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Laser Interaction with Tissue and Cells XV

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Volume Number: 5319
Date Published: 1 July 2004

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Structural and functional imaging of engineered tissue development using an integrated OCT and multiphoton microscope
Author(s): Lester J. Fahrner IV; Wei Tan; Claudio Vinegoni; Thomas E. Eurell; Stephen A. Boppart M.D.
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Applicability of photoacoustic measurement for biomechanical characterization: from in vitro engineered tissue characterization to in vivo diagnosis
Author(s): Miya Ishihara; Masato Sato; Shunichi Sato; Toshiyuki Kikuchi; Masayuki Ishihara; Joji Mochida; Kyosuke Fujikawa; Makoto Kikuchi
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Topographic mapping of biological specimens: flexure and curvature characterization
Author(s): William S. Baron; Sandra F. Baron
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Noncontact minimally invasive technique for the assessment of mechanical properties of single cardiac myocyte via magnetic field loading
Author(s): Shizhuo Yin; Xueqian Zhang; Joseph Cheung; Juntao Wu; Chun Zhan; Jinchao Xue
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Light-scattering fingerprinting for characterization of smooth-muscle cell proliferation
Author(s): Yang Liu; Josephine Allen; Young L. Kim; Vladimir Turzhitsky; Guillermo Ameer; Vadim Backman
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Photochemical effects in laser-tissue interactions: photodynamic therapy, an overview
Author(s): Tayyaba Hasan; Nicolas Solban
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Photodynamic therapy cures green fluorescent protein expressing RIF1 tumors in mice
Author(s): Ana P. Castano; Qingde Liu; Michael R. Hamblin
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Antitumor activity of photodynamic therapy, adoptive immunotherapy, and chemotherapy in experimental tumor
Author(s): Gianfranco L. Canti M.D.; Angela Calastretti; Rinaldo Cubeddu; Paola Taroni; Gianluca Valentini; Elena Reddi; Giuseppe Palumbo
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Stimulation of the host immune response by photodynamic therapy(PDT)
Author(s): Sandra O. Gollnick; Edith Kabingu; Philaretos C. Kousis; Barbara W. Henderson
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Enhancement of glycated chitosan in laser cancer treatment
Author(s): Wei R. Chen; Sang Won Jeong; Mladen Korbelik; Kenneth Eugene Bartels D.V.M.; Steven D. Martin; Jinghai Sun; Hong Liu; Robert E. Nordquist
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Role of Toll-like receptors in photodynamic-therapy-elicited host response
Author(s): Mladen Korbelik
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Direct photodynamic therapy for vulnerable plaque: investigation of light dosimetry for depth control
Author(s): Sayaka Ohmori; Takeshi Yanagihara; Tsunenori Arai
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Simulation of selective photothermal interaction with dye enhancement
Author(s): Vinson G. Liu; Jared J. Crochet; Evan C. Lemley; Wei R. Chen
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Evaluation of the analgesic effect of low-power optical radiation in acute inflammatory process
Author(s): Denise Maciel Ferreira; Renato Amaro Zangaro; Yara Cury; Lucio Frigo; Daniella Galvao Barbosa; Milene da Silva Melo; Egberto Munin
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Cell differentiation based on the interference pattern between the incident and scattered light: a numerical study
Author(s): Caigen Liu; Clarence E. Capjack; Wojciech Rozmus
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On one simple and analytical photon-migration solution in 1D light-scattering theory and its consequences for the laser medical diagnostic problems
Author(s): Dmitrii A. Rogatkin; Vladimir V. Tchernyi
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OCT analysis of microneedle and Er:YAG surface ablation for enhanced transdermal delivery of hyperosmotic agents for optical skin clearing
Author(s): Oliver F. Stumpp; A. J. Welch; Harvinder S. Gill; Mark R. Prausnitz
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Characterization of the polarization properties of biological tissues with fiber-based Mueller-matrix optical coherence tomography
Author(s): Shuliang Jiao; Tseng-Ming Hsieh; Jun Ai; Milos Todorovic; George Stoica; Lihong V. Wang
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Angular domain imaging of phantom objects within highly scattering mediums
Author(s): Nick Pfeiffer; Bob Wai; Glenn H. Chapman
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Transport theory for light propagation in tissues
Author(s): Arnold D. Kim
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Study for prevention of proliferation of smooth muscle cells after balloon angioplasty using Ho:YAG laser-induced acoustic wave
Author(s): Eriko Suga; Erika Yamashita; Hikaru Futami; Tsunenori Arai
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Multiphoton absorption is probably not the primary threshold damage mechanism for femtosecond laser pulse exposures in the retinal pigment epithelium
Author(s): Randolph D. Glickman; Thomas E. Johnson
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Partial ablation of stratum corneum by UV (193-nm) or IR (2.94-um) pulsed lasers to enhance transdermal drug delivery rate
Author(s): Ai Fujiwara; Toshihiro Hinokitani; Kenichi Goto; Tsunenori Arai
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Temporal effects of femtosecond-to-nanosecond laser ablation on fresh porcine liver
Author(s): Bryan S. Irwin; Michael N. Nguyen; Russell G. Higbee; Kenneth E. Bartels; Kenneth H. Church; William L. Warren
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A scattered-light-based system for the probe beam monitoring of laser ablation dynamic
Author(s): Hanriete Pereira de Souza; Egberto Munin; Leandro Procopio Alves; Marcela Leal Redigolo; Marcos Tadeu Tavares Pacheco
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Time-resolved measurements of sodium emission in the plume generated by laser ablation of myocardium tissue
Author(s): Hanriete Pereira de Souza; Egberto Munin; Carlos Eduardo de Vilhena Paiva; Leandro Procopio Alves; Marcela Leal Redigolo; Marcos Tadeu Tavares Pacheco
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Ablation of soft tissue at 6.45 um using a strontium vapor laser
Author(s): Mark A. Mackanos; Borislav Ivanov; Anatoly N. Soldatov; I. Kostadinov; Marcus H. Mendenhall; David W. Piston; Richard F. Haglund Jr.; E. Duco Jansen
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Effect of FEL micropulse duration on ablation characteristics at 6.45 um
Author(s): Mark A. Mackanos; John A. Kozub; E. Duco Jansen
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Ab-initio calculations for shock wave and bubble production with Gaussian temporal laser pulses
Author(s): Bernard S. Gerstman; Shijun Wang; Eshel Faraggi
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Effect of spectral width on short laser pulse propagation through upper layers of human skin: Monte Carlo simulations
Author(s): Alexey P. Popov; Alexander V. Priezzhev; Risto Myllyla
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Photo-oxidation from mode-locked laser exposure to hTERT-RPE1 cells
Author(s): Michael L. Denton; Debbie M. Eikum; Gary D. Noojin; David J. Stolarski; Randolph D. Glickman; Benjamin A. Rockwell
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Delphi technique used in laser incident surveillance
Author(s): Krystyn R. Clark; Thomas E. Johnson; Thomas A. Neal M.D.
