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Three-Dimensional and Multidimensional Microscopy: Image Acquisition and Processing XI

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Volume Number: 5324
Date Published: 13 July 2004

Table of Contents
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Automatic quantification of neurite outgrowth by means of image analysis
Author(s): Gert Van de Wouwer; Rony Nuydens; Theo Meert; Barbara Weyn
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Object segmentation, quantification, counting, and tracking
Author(s): Asad A. Abu-Tarif; Vitaliy Khiznichenko; Brian Northan; Tim Holmes; Phillip Yoon; Jonathan Girroir; Paul Brathwaite
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Fast 3D blind deconvolution of even point spread functions
Author(s): Andrew E. Yagle; Siddharth Shah
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Reconstruction of objects with a limited number of non-zero components in fluorescence microscopy
Author(s): Brynmor J. Davis; William C. Karl; Anna K. Swan; Bennett B. Goldberg; M. Selim Unlu; Marcia B. Goldberg M.D.
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Performance of dual axes confocal microscope for in vivo molecular and cellular imaging
Author(s): Gordon S. Kino; Thomas D. Wang M.D.; Chris H. Contag; Michael Mandella; Ning Y. Chan
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High-speed confocal laser scanning microscopy using acousto-optic deflectors and a digital micromirror device
Author(s): Vivek Bansal; Saumil Patel; Peter Saggau
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Confocal microscopy and variable-focal length microlenses
Author(s): Aaron M. Mac Raighne; Lisong Yang; L. Andrea Dunbar; Eithne M. McCabe; Toralf Scharf
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Optimization of spinning disk confocal microscopy: synchronization with the ultra-sensitive EMCCD
Author(s): F. K. Chong; Colin G. Coates; Donal J. Denvir; Noel G. McHale; Keith D. Thornbury; Mark A. Hollywood
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Agile optical confocal microscopy instrument architectures for high flexibility imaging
Author(s): Nabeel Agha Riza; Amana Bokhari
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A wavefront generator for complex pupil function synthesis
Author(s): Tony Wilson; Mark A. A. Neil; F. Massoumian
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Phase imaging digital holography for biological microscopy
Author(s): Myung K. Kim; Daniel Parshall
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Microscopic tomography by digital interference holography
Author(s): Myung K. Kim
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Mueller polarimetric microscopy
Author(s): Blandine Laude-Boulesteix; Antonello De Martino; Gilles Le Naour; Catherine Genestie; Laurent Schwartz; Enric Garcia-Caurel; Bernard Drevillon
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Enhanced visualization of inner ear structures
Author(s): Kazimierz Niemczyk; Tomasz Kucharski; Malgorzata Kujawinska; Antoni Bruzgielewicz
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Point spread function models for digital holographic microscopy
Author(s): Anca A Marian; Christian Depeursinge
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Detection, imaging, and kinetics of sub-micron organelles of chondrocytes by multiple beam interference microscopy
Author(s): Narahari V. Joshi; Honorio Medina; J.M. Barboza; Gladys Colantuoni; Maritza Quintero
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Three-dimensional imagery using multiple nanometric probes
Author(s): Gael Moneron; Arnaud Dubois; Albert-Claude Boccara
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Real-time digital design for an optical coherence tomography acquisition and processing system
Author(s): Tyler S. Ralston; Jose A. Mayen; Dan L. Marks; Stephen A. Boppart M.D.
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Development of micro-optical projection tomography for 3D analysis of single cells
Author(s): Mark Fauver; Eric J. Seibel; J. Richard Rahn; Florence W Patten; Alan C Nelson
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Optical computed-tomography micoscope using digital spatial light modulation
Author(s): Ravil O. Chamgoulov; Pierre Mark Lane; Calum E. MacAulay
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A phase-shifting DIC technique for measuring 3D phase objects: experimental verification
Author(s): Sharon V. King; Carol J. Cogswell
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LEDs for fluorescence microscopy
Author(s): Ian T. Young; Yuval Garini; Heidi R. C. Dietrich; Wim van Oel; Guus Liqui Lung
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Bright field segmentation tomography (BFST) for use as surface identification in stereomicroscopy
Author(s): Jacqueline R. Thiesse; Eman Namati; Jessica de Ryk; Eric A. Hoffman; Geoffrey McLennan M.D.
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A whole organ serial sectioning and imaging system for correlation of pathology to computer tomography
Author(s): Jessica de Ryk; Eman Namati; Joseph M. Reinhardt; Christopher Piker; Ye Xu; Le Liu; Eric A. Hoffman; Geoffrey McLennan
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Design and performance evaluation of reflection confocal microscopy using acousto-optical deflector and slit detector
Author(s): SeugnWoo Lee; Dong-Kyun Kang; HongKi Yoo; Dae-Gab Gweon; Suk-Won Lee; Kwang-Soo Kim
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Error analysis and tolerance allocation for confocal scanning microscopy using the Monte Carlo method
Author(s): Hongki Yoo; Dong-Kyun Kang; SeungWoo Lee; Junhee Lee; Dae-Gab Gweon
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Fluorescence lifetime imaging microscopy based on a synchroscan streak camera
Author(s): Junle Qu; Ji Li; Hanben Niu
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Nanoscale optical imaging technique
Author(s): Sheng Wu; Yongchun Tang
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Dissecting key components of the Ca2+ homeostasis game by multifunctional fluorescence imaging
Author(s): Stefano Bastianello; Catalin D. Ciubotaru; Martina Beltramello; Fabio Mammano
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Optical control of a rhodopsin-based switch
Author(s): Ben Ovryn; Xiang Li; Hillel Chiel; Stefan Herlitze
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