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Free-Space Laser Communication Technologies XVI
Editor(s): Steve Mecherle; Cynthia Y. Young; John S. Stryjewski

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Volume Number: 5338
Date Published: 16 June 2004

Table of Contents
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Ground-to-satellite optical link tests between Japanese laser communications terminal and European geostationary satellite ARTEMIS
Author(s): Morio Toyoshima; Shiro Yamakawa; Toshihiko Yamawaki; Katsuyoshi Arai; Marcos Reyes; Angel Alonso; Zoran Sodnik; Benoit Demelenne
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Optical terminal for NeLS in-orbit demonstration
Author(s): Yoshisada Koyama; Eihisa Morikawa; Koichi Shiratama; Ryutaro Suzuki; Yasuhiko Yasuda
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Retro-modulator links with a mini-rover
Author(s): Hamid Hemmati; Carlos Esproles; William H. Farr; William Liu; Polly Estabrook; G. Charmaine Gilbreath; William S. Rabinovich
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Scintillation loss in free-space optic IM/DD systems
Author(s): Florian David
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Fiber coupling efficiency for free-space optical communication through atmospheric turbulence
Author(s): Yamac Dikmelik; Frederic M. Davidson
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A hybrid system for beam steering and wavefront control
Author(s): Vladimir V. Nikulin
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A coherent fiber-array-based laser link for atmospheric aberration mitigation and power scaling
Author(s): Hans Bruesselbach; Monica L. Minden; Shuoqin Wang; D. Cris Jones; Metin S Mangir
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Mitigation of atmospheric effects on terrestrial free-space optical communication systems
Author(s): G. Stephen Mecherle
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Coherent video combining of multiple apertures to mitigate lasercom downlink atmospheric turbulence effects
Author(s): Kiyo Tomiyasu
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Selection of modulation and codes for deep-space optical communications
Author(s): Jon Hamkins; Bruce Moision
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Ethernet access network based on free-space optic deployment technology
Author(s): Michael Gebhart; Erich Leitgeb; Ulla Birnbacher; Peter Schrotter
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Coherent optical receiver for PPM signals received through atmospheric turbulence: performance analysis and preliminary experimental results
Author(s): Michela Munoz Fernandez; Victor A. Vilnrotter
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Optical array receiver for deep-space communications
Author(s): Victor A. Vilnrotter; Chi-Wung Lau; Meera Srinivasan; R. Mukai; K. Andrews
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Deep-space optical communications link availability and data volume
Author(s): Abhijit Biswas; Keith E. Wilson; Sabino Piazzolla; Janet P. Wu; William H. Farr
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Decentralized control of an OmniWrist laser beam tracking system
Author(s): Vladimir V. Nikulin; Jozef Sofka; Victor A. Skormin
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Optical beam jitter control
Author(s): R. Joseph Watkins; Hong-Jen Chen; Brij N. Agrawal; Young S. Shin
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All-optical true-time-delay photonics network for high-bandwidth, free-space laser communication applications
Author(s): David S. Sumida; Shuoqin Wang; Stas I. Ionov; David M. Pepper
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Overview of high-rate deep-space laser communications options
Author(s): Don M. Boroson; Roy S. Bondurant; Joseph J. Scozzafava
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Link analysis of Mars-Earth optical communications system
Author(s): Farzana I. Khatri; Don M. Boroson; Daniel V. Murphy; Jaya Sharma
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Binary shaping for low-duty-cycle communications: a useful alternative to PPM
Author(s): Richard J. Barron
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LDORA: a novel laser communications receiver array architecture
Author(s): Don M. Boroson; Roy S. Bondurant; Daniel V. Murphy
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MLCD: overview of NASA's Mars laser communications demonstration system
Author(s): Don M. Boroson; Abhijit Biswas; Bernard L. Edwards
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Mitigating the impact of clouds on optical communications
Author(s): Robert P. Link; Randall J. Alliss; Mary Ellen Craddock
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Aperture averaging: theory and measurements
Author(s): Nicolas Perlot; Daniel Fritzsche
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Numerical simulations of beam propagation through optical turbulence for high-altitude platform crosslinks
Author(s): Joachim Horwath; Nicolas Perlot; Dirk Giggenbach; Ralf Jungling
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Atmospheric-induced frequency fluctuations along slant paths
Author(s): Cynthia Y. Young; Aaron J. Masino; Christopher J. Subich
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Aerosol models for Middle East coastal zones: a modified NAM model
Author(s): S. Bendersky; Norman S. Kopeika; Nathan Sh. Blaunstein
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LIDAR measurements of atmospheric turbulence vertical profiles
Author(s): Arkadi Zilberman; Norman S. Kopeika
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Validity of Kolmogorov turbulence at higher elevations
Author(s): Arkadi Zilberman; Ephim Golbraikh; Norman S. Kopeika
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Free-space optical communication link and atmospheric effects: single aperture and arrays
Author(s): Larry C. Andrews; Ronald L. Phillips
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