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Microcavitation and spot size dependence for damage of artificially pigmented hTERT-RPE1 cells
Author(s): Brian Matthew Mills; Tracie M. Connor; Michael S. Foltz; Jacob Stolarski; Kristy L. Hayes; Michael L. Denton; Debbie M. Eikum; Gary D. Noojin; Benjamin A. Rockwell
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Effects of femtosecond terawatt laser pulses on materials similar to porcine skin
Author(s): Semih S. Kumru; Gary D. Noojin; Benjamin A. Rockwell
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Laser-induced retinal damage thresholds for annular retinal beam profiles
Author(s): Paul K. Kennedy; Joseph A. Zuclich; David J. Lund; Peter R. Edsall; Stephen Till; Bruce E. Stuck; Richard C. Hollins
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N-acetylcysteine and acute retinal laser lesions in the colubrid snake eye
Author(s): William R. Elliott III; Heike K. Rentmeister-Bryant; Norman Barsalou; Jeremy Beer; Harry Zwick
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Creating the invisible man
Author(s): A. J. Welch; Chris Humphrey; Gracie Vargas; Oliver F. Stumpp; Chris G. Rylander
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Noninvasive thermography of laser-induced hyperthermia using magnetic resonance
Author(s): Saher M. Maswadi; Randolph D. Glickman; Stephen J. Dodd; Jia Hong Gao
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Porcine skin thermal response to near-IR lasers using a fast infrared camera
Author(s): Clarence Cain; Thomas Milner; Sergey Telenkov; Kurt Schuster; Kevin Stockton; David Stolarski; Chris Condit; Benjamin A. Rockwell; William P. Roach; A. J. Welch
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Model predictions and measured skin damage thresholds for 1.54-um laser pulses in porcine skin
Author(s): William P. Roach; Clarence Cain; Kurt Schuster; Kevin Stockton; David Stolarski; Robert Galloway; Benjamin A. Rockwell
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Retinal injury from simultaneous exposure to 532-nm and 860-nm laser irradiation
Author(s): Kurt Schuster; William P. Roach; Garrett Polhamus; John Notabartolo; Cheryl DiCarlo; Kevin Stockton; David Stolarski; Val Carothers; Benjamin A. Rockwell; Clarence Cain
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Proteomic analyses of the acute tissue response for explant rabbit corneas and engineered corneal tissue models following in vitro exposure to 1540-nm laser light
Author(s): Thomas E. Eurell; Thomas E. Johnson; Willliam P. Roach
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Evaluating acute physiological responses of porcine epidermis exposed to a pulsed 3.8-micron laser
Author(s): Golda C. Winston; Thomas E. Johnson; Donald Q. Randolph; Thomas A. Neal M.D.
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A review of infrared laser energy absorption and subsequent healing in the cornea
Author(s): Latica L. Saunders; Thomas E. Johnson; Thomas A. Neal
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Effect of low-power laser therapy on edema dynamics: sensing by using the electrical capacitance method
Author(s): Eloa Ferreira Yamada; Antonio Guillermo Jose Balbin Villaverde; Egberto Munin; Renato Amaro Zangaro; Marcos Tadeu Tavares Pacheco
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ICG laser therapy of acne vulgaris
Author(s): Valery V. Tuchin; Gregory B. Altshuler; Elina A. Genina; Alexey N. Bashkatov; Georgy V. Simonenko; Olga D. Odoevskaya; Ilya V. Yaroslavsky
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Nonlinear-optical photothermal modification of collagen
Author(s): V. Shcheslavskiy; R. D. Heathcote; Vladislav V. Yakovlev
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Photothermal guidance for selective photothermolysis with nanoparticles
Author(s): Vladimir P. Zharov; Elena Galitovskaya; Mark Viegas
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Low-frequency surface wave propagation and the viscoelastic behavior of porcine skin
Author(s): Sean J. Kirkpatrick; Donald Dean Duncan; Li Fang
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Retinal damage following exposure to single pulses of Nd:YAG laser radiation in rabbits and its relation to energy levels
Author(s): T. Kadar; David Peri; J. Turetz; Noam Sapiens; E. Fishbine; R. Sahar; I. Egoz; R. Brandeis
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