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Optical Security and Counterfeit Deterrence Techniques V

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Volume Number: 5310
Date Published: 3 June 2004

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Perception and detection of counterfeit currency in Canada: note quality, training, and security features
Author(s): Raymond M. Klein; Simon Gadbois; John J. Christie
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Comparative analysis of public opinion research in the U.S. and Canada
Author(s): Linda Setlakwe; Lisa A. DiNunzio
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Chips in banknotes for a banknote electronic signature
Author(s): Maurice Perron; Jean-Michel Grimal; Frederic Beauchet; Francis Dell'Ova
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Latest developments in on- and off-line inspection of bank notes during production
Author(s): Stephen C. Brown
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New security features and their impact on low-cost note readers
Author(s): Ronald R. Bernardini
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Analysis of counterfeits and public survey results as design input
Author(s): Sara E Church; Linda Setlakwe
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Probabilistic risk assessment for comparative evaluation of security features
Author(s): Anshu Saksena; Dennis Lucarelli
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Proposal of qualitative classification for security devices
Author(s): Kenji Yamamotoya; Hiroyuki Matsumoto
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Two barriers to realizing the benefits of biometrics: a chain perspective on biometrics and identity fraud as biometrics' real challenge
Author(s): Jan Grijpink
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Modulated digital images for biometric and other security applications
Author(s): Lawry D. McCarthy; Robert A. Lee; Gerhard F. Swiegers
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Multifunctional optical security features based on bacteriorhodopsin
Author(s): Norbert A. Hampp; Martin Neebe; Thorsten Juchem; Markus Wolperdinger; Markus Geiger; Arno Schmuck
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Microstructural lines involving luminescence
Author(s): Kazuhiko Shimada
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New digital anti-copy/scan and verification technologies
Author(s): George K. Phillips
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New security system for ID certificates in IT society
Author(s): Hisato Nagashima; Kazuharu Saito
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The development of an image analysis system that can detect fraudulent alterations made to printed images
Author(s): Jack Tchan
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Information embedding using two-layer conjugate screening
Author(s): Zhigang Fan
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Digital authentication with copy-detection patterns
Author(s): Justin Picard
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Direct laser engraving of intaglio printing plates
Author(s): Harald Deinhammer; Franz Loos; Daniel Schwarzbach; Peter Fajmann
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NotaMark industrial laser marking system: a new security marking technology
Author(s): Vincent G. Moreau
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Full-spectrum image coding for security document marking
Author(s): Hans Oltmans
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Commercial anticounterfeit products using machine vision
Author(s): Patrick J. Smith; Phelim O'Doherty; Carlos Luna; Sean McCarthy
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Color-shifting features for optically variable devices
Author(s): Wayne Robert Tompkin; Andreas Schilling; Rene Staub
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Multilayer polymeric color-shifting polarizer films
Author(s): James M. Jonza; Andrew D. Dubner
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Designing security holograms
Author(s): Randy James; Michael Long; Diana Newcomb
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The concept of printable holograms through the alignment of diffractive pigments
Author(s): Alberto Argoitia; Sean Chu
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Diffractive second-line security features for optically variable devices
Author(s): Andreas Schilling; Wayne Robert Tompkin; Rene Staub
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Integration of contrasting technologies into advanced optical security devices
Author(s): Paul G. Coombs; Alberto Argoitia; Vladimir P. Raksha; Roger W. Phillips
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New color-shifting security devices
Author(s): Franco Moia
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Unison micro-optic security film
Author(s): Richard A. Steenblik; Mark J. Hurt
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Three-dimensional virtual images for security applications
Author(s): Douglas S. Dunn; Robert T. Krasa; James M. Jonza
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Nanobarcodes particles as covert security tags for documents and product security
Author(s): Sharron G. Penn; Scott Michael Norton; Ian D Walton; Richard G Freeman; Glenn Davis
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Embossing of optical document security devices
Author(s): Sani Muke
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A new low-resolution and robust digital watermarking technique for the personalization of travel documents
Author(s): Alexander Herrigel; Sviatoslav V. Voloshynovskiy; Yuriy B. Rytsar
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smartID: a new approach for the integrity verification of analog and digital documents
Author(s): Alexander Herrigel
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Micromirror array nanostructures for anticounterfeiting applications
Author(s): Robert A. Lee
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Computer-generated holograms recorded in bacteriorhodopsin
Author(s): Fouad Guessous; Thorsten Juchem; Norbert A. Hampp
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Study of chalcogenide-glass-based reflecting optical marks
Author(s): Leonid I. Muravsky; Sergij O. Kostyukevych; Taras I. Voronyak; Petro E. Shepeliavyi
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Novel online security system based on rare-earth-doped glass microbeads
Author(s): Simon Officer; G. Radhakrishna Prabhu; Pat Pollard; Catherine Hunter; Gary A. Ross
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Polygram technology in optical security
Author(s): Vladimir I. Girnyk; Valeriy I. Grygoruk; Ilya S. Borisov
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Elimination of artifacts in encrypted binary images by modified digital halftoning techniques
Author(s): Hsi-Chun Wang; Juo-Han Sung; Yung-Hui Chen
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Lifetime studies of security inks using a novel gonio-spectrometer with in situ aging capability
Author(s): Markus Emerich; Erwin Rosenberg; Harald Deinhammer; Susanne Paleczek; Peter Fajmann; Daniel Schwarzbach
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The growth of optically variable features on banknotes
Author(s): Ian M. Lancaster; Astrid Mitchell
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Enhanced optical security by using information carrier digital screening
Author(s): Ferenc Koltai; Bence Adam
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The new color of money: safer, smarter, more secure
Author(s): Lisa A. DiNunzio; Lenore Clarke
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