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Image Quality and System Performance

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Volume Number: 5294
Date Published: 18 December 2003

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Overview of the ANSI and international standards process
Author(s): David Q. McDowell
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CIE Division 8: progress and plans
Author(s): Todd Newman
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Printing system perceptual-based gloss and gloss uniformity standard (INCITS W1.1)
Author(s): Yee S. Ng; Luke Chengwu Cui; Chung-Hui Kuo; Eric Maggard; Dale Mashtare; Peter Morris; Michael Viola
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INCITS W1.1 standards for perceptual evaluation of text and line quality
Author(s): Edul N Dalal; Allan Haley; Mark Robb; John C. Briggs; Dale Mashtare; Paul L. Jeran; Theodore Bouk
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Digitization and metric conversion for image quality test targets: Part II
Author(s): William C. Kress
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INCITS W1.1 macro-uniformity
Author(s): D. Rene Rasmussen; William C. Kress; Yee S. Ng; Marguerite Doyle; Kevin D. Donohue; Kate Johnson; Susan Zoltner
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Update on INCITS W1.1 standard for perceptual evaluation of micro-uniformity
Author(s): Robert E. Zeman; William C. Kress; D. Rene Rasmussen; Eric K. Zeise; George Chiu; Kevin D. Donohue; Dirk Hertel
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Update on INCITS W1.1 standard for evaluating the color rendition of printing systems
Author(s): Robert Cookingham; Edul N. Dalal; Susan Farnand; Dmitri Gusev; William C. Kress; Oscar Martinez; Ann McCarthy; Karin Topfer; Eric K. Zeise
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Use of the first-order Wiener kernel transform in the evaluation of SQRIn and PIC quality metrics for JPEG compression
Author(s): Robin B. Jenkin; Ralph E. Jacobson; Mark A. Richardson
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Circular-edge spatial frequency response test
Author(s): Richard L Baer
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Multidimensional image quality measure using singular value decomposition
Author(s): Aleksandr Shnayderman; Alexander Gusev; Ahmet M. Eskicioglu
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Low-frequency MTF estimation for digital imaging devices using slanted-edge analysis
Author(s): Don Williams; Peter D. Burns
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Scanner-based image quality measurement system for automated analysis of EP output
Author(s): Yair Kipman; Prashant Mehta; Kate Johnson
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Identification of image noise sources in digital scanner evaluation
Author(s): Peter D. Burns; Don Williams
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A simulation tool for evaluating digital camera image quality
Author(s): Joyce E. Farrell; Feng Xiao; Peter Bert Catrysse; Brian A. Wandell
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Do experts and naive observers judge printing quality differently?
Author(s): Luke Chengwu Cui
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Appearance-consistent projector tolerant of various colored projection surfaces and ambient light: WallShot
Author(s): Hideki Matsuda; Osamu Wada; Kenji Fukasawa; Masashi Kanai
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Predicting customer preference from objective image quality metrics for monochrome document products
Author(s): Helen H Shin; Edul N Dalal; D. Rene Rasmussen
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Image quality scaling of electrophotographic prints
Author(s): Garrett M. Johnson; Rohit A Patil; Ethan D Montag; Mark D Fairchild
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Memory-color test forms in real-world applications
Author(s): Stephen Herron
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ISO 20462: a psychophysical image quality measurement standard
Author(s): Brian W. Keelan; Hitoshi Urabe
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Video quality assessment based on data hiding driven by optical flow information
Author(s): Mylene C. Q. Farias; Marco Carli; Alessandro Neri; Sanjit K Mitra
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Subjective quality assessment and the effect of context in expert and nonexpert viewers
Author(s): Filippo Speranza; Taali Martin; Ron Renaud
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Experimental congruence of interval scale production from paired comparisons and ranking for image evaluation
Author(s): John C. Handley; Jason S. Babcock; Jeff B. Pelz
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Louis Leon Thurstone in Monte Carlo: creating error bars for the method of paired comparison
Author(s): Ethan D. Montag
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Formula for the contrast sensitivity of the human eye
Author(s): Peter G. J. Barten
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Digital TV image quality improvement considering distributions of edge characteristic
Author(s): Sang-Gi Hong; Jae-Chul Kim; Jong-Hyun Park
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Study of colorimetric prediction model for DLP PJ TV
Author(s): Tae-hee Kim; Jin-sub Um; Moon-cheol Kim; Dong-hwan Kim
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Challenges and progress in digital photography standards
Author(s): Jack M. Holm
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