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Liquid Crystal Materials, Devices, and Applications X and Projection Displays X

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Volume Number: 5289
Date Published: 28 May 2004

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A photochromic liquid crystal system
Author(s): Michel Frigoli; Georg H Mehl
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Birefringence of monomesogen and bimesogen liquid crystals
Author(s): Jon R. Willmott; Mikhail N. Pivnenko; Andrew E. Blatch; Harry J. Coles
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Novel electroclinic organosiloxane materials for optoelectronic devices
Author(s): Mikhail N. Pivnenko; Oliver Hadeler; Marcus J. Coles; Martin Grasmann; Peter R. Davies; Jon P. Hannington; Harry J. Coles
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From nanostructured liquid crystals to electro-optic devices and lasers
Author(s): Harry J. Coles
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Novel polarization interference filters for wide spectral tuning of an optical null
Author(s): Hugh J. Masterson; Jay E. Stockley
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Fast-switching dual-frequency liquid crystal optical retarder for beam steering applications
Author(s): Andrii B. Golovin; Ye Yin; Sergij V. Shiyanovskii; Oleg D. Lavrentovich
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Electrically controlled lens and prism using nanoscale polymer-dispersed and polymer-networked liquid crystals
Author(s): Yun Hsing Fan; Hongwen Ren; Shin Tson Wu
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LC vision application to malignant tumor detection
Author(s): Maxim Georg Tomilin; A. F. Kurmashev; Sergey A. Povzun
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Polymer-stabilized liquid crystal light modulators
Author(s): Sang Hwa Kim; Liang-Chy Chien
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Toward measuring concentration gradients in polymer-dispersed liquid crystals with secondary ion mass spectrometry
Author(s): B. K. Charlotte Kjellander; Leo J. van IJzendoorn; Arthur M. de Jong; Dirk J. Broer; Wouter J. H. van Gennip; Martien J. A. de Voigt; Hans J. W. Niemantsverdriet
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Threshold and grayscale stability of Microcup electronic paper
Author(s): HongMei Zang; Jiunn-Jye Hwang; Haiyan Gu; Jack Hou; Xin Weng; Yajuan Chen; Rong Chang Liang
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Modeling and measuring the effects of domain walls in liquid crystal displays
Author(s): Dick K. G. de Boer
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The geometrical optics approach in liquid crystal cells with two- and three-dimensional director variations
Author(s): George Y. Panasyuk; Jack R. Kelly; Philip J. Bos; Eugene C. Gartland; David W. Allender
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Polarization-shielded V-shaped ferroelectric liquid crystal displays
Author(s): Akihiro Mochizuki
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Fast electro-optic switching of frequency modulation TN-LCDs fabricated by doping nanoparticles and their mechanism
Author(s): Tomohiro Miyama; Sudarshan Kundu; Hiroyuki Shiraki; Yoshio Sakai; Yukihide Shiraishi; Naoki Toshima; Shunsuke Kobayashi
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Wide-color-gamut monitors: LED-backlighting LCD and new phosphor CRT
Author(s): Hiroaki Sugiura; Hideyuki Kaneko; Shuichi Kagawa; Masahiko Ozawa; Hideki Tanizoe
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Effects of cell structure on a liquid crystal optical switch based on internal reflection
Author(s): Deng-Ke Yang
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Patterned alignment of liquid crystals
Author(s): Soney Varghese; Sunil Narayanankutty; Cees W. M. Bastiaansen; Gregory P. Crawford; Dirk J. Broer
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Comparison of relative flexoelectric coefficients measured by different techniques
Author(s): Matt J. Clarke; Bronje Musgrave; Marcus J. Coles; Andrew E. Blatch; Harry J. Coles
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Novel design techniques for transflective liquid crystal displays
Author(s): Jae Chang Kim; Hee Wook Do; Chul Gyu Jhun; Kyoung-Ho Park; Jin Seog Gwag; Gi Dong Lee; Tae-Hoon Yoon
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Flexible ferroelectric liquid crystal devices for roll-up displays
Author(s): Hideo Fujikake; Hiroto Sato
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A comparison of photonic band edge lasing in the chiral nematic N* and smectic C* phases
Author(s): Alison D. Ford; Stephen M. Morris; Mikhail N. Pivnenko; Harry J. Coles
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Dynamic diffraction ring projector by doped polymer-dispersed liquid crystal
Author(s): Mario Perez-Cortes; Arturo Olivares-Perez D.V.M.; Mauricio Ortiz-Gutierrez; Juan Carlos Ibarra-Torres
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Structural consideration of the additive effects on the electro-optical properties of commercial nematic liquid crystal materials
Author(s): Yong-il Cho; Cecile Schott; Harry J. Coles
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Structure-property relations of photonic band edge lasers
Author(s): Stephen M. Morris; Alison D. Ford; Mikhail N. Pivnenko; Harry J. Coles
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Recent advances in a linear micromirror array for high-resolution projection
Author(s): Francis Picard; Michel Doucet; Keith K. Niall; Carl Larouche; Maxime Savard; Silviu Crisan; Simon Thibault; Hubert Jerominek
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High-definition projection screen based on multiple light scattering technique
Author(s): Hiromasa Suzuki; Takamitsu Okumura; Akihiro Tagaya; Eizaburo Higuchi; Yasuhiro Koike
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Projection display metrology at NIST: measurements and diagnostics
Author(s): Paul A Boynton; Edward F. Kelley; John M. Libert
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Temporal image capture and display characterization for metrics for moving image quality
Author(s): John W. Roberts; Alma Hinton; Tanya Carr; Edward Fanning
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Evaluation of smooth tonal change reproduction on multiprimary display: comparison of color conversion algorithms
Author(s): Yuri Murakami; Naoaki Hatano; Jyunya Takiue; Masahiro Yamaguchi; Nagaaki Ohyama
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A high-performance 5-in. polycrystal phosphor screen
Author(s): Gang Yang; Jianbo Cheng; Wenbin Chen; Qionghua Wang; Quan Jiang; Haibo Rao; Chunjing Zhao; Qijun Ran
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ALP: universal DMD controller for metrology and testing
Author(s): Roland Hoefling; Enrico Ahl
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Novel projection engine with dual paraboloid reflector and polarization recovery systems
Author(s): Kenneth K. Li; Sheldon S. Sillyman; Seiji Inatsugu
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UHP lamps for projection systems: getting always brighter, smaller, and even more colorful
Author(s): Ulrich Weichmann; Hermann Giese; Ulrich Hechtfischer; Gero Heusler; Achim Koerber; Holger Moench; Folke-Charlotte Noertemann; Pavel Pekarski; Jens Pollmann-Retsch; Arnd Ritz
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Etendue dependent optimization for coupling with dual paraboloid reflectors for projection display
Author(s): Kenneth K. Li; Seiji Inatsugu; Sheldon S. Sillyman
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Polarized back- and frontlights for LCDs
Author(s): Chris M. Van Heesch; H. Jagt; Hugo J. Cornelissen; Dirk J. Broer; Cees W. M. Bastiaansen
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