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BioMEMS and Nanotechnology

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Volume Number: 5275
Date Published: 29 March 2004

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Stable and very sensitive gas sensor based on novel mixed-metal oxides
Author(s): Elisabetta Comini; Guido Faglia; Giorgio Sberveglieri
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Spark plasma sintering of TiNi nanopowders
Author(s): Yongqing Fu; Shabbir Moochhala; Christopher Shearwood
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Phase transition control of nanostructured TiO2 powders with additions of various metal-chlorides
Author(s): Sun-Jae Kim; Doo Sun Hwang; Nam Hee Lee; Dong Yun Lee; Jae Sung Song
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Photodecomposition ability of acicular typed TiO2 ultrafine powder with rutile phase in aqueous 4-chlorophenol solutions
Author(s): Jae Sung Song; Hyun Ju Kim; Bo Kun Koo; Dong Yun Lee; Won Jae Lee; Sun Jae Kim
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Charging/discharging induced premature breakdown/recovery in Si nanocrystals embedded in SiO2 matrix
Author(s): Chi Yung Ng; Yang Liu; Tu Pei Chen; Man Siu Tse
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Influences of temperature on the Raman spectra of single-walled carbon nanotubes
Author(s): Qing Zhang; Da Jiang Yang; S. G. Wang; Soon Fatt Yoon; Jaeshin Ahn
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Field electron emission from randomly oriented nanotubes film grown by CVD process
Author(s): Baoqing Zeng; Shikai Tian; Zhonghai Yang; Tianfu Jiang; Shangjie Qian; Chongfeng Yang
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Atomic force microscopy investigation of supramolecular self-assembly of the porphyrin nanotubules
Author(s): Valentinas Snitka; Raminta Rodaite; Arturas Ulcinas; Vida Mizariene
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Scanning tunneling microscopy investigation of nonanuclear [3 x 3] MnII supramolecular grids
Author(s): Joe G. Shapter; Laura Weeks; Laurence K Thompson; Kenneth J. Pope; Z. Xu; M. R. Johnston
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Sol-gel processed MoO3 and WO3 thin films for use as selective chemo-sensors
Author(s): Perena Gouma; Elisabetta Comini; Giorgio Sberveglieri
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Laser-tweezer-controlled solid immersion lens for high-resolution imaging in microfluidic and biological samples
Author(s): Aaron L. Birkbeck; Sanja Zlatanovic; Mihrimah Ozkan; Sadik C. Esener
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Bubble's function in the process of readout for PdOx- and PtOx-type super-RENS disk
Author(s): Qian Liu; Junji Tominaga; Toshio Fukaya
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A mechanical model for the motility of actin filaments on myosin
Author(s): Dan Valeriu Nicolau Jr.; Florin Fulga; Dan V. Nicolau
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Application of imprint technologies for creation of micro- and nano-scale pattern
Author(s): Thomas Glinsner; Michael Beutl; Steven Dwyer; Paul Lindner; Markus Wimplinger; Paul Kettner; Samy Hanna; Gunther Leising
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Optimization design for selective extraction of size-fractioned DNA sample in microfabricated electrophoresis devices
Author(s): Rongsheng Lin; David T Burke; Mark A Burns
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The effect of surface character on flows in microchannels
Author(s): Lucy E Rodd; Shane T Huntington; Katja Lyytikainen; David V. Boger; Justin J Cooper-White
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Optimization techniques for plasma etching of thermoset polymer for microfluidic channels
Author(s): Carla Victoria Cher; Anthony Stephen Holland; Gary Rosengarten
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Fabrication methods, operation, and measurement of electrokinetic fluid manipulation devices
Author(s): Steven N. Higginbotham; Denis R. Sweatman
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Microfluidic channel fabrication by PDMS-interface bonding
Author(s): Winnie W.Y. Chow; Kin Fong Lei; Guanyi Shi; Wen Jung Li; Qiang Huang
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Fabrication, measurement, and modeling of electro-osmotic flow in micromachined polymer microchannels
Author(s): Nihal U. Suriyage; Muralidhar K. Ghantasala; Pio Iovenitti; Erol C. Harvey
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Optimization of medical test strips
Author(s): Oliver Nussen; Dagmar Peters; Andreas Hammer; Rainer Laur
