(s): Christophe Gorecki; Michal Jozwik; Leszek A. Salbut
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Reliable vacuum packaging using NanoGetters and glass frit bonding
Author(s): Douglas Sparks; Sonbol Massoud-Ansari; Nader Najafi
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Reliability study of wafer bonding for micro-electro-mechanical systems
Author(s): Mahmoud Almasri; Bruce Altemus; Alison Gracias; Larry Clow; Natalya Tokranova; James Castracane; Bai Xu
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Chemical treatment of getter films on wafers prior to vacuum packaging
Author(s): Marco Moraja; Marco Amiotti; Heather Florence
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Wafer-level-scale package of MEMS device by eutectic bonding method
Author(s): Sihai Chen; Hong Ma; Mingxiang Chen; Tao Xiong; Sheng Liu; Xinjian Yi
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Assembly process issues and reliability in microsystem packaging
Author(s): Leland Spangler
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Reliable bonding using indium-based solders
Author(s): Jongpil Cheong; Abhijat Goyal; Srinivas Tadigadapa; Christopher Rahn
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e-Manufacturing software helps electronic manufacturers meet changing demand
Author(s): Steven Rolston
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Investigation of improving MEMS-type VOA reliability
Author(s): Seok Kee Hong; Yeong Gyu Lee; Moo Youn Park
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Reaction-layer fatigue: understanding the limitations of structural silicon
Author(s): Christopher L. Muhlstein; O. N. Pierron
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Factors affecting silicon membrane burst strength
Author(s): Albert K. Henning; Sapna Patel; Michael Selser; Bradford A. Cozad
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Stress relaxation in nanoscale aluminum films
Author(s): Seungmin Hyun; Walter L. Brown; Richard P. Vinci
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Creep and stress relaxation in bilayer Au/Si microcantilevers
Author(s): Ken Gall; Neil West; Kevin Spark; Dudley Finch
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Torsional stress, fatigue and fracture strength in silicon hinges of a micro scanning mirror
Author(s): Alexander Wolter; Harald Schenk; Hilmar Korth; Hubert Lakner
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Unified characterization of surfaces and gases in MEMS devices
Author(s): Steven M. Thornberg; Kevin R. Zavadil; James Anthony Ohlhausen; Michael R. Keenan; Diane E. Peebles; Gerald A. Knorovsky; Danny O. MacCallum; Brooke M. Nowak-Neely; Ion C. Abraham; Richard A. Plass
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Micro/nanoscale tribological and mechanical characterization for MEMS/NEMS
Author(s): Bharat Bhushan; Huiwen Liu
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Defects and friction in alkylsilane self-assembled monolayers
Author(s): Michael Chandross; Gary S. Grest; Mark J. Stevens; Edmund B. Webb III
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Investigation of adhesion during operation of MEMS cantilevers
Author(s): Shaikh Mubassar Ali; Leslie M. Phinney
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Field emission testing of carbon nanotubes for THz frequency vacuum microtube sources
Author(s): Harish Manohara; Wei Lien Dang; Peter H. Siegel; Michael Hoenk; Ali Husain; Axel Scherer
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Testing silicon MEMS structures subjected to thermal loading by digital holography
Author(s): Pietro Ferraro; Sergio De Nicola; Giuseppe Coppola; Andrea Finizio; Mario Iodice; Carlo Magro; Giovanni Pierattini
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A new sensor for trench depth monitoring: the TDM 200
Author(s): Pascal Amary; Denis Cattelan; Jean-Paul Gaston; Bernard Kaplan; Eric Teboul
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Innovative metrology method for the 3-dimensional measurement of MEMS structures
Author(s): Shay Wolfling; David Banitt; Nissim Ben-Yosef; Yoel Arieli
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MEMS process error characterization using lateral resonant structures
Author(s): George C. Johnson; A. Miller Allen
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Fabrication and characterization of high Q microresonators using thin plate mechanical mode
Author(s): Jean-Rene Coudevylle; Skandar Basrour; Michel de Labachelerie
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Automated full-field interferometric characterization of micromachined silicon membrane
Author(s): Lei Xu; Xiaoyuan Peng; Jianmin Miao; Anand K. Asundi
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The temperature compensation of the silicon piezo-resistive pressure sensor using the half-bridge technique
Author(s): Kuo Huan Peng; C. M. Uang; Yih Min Chang
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Planar distortion quantification to evaluate PDMS stamps affixed on glass support
Author(s): Quanguo He; Zhengchun Liu; Jianxin Tang ; Libo Nie; Hong Xiang; Hong Chen; Pengfeng Xiao; Nongyue He
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