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Genetically Engineered and Optical Probes for Biomedical Applications II

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Volume Number: 5329
Date Published: 14 June 2004

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Third-generation GFP biosensors for real-time readout of pH and redox potential in living cells
Author(s): Stephen James Remington; George T. Hanson; Mark Canon; Robert Aggeler; Devin Oglesbe; Roderick A. Capaldi; Roger Y. Tsien
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Development of a photoactivatable fluorescent protein from Aequorea victoria GFP
Author(s): George H. Patterson; Jennifer Lippincott-Schwartz
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Dimeric variants of the red fluorescent protein eqFP611 generated by site-directed mutagenesis
Author(s): Joerg Wiedenmann; Beatrice Vallone; Fabrizio Renzi; Karin Nienhaus; Sergey V. Ivanchenko; Carlheinz Roecker; Gerd Ulrich Nienhaus
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Phycobiliprotein fusion proteins: versatile intensely fluorescent constructs
Author(s): Alexander N. Glazer; Yuping A. Cai; Aaron J. Tooley
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Engineering phytochromes: biliproteins that switch and glow
Author(s): Amanda J. Fischer; William J. Coleman; Mary M. Yang; J. Clark Lagarias
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Lateral diffusion measurements on genetically introduced fluorescent proteins
Author(s): B. George Barisas; Deborah A. Roess; Gildardo Cruz de Leon; Guy M. Hagen
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Dual-color fluorescence imaging of tumor/host interaction with green and red fluorescent proteins
Author(s): Meng Yang; Yasuyuki Amoh M.D.; Lingna Li M.D.; Eugene Baranov; Jin Wei Wang M.D.; Ping Jiang; A.R. Moossa M.D.; Robert M. Hoffman
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Fluorescence enhancement of asCP595 is due to consecutive absorbance of two photons
Author(s): Alexander P. Savitsky; Michail B. Agranat; Konstantin A. Lukyanov; Tanja Schuttrigkeit; Till von Feilitzsch; Christian Kompa; Maria-Elisabeth Michel-Beyerle
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Single molecule surface enhanced resonance Raman scattering (SERRS) of the enhanced green fluorescent protein (EGFP)
Author(s): Johan Hofkens; Frans Carl De Schryver; Mircea Cotlet; Satoshi Habuchi
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Spectroscopy and microscopy of the autofluorescent protein DsRed from Discosoma genus coral
Author(s): Mircea Cotlet; Satoshi Habuchi; Frans Carl De Schryver; Johan Hofkens
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Automated image analysis to quantify the subnuclear organization of transcriptional coregulatory protein complexes in living cell populations
Author(s): Ty C. Voss; Ignacio A. Demarco; Cynthia F. Booker; Richard N. Day
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Getting ready for the manned mission to Mars: bioassays for space research
Author(s): Christa Baumstark-Khan; Christine E. Hellweg; Andrea Arenz; Matthias M. Meier; Gerda Horneck
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Stably transfected human cell lines as fluorescent screening assay for nuclear factor KB activation dependent gene expression
Author(s): Christine E. Hellweg; Christa Baumstark-Khan; Gerda Horneck
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Bioluminescent bioreporter sensing of foodborne toxins
Author(s): Amanda C. Fraley; Steven Ripp; Gary S. Sayler
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Cloning and expression of an endothelin-1-aequorin fusion protein as bioluminescent a tracer for endothelin-1 immunoassays
Author(s): Mara Mirasoli; Elisa Michelini; Sapna K Deo; Emre Dikici; Aldo Roda; Sylvia Daunert
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Development of a bioluminescence resonance energy transfer (BRET) for monitoring estrogen receptor alpha activation
Author(s): Elisa Michelini; Mara Mirasoli; Matti Karp; Marko Virta; Aldo Roda
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Making temporal maps using bacterial luciferase: Bacteriophage
Author(s): Jonathan Kuhn; Rachel Broza; Ekaterina Verkin
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Phage-amplified bioluminescent bioreporters for the detection of foodborne pathogens
Author(s): Steven Ripp; Jacque C. Young; Aysu Ozen; Patricia Jegier; Courtney Johnson; Kathleen Daumer; Jay Garland; Gary S. Sayler
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Rational and random mutagenesis of firefly luciferase to identify an efficient emitter of red bioluminescence
Author(s): Bruce R. Branchini; Tara L. Southworth; Neelum F. Khattak; Martha H. Murtiashaw; Sarah E. Fleet
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Aggregation of the yellow fluorescent protein zFP538 is pH-dependent
Author(s): Nadya N Zubova; Leonid M Vinokurov; Alexander P Savitsky
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Visualization of tumor-induced VEGF expression using in vivo bioluminescence
Author(s): Shannon Faley; Cornelia Crooke; Keiko Takahashi; Takamune Takahashi; E. Duco Jansen
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Optical imaging in photodynamic therapy: mechanisms and applications
Author(s): Nicolas Solban; Irene Georgakoudi; Bernhard Ortel; Charles P. Lin; Tayyaba Hasan
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Fluorescent dyes for multiphoton bio-imaging applications
Author(s): Katherine J. Schafer; Sheng Yao; Kevin D. Belfield; Joel M. Hales; David J. Hagan; Eric W. Van Stryland
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Improvement of sensitivity and spatial resolution for in vivo imaging with low-level light emitting probes by optical clearing method
Author(s): Ruikang K. Wang; Yonghong He
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Challenges for the development of clinically useful fluorescing diagnostic contrast agents for optical imaging: a radiologist's perspective
Author(s): Robert C Brasch; Laure Fournier; Vincenzo Lucidi; Kirill Berejnoi; Yanjun Fu; Jonathan Palley; Stavros G. Demos
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Targeting the expression of integrin receptors in tumors
Author(s): Sharon Bloch; Kexian Liang; Richard B. Dorshow; Yunpeng Ye; Samuel I. Achilefu
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Optical response measurements of a new class of upconverting luminescent reporters
Author(s): Xudong Xiao; Jeanne P. Haushalter; Michael Weiss; Gregory W. Faris
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In vivo applications of a molecular computing-based high-throughput NIR spectrometer
Author(s): Lisa A. Cassis; Bin Dai; Aaron Urbas; Robert A. Lodder
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NIR optical probes targeting glucose transporters
Author(s): Hui Li; Juan Chen; Min Zhang; Zhihong Zhang; David Benaron; Britton Chance; Jerry D. Glickson; Gang Zheng
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Synthesis and evaluation of novel galactose-carbocyanine fluorescent contrast agents with enhanced hydrophilicity and rigid molecular constraint
Author(s): Zongren Zhang; Sharon Bloch; Samuel I. Achilefu
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Novel near-infrared nanoparticlulate biomarker: preparation and stability studies
Author(s): Vishal Saxena; Mostafa Sadoqi; Sunil Kumar; Jun Shao
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Luminescent blinking from silver, gold, and copper nanostructures: a new class of probes for imaging and localization
Author(s): Chris D. Geddes; Ignacy Gryczynski; Alex Parfenov; Kadir Aslan; Joseph R. Lakowicz
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Biological properties of coral GFP-type proteins provide clues for engineering novel optical probes and biosensors
Author(s): Anya Salih; Anthony W. Larkum; Thomas W. Cronin; Joerg Wiedenmann; Ron Szymczak; Guy C. Cox
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