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Protein patterning in polycarbonate microfluidic channels
Author(s): David A.C. Thomson; Jason P. Hayes; Helmut Thissen
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Smart sensor chip based on bioMEMS
Author(s): Rajesh Madan; Sandeep Kumar; Ellis Bagga; Ram Prasad Bajpai; Lalit M. Bharadwaj
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Active probes and microfluidic ink delivery for Dip Pen Nanolithography
Author(s): Bjoern Rosner; Terrisa Duenas; Debjyoti Banerjee; Roger Shile; Nabil Amro; Jeff Rendlen
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Direct attachment of carbon nanotube on scanning probe tip using dielectrophoresis
Author(s): Chang-Soo Han; Hyung-Woo Lee; Sung-Hun Ryu; Soo-Hyun Kim; Yoon-Keun Kwak
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Implantable osmotic-pressure-based glucose sensor with non-invasive optical readout
Author(s): Raine Rawer; Qian Li; Wilhelm Stork; Klaus D. Muller-Glaser
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Development of blood extraction system for health monitoring system
Author(s): Kazuyoshi Tsuchiya; Naoyuki Nakanishi; Eiji Nakamachi
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Cellular automata for exploring gene regulation in Drosophila segmentation
Author(s): Matthew J. Berryman; Andrew G. Allison; Derek Abbott
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Neural mechanisms for analog-to-digital conversion
Author(s): Mark D. McDonnell; Derek Abbott; Charles E.M. Pearce
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Effects of nonlinear elaborations on the performance of a Reichardt correlator
Author(s): Sreeja Rajesh; David O'Carroll; Derek Abbott
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In vitro osteosarcoma biosensing using THz time domain spectroscopy
Author(s): Bradley S. Ferguson; Haibo Liu; Shelley Hay; David Findlay; Xi-Cheng Zhang; Derek Abbott
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Micro-optical imaging concepts for an intraocular vision aid
Author(s): Ilos Eix; Wilhelm Stork; Klaus D. Muller-Glaser
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Microdroplets for integrated high-sensitivity biosensors
Author(s): Melikhan Tanyeri; Ian M. Kennedy
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Evaluation of the MOSFET-type enzyme biosensor
Author(s): Katsutoshi Ooe; Yasutaro Hamamoto; Toshifumi Kadokawa; Tadashi Iuchi; Yoshiaki Hirano
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Time-gated detection of europium nanoparticles in a microchannel-based environmental immunoassay
Author(s): Shi-Che Chen; Richard Perron; Dosi Dosev; Ian M. Kennedy
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Microneedle array and insertion guide array for safe use of biomedical applications
Author(s): Sommawan Khumpuang; Ryutaro Maeda; Susumu Sugiyama
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Carrier mobility and series resistance MOSFET modeling
Author(s): Florin N. Babarada; Marcel D. Profirescu; Adrian Rusu; Camelia Dunare
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Field effect sensors for PCR applications
Author(s): Meng-Houit Taing; Denis R. Sweatman
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Evolutions and distributions of Si nanocrystals and other Si oxidation states in Si-implanted SiO2 films
Author(s): Yang Liu; Tu Pei Chen; Man Siu Tse; Yongqing Fu
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Optical properties and their depth profiling of Si nanocrystals embedded in SiO2 matrix
Author(s): Tu Pei Chen; Yang Liu; Man Siu Tse; Dong Gui
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Embedded importance watermarking for image verification in radiology
Author(s): Domininc Osborne; D. Rogers; M. Sorell; Derek Abbott
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An implantable remote-powered optoelectronic MEMS device for in vivo spectral analysis and biochemical tests
Author(s): Dan Valeriu Nicolau Jr.; Peter Livingston; David Jahshan; Rob Evans
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Stability of Li-carbon materials: a molecular modeling study
Author(s): Dan V. Nicolau
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Exploring tradeoffs in pleiotropy and redundancy using evolutionary computing
Author(s): Matthew J. Berryman; Wei-Li Khoo; Hiep Nguyen; Erin O'Neill; Andrew G. Allison; Derek Abbott
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A novel biosensor for mercuric ions based on motor proteins
Author(s): R. Martinez; Murat Kekic; Vlado Buljan; Dan V. Nicolau; Cristobal G. dos Remedios
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