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Optical Fibers and Sensors for Medical Applications IV
Editor(s): Israel Gannot

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Volume Number: 5317
Date Published: 10 June 2004

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Photonic bandgap fibers exploiting omnidirectional reflectivity enable flexible delivery of infrared lasers for tissue cutting
Author(s): Charalambos Anastassiou; Ori Weisberg; Gregor Frank Dellemann; Max Shurgalin; Steven Alan Jacobs ; William A. Farinelli; James Emanuel Goell; Uri Kolodny
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Assembly and testing of germanium/silica optical fibers for flexible endoscopic delivery of erbium:YAG laser radiation
Author(s): Charles A. Chaney; Yubing Yang; Nathaniel M. Fried
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Transmission of free-running and Q-switched erbium: YSGG laser radiation through sapphire and germanium fibers
Author(s): Nathaniel M. Fried; Yubing Yang; Charles A. Chaney; Daniel Fried
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Silver halide infrared transmitting core/clad fibers with small cores
Author(s): Shaul Shalem; Abraham Katzir
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Hollow waveguide delivery of ultrashort pulses for tissue ablation
Author(s): Michael N. Nguyen; Bryan S. Irwin; Russell G. Higbee D.V.M.; Waleed S. Mohammed; Eric G. Johnson; Kenneth E. Bartels D.V.M.; William L. Warren; Kenneth H. Church
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High-numerical-aperture silica core fibers
Author(s): Bolesh J. Skutnik; Brian Foley; Kelly B. Moran
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Flexible hollow-core waveguides for CO2 lasers: potential and limitations as beam guiding systems for medical applications
Author(s): Klaus Behler; Karl-Friedrich Klein; Jutta Johannis
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Characterization of metal-sulfide-coated hollow glass waveguides
Author(s): Pal O Pedersen; James A Harrington
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Low-OH all-silica fiber with broadband transparency and radiation resistance in the UV region
Author(s): Valery Kh. Khalilov; Karl-Friedrich Klein; Gary W. Nelson
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Shaped fiber tips for medical and industrial applications
Author(s): James P. Clarkin; Richard J. Timmerman; John H. Shannon
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Improved optical imaging employing integrated photonic technology
Author(s): Vishal Saxena
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Thermal imaging through infrared fiber/waveguides bundles
Author(s): Israel Gannot; Alon Goren; Eran Rave; Abraham Katzir; Veena Gopal; Gregory Revezin; James A Harrington
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Sealed hollow waveguide for catheter-based pulsed photodynamic therapy
Author(s): Shunichi Sato; Satoko Kawauchi; Yi-Wei Shi; Yuji Matsuura; Mitsunobu Miyagi
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Signal versus noise in fiber-coupled radiation dosimeters for medical applications
Author(s): Susan H. Law; Natalka Suchowerska; Simon C. Fleming; A. Samad Beddar; David R. McKenzie
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Real-time evaluation of tissue vitality by monitoring of microcirculatory blood flow, HbO2, and mitochondrial NADH redox state
Author(s): Assaf Deutsch; Eliyahu Pevzner; Alex Jaronkin; Avraham Mayevsky
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Characterization of penetration depth as a function of optical fiber separation at various absorption and scatter coefficients for a noninvasive metabolic sensor
Author(s): Charles DeMilo; Thomas Brukilacchio; Babs R. Soller; Olusola Soyemi
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Evanescent wave sensing using a hollow-core photonic crystal fiber
Author(s): Jesper Bo Jensen; Poul Erik Hoiby; Lars Hagsholm Pedersen; Anneline Carlsen; Lars Bjarne Nielsen; Anders Bjarklev; Theis P. Hansen
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A fiber optic approach for in vivo minimally invasive study of tissue optical properties
Author(s): Ilko K. Ilev; Ronald W Waynant; Kimberly R Byrnes; Juanita Anders
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Two-photon fluorescence biosensing with conventional and photonic crystal fibers
Author(s): Mon Thiri Myaing; Jing Yong Ye; Theodore B. Norris; Thommey P. Thomas; James R. Baker Jr.; William J. Wadsworth; Geraud Bouwmans; Jonathan C. Knight; Philip St. J. Russell
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Photrodes for physiological sensing
Author(s): Stuart A. Kingsley; Sriram Sriram; Andrea Pollick; John Marsh
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Optical fiber sensor for breathing diagnostics
Author(s): Richard O. Claus; T. Distler; J. B. Mecham; B. Davis; F. J. Arregui; I. R. Matias
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Dynamic absorption coefficient of water for high-density Er:YAG laser radiation
Author(s): Katsumasa Iwai; Masashi Endo; Kentaro Ito; Yi-Wei Shi; Yuji Matsuura; Mitsunobu Miyagi; Helena Jelinkova
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Microsphere-based optical system for biosensor applications
Author(s): Ali Serpenguzel; Senol Isci; Temel Bilici; Adnan Kurt
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Further improvements of high-precision gas analysis in DUV region
Author(s): Hanns S. Eckhardt; Klaus Behler; Matthias Frank; Kenneth T. V. Grattan; Karl-Friedrich Klein; R. Koetschau; Uwe Schroeder
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Monte Carlo simulation of light propagation in the adult brain
Author(s): Regina M. Mudra; Andreas Nadler; Emanuella Keller; Peter Niederer
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Hollow waveguide for giant Er:YAG laser pulses transfer
Author(s): Michal Nemec; Helena Jelinkova; Petr Koranda; Miroslav Cech; Jan Sulc; Mitsunobu Miyagi; Yi-Wei Shi; Yuji Matsuura
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Self-assembly of polymer/nanoparticle films for fabrication of fiber optic sensors based on SPR
Author(s): Swati Kaul; Swetha Chinnayelka; Michael J. McShane
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A glucose-sensing contact lens: a new approach to noninvasive continuous physiological glucose monitoring
Author(s): Ramachandram Badugu; Joseph R. Lakowicz; Chris D. Geddes
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Transmission properties of hollow glass fibers for the infrared fabricated by glass-drawing technique
Author(s): Ryosuke Kasahara; Takashi Katagiri; Yuji Matsuura; Mitsunobu Miyagi
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Computational analysis of beveled-tip fiber probes for selective detection of subsurface fluorophores in turbid media
Author(s): T. Joshua Pfefer; Anant Agrawal; Rebekah A. Drezek
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Speckle reduction in OCT with multimode source fiber
Author(s): Jeehyun Kim; Eunha K. Kim; Donald T. Miller; Thomas E. Milner
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