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Real-Time Imaging VIII

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Volume Number: 5297
Date Published: 18 May 2004

Table of Contents
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Imaging frameworks: design for reuse in real-time imaging
Author(s): Colin J. Neill; Phillip A. Laplante
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Real-time implementation of autofocus on the TI DSC processor
Author(s): Mark Gamadia; Venkat Peddigari; Nasser Kehtarnavaz; Sang-Yong Lee; Gorden Cook
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Real-time selective antialiasing
Author(s): Przemyslaw Rokita
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An active contour-based SSD algorithm for tracking a moving object
Author(s): Youngjoon Han; Piljae Song; Hwanik Chung; Hernsoo Hahn
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Real-time color imaging using the vectorial order statistics filters
Author(s): Volodymyr I. Ponomaryov; Alberto J. Rosales; Francisco Gallegos Funes
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A new framework for real-time Hough transform
Author(s): Vladimir A Shapiro
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Hierarchical active shape model for real-time tracking of nonrigid objects
Author(s): Jinyoung Kang; Hyunjong Ki; Junghoon Jung; Jeongho Shin; Joonki Paik
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Real-time digital autofocusing using a priori estimated set of PSFs
Author(s): Sunghyun Hwang; Kiman Kim; Jeongho Shin; Joonki Paik; Besma Abidi; Mongi Abidi
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Block-based face detection scheme using face color and motion information
Author(s): Soohyun Kim; Sunghyun Lim; Hyungtai Cha; Hernsoo Hahn
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Real-time thermographic image acquisition and segmentation algorithms for continuous material
Author(s): Ruben Usamentiaga; Daniel F. Garcia; Alberto Mijares; Juan A. Gonzalez
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Real-time visualization using a 2D/3D imaging MMWave radar
Author(s): Barnabas Takacs; Lev S. Sadovnik; Vladimir A. Manasson; Mitch Wade; Lawrence A. Klein; Douglas T. Wong; Bernadette Kiss; Balazs Benedek; Gabor Szijarto
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Initial efforts toward mission-representative imaging surveys from aerial explorers
Author(s): Greg Pisanich; Laura Plice; Corey Ippolito; Larry A. Young; Benton Lau; Pascal Lee
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Software architecture for live enhancement of medical images
Author(s): Jorg Bredno; Barbara Martin-Leung; Kai Eck
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A generic flexible and robust approach for intelligent real-time video-surveillance systems
Author(s): Xavier Desurmont; Jean-Francois Delaigle; Arnaud Bastide; Benoit Macq
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Fast zooming and focusing algorithm for real-time surveillance camera system
Author(s): Piljae Song; Jungryoul Choi; Mincheol Hong; Hernsoo Hahn
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A real-time face detection and tracking for surveillance system using pan/tilt controlled stereo camera
Author(s): Jun-Ho Lee; Jung-Hwan Ko; Eun-Soo Kim
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MPEG-21 in broadcasting: the novel digital broadcast item model
Author(s): Artur R. Lugmayr; Abdellatif Benjelloun Touimi; Itaru Kaneko; Jong-Nam Kim; Claudio Alberti; Sadigurschi Yona; Jaejoon Kim; Maria Teresa Andrade; Seppo Kalli
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Predictive-based cross line for fast motion estimation in MPEG-4 videos
Author(s): Hui Fang; Jianmin Jiang
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Fast image interpolation for motion estimation using graphics hardware
Author(s): Francis Kelly; Anil Kokaram
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Real-time video object segmentation for MPEG-encoded video sequences
Author(s): Fatih M. Porikli
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A real-time image-processing-system-on-chip for security feature detection and classification
Author(s): Thomas Turke; Volker Lohweg
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FPGA-based acceleration of mutual information calculation for real-time 3D image registration
Author(s): Carlos R Castro-Pareja; Jogikal M. Jagadeesh; Raj Shekhar
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FPGA implementation of fuzzy morphological filters
Author(s): Nikhil Gupta; Purnendu Sinha
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Architecture for dynamically reconfigurable real-time lossless compression
Author(s): Alison J Carter; Neil C Audsley
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Architecture for hardware thinning and crest restoration in graylevel images
Author(s): Mohamed Akil
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High-performance low-power BinDCT coprocessor for wireless video applications
Author(s): Philip P. Dang; Truong Q. Nguyen; Trac D. Tran
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Gibbs distributions and Markov random field model: application on background modeling in video surveillance
Author(s): Lihua Guo; Jianhua Li; Liya Chen; Shutang Yang
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Real-time volume splatter for large-scale data sets
Author(s): Jiawan Zhang; Jizhou Sun; Xiaotu Li; Mingchu Li; Xiaobing Sun; Yan Liu
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Advanced real-time bus system for concurrent data paths used in high-performance image processing
Author(s): Jorg Brodersen; Roland Palkovich; Dieter Landl; Johannes Furtler; Martin Dulovits
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Content-based image classification using quasi-Gabor filters
Author(s): Liya Chen; Jianhua Li
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Design and implementation of a real-time positron imager
Author(s): Pranab Sabitru Naik; Christopher David Beling; Stevenson Fung
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