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Computational Imaging II

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Volume Number: 5299
Date Published: 21 May 2004

Table of Contents
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Use of the FDTD method for time reversal: application to microwave breast cancer detection
Author(s): Panagiotis Kosmas; Carey Rappaport
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Linear and nonlinear reconstruction for diffuse optical tomography in an inhomogeneous background
Author(s): Gregory Boverman; Eric L. Miller; David A. Boas
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Representing scattering functions with spherical harmonics of spectral Fourier components
Author(s): Huiying Xu; Yinlong Sun
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Reconstruction of image sequences using motion compensation
Author(s): Yongyi Yang; Erwan J. Gravier
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Computational algorithm for reconstructing the profile of 2D rough surfaces
Author(s): Magda El-Shenawee; Eric L. Miller
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On imaging multiple physical parameters in an inverse problems context
Author(s): Eric L. Miller; Andreas Mandelis
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Color filter array design based on a human visual model
Author(s): Manu Parmar; Stanley J. Reeves
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Inverting color transforms
Author(s): Maya R. Gupta
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Restoration of images with optical aberrations and quantization in a transform domain
Author(s): Edmund Y. Lam; Michael K. Ng
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Optimal unsharp mask for image sharpening and noise removal
Author(s): Sang Ho Kim; Jan P. Allebach
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A two-stage classifier system for normal mammogram identification
Author(s): Yajie Sun; Charles F. Babbs; Edward J. Delp III
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Image model: new perspective for image processing and computer vision
Author(s): Djemel Ziou; Madjid Allili
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The likelihood term in restoration of transform-compressed imagery
Author(s): Mark A. Robertson
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Design and optimization of computational imaging systems
Author(s): Edward R. Dowski Jr.; Kenneth Kubala
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Applications of wavefront coded imaging
Author(s): Ramkumar Narayanswamy; Alan E. Baron; Vladislav Chumachenko; Adam Greengard
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On optimizing knot positions for multidimensional B-spline models
Author(s): Xiang Deng; Thomas S. Denney Jr.
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Time-frequency analysis with best local cosine bases
Author(s): Yan Huang; Ilya Pollak; Charles A. Bouman; Minh N. Do
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Alternating minimization multigrid algorithms for transmission tomography
Author(s): Joseph A. O'Sullivan; Jasenka Benac
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Multiframe demosaicing and super-resolution from undersampled color images
Author(s): Sina Farsiu; Michael Elad; Peyman Milanfar
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Linear models for multiframe super-resolution restoration under nonaffine registration and spatially varying PSF
Author(s): Sean Borman; Robert L. Stevenson
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High-resolution video mosaicing for documents and photos by estimating camera motion
Author(s): Tomokazu Sato; Sei Ikeda; Masayuki Kanbara; Akihiko Iketani; Noboru Nakajima; Naokazu Yokoya; Keiji Yamada
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Mobile robot control for composition of seamless and high-resolution images in library
Author(s): Ryuichi Ueda; Toshio Moriya; Chomchana Trevai; Tamio Arai
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Color feature and density-based image mosaicing using repeated application of the ICP algorithm
Author(s): Samuel H Chang; Joseph Fuller; Ali Farsaie; Les Elkins
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Using shape distributions as priors in a curve evolution framework
Author(s): Andrew V. Litvin; William Clement Karl
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Statistical-model-based identification of complete vessel-tree frames in coronary angiograms
Author(s): Til Aach; Alexandru Paul Condurache; Kai Eck; Jorg Bredno
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Shape reconstruction of flexible objects from monocular images for industrial applications
Author(s): Marc M. Ellenrieder
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A new flexible parameterization for the estimation of 3D shape structure from scattered field data
Author(s): Ashley B Tarokh; Eric L. Miller; David Boas
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Subspace-based analysis of the ERT inverse problem
Author(s): Mohamed Khames Ben Hadj Miled; Eric L. Miller
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Computational image processing for a computer vision system using biomimetic sensors and eigenspace object models
Author(s): Cameron H. G. Wright; Steven F. Barrett; Daniel J. Pack; Thomas R. Schei; Jeffrey R. Anderson; Michael J. Wilcox
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Automatic road extraction based on cross detection in suburb
Author(s): Go Koutaki; Keiichi Uchimura
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Performance analysis of color spaces for optimally fitting the active shape model
Author(s): Sangjin Kim; Jinyoung Kang; Jeongho Shin; Joonki Paik
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Global computational algebraic topology approach for diffusion
Author(s): Marie-Flavie Auclair-Fortier; Djemel Ziou; Madjid Allili
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Dynamic region-of-interest acquisition and face tracking for intelligent surveillance system
Author(s): Young-Ouk Kim; Sangjin Kim; Chang-Woo Park; Ha-Gyeong Sung; Joonki Paik
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Frame interpolation of ultrasound images using optical flow
Author(s): Tae-Jin Nam; Rae-Hong Park
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Image denoising via fundamental anisotropic diffusion and wavelet shrinkage: a comparative study
Author(s): Bulent Bayraktar; Mostafa Analoui
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A Bayesian approach to filter design: detection of compact sources
Author(s): Marcos Lopez-Caniego; Diego Herranz; Rita Belen Barreiro; Jose Luis Sanz
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Grouping and segmentation in a hierarchy of graphs
Author(s): Walter G. Kropatsch; Yll Haxhimusa
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Graph pyramids as models of human problem solving
Author(s): Zygmunt Pizlo; Zheng Li
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Noise reduction and 3D visualization of confocal microscopy images
Author(s): Yinlong Sun; Qiqi Wang; Haiying Xu; J. Paul Robinson; Bartek P. Rajwa
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Digital image interpolation using adaptive Gaussian basis functions
Author(s): Terence D. Hunt; Steven C. Gustafson
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