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Chemical and Biological Standoff Detection
Editor(s): James O. Jensen; Jean-Marc Theriault

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Volume Number: 5268
Date Published: 27 February 2004

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Integrated terahertz transmitters and receivers
Author(s): Thomas W. Crowe; David W. Porterfield; Jeffrey L. Hesler; William L. Bishop; David S. Kurtz
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Terahertz Fourier transform characterization of biological materials in solid and liquid phases
Author(s): Tatiana Globus; Tatiana Khromova; Dwight Woolard; Boris Gelmont
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Terahertz circular dichroism spectroscopy of biomolecules
Author(s): Jing Xu; Jhenny Galan; Gerald Ramian; Pavlos Savvidis; Anthony Scopatz; Robert R. Birge; S. James Allen; Kevin Plaxco
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Biological and chemical sensing with electronic THz techniques
Author(s): Min Ki Choi; Alan D. Bettermann; Daniel W. van der Weide
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Through-container THz sensing: applications for biodetection
Author(s): David J. Cook; Brian K. Decker; Gami Dadusc; Mark G. Allen
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Quantitative analysis of ammonia by THz time-domain spectroscopy
Author(s): Haibo Liu; Yunqing Chen; Tao Yuan; Fatemah Al-Douseri; Jingzhou Xu; Xi-Cheng Zhang
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Characteristics of nanoscale composites by THz spectroscopy
Author(s): Hakan Altan; Feng Huang; John F. Federici; Aidong Lan; Haim Grebel
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Development of an integrated millimeter-wave Fourier transform spectrometer
Author(s): N. Scott Barker; Hui Shen; Tassilo Gernandt
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Handheld hyperspectral imager for standoff detection of chemical and biological aerosols
Author(s): Michele Hinnrichs; James O. Jensen; Gerard McAnally
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FTIR modulator for first responder applications
Author(s): James R. Engel; Julia H. Rentz; David L. Carlson
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A no-moving-parts UV/visible hyperspectral imager
Author(s): Neelam Gupta
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Monitoring of chemical degradation in propellants using AOTF spectrometer
Author(s): Robert Feigley; Feng Jin; Jose Lorenzo; Jolanta Soos; Sudhir Trivedi
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Acousto-optic tunable filter-based active long-wave IR spectrapolarimetric imager
Author(s): Narasimha S. Prasad
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A new 'semi-active' method for chemical standoff detection
Author(s): Tim J. Johnson; Bruce A. Roberts; Gerry P. Morgen; Michael A. Hughes; Corey D. Heitschmidt; James F. Kelly
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Compact interferometers for chemical and biological agent detection
Author(s): Christopher Manning; Michael Gross; Tim Hanshaw; R. Lynn Kirlin; Alan Samuels
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Mid-wave IR liquid crystal tunable retarder for spectrapolarimetric imaging
Author(s): Narasimha S. Prasad; Kenneth E Arnett; Neelam Gupta
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Comparison of radiometric and chemical detection sensitivities for heterodyne and direct detection DIAL
Author(s): Daniel C. Senft; Diego F. Pierrottet
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Compact tunable all-solid-state LWIR source for standoff chemical detection
Author(s): Yelena Isyanova; Evgueni Slobodtchikov; John Flint; Peter F. Moulton; Cynthia R. Swim; Jay Fox
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Passive standoff detection of BG aerosol: method and field trial results
Author(s): Jean-Marc Theriault; Eldon Puckrin; James O. Jensen
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Outdoor chamber measurements of biological aerosols with a passive FTIR spectrometer
Author(s): Francis M. D'Amico; Darren K. Emge; Geoffrey J. Roelant
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Backscatter measurements of aerosolized CB simulants with a frequency agile CO2 lidar
Author(s): Richard Vanderbeek; Kristan Gurton
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The Airborne Chemical Imaging System (ACIS)
Author(s): Francis M. D'Amico; Darren K. Emge; William J. Marinelli; Christopher Gittins; Timothy P. Ricks
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Stabilized electro-optical airborne instrumentation platform (SEAIP)
Author(s): Timothy P. Ricks; Megan M. Burton; William Cruger; Robert Reynolds
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Passive standoff detection of radiological products in the thermal infrared region
Author(s): Eldon Puckrin; Jean-Marc Theriault; Denis Dube
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Remote sensing measurements of greenhouse gas radiative fluxes
Author(s): Wayne F. J. Evans; Eldon Puckrin
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Evaluation of the ACE FTS for obtaining nadir measurements
Author(s): Eldon Puckrin; Wayne F. J. Evans; Chris Ferguson; Kaley A. Walker; Denis Dufour
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Performance model of imaging FTS as a standoff chemical agent detection tool
Author(s): Martin Chamberland; Vincent Farley; Pierre Tremblay; Jean-Francois Legault
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Multistage pulse code modulation for progressive spectral signature coding
Author(s): Chein-I Chang; Jing Wang; Francis M. D'Amico; James O. Jensen
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FPGA design for constrained energy minimization
Author(s): Jianwei Wang; Chein-I Chang; Mang Cao
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Segmented PCA-based compression for hyperspectral image analysis
Author(s): Qian Du; Chein-I Chang
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Subpixel land cover detection and classification for hyperspectral imagery
Author(s): Hsuan Ren; Chinsu Lin; Chein-I Chang
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Extended linear hyperspectral mixing models
Author(s): Ajit Banerjee; Hsuan Ren; James O. Jensen
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Passive standoff detection of liquid surface contaminants: recent results with CATSI
Author(s): Jean-Marc Theriault; Jim Hancock; James O. Jensen; Eldon Puckrin; Francis M. D'Amico; Carmela Jackson-Lepage
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Expanding applications for surface-contaminant sensing using the laser interrogation of surface agents (LISA) technique
Author(s): Patrick L. Ponsardin; N. Scott Higdon; Thomas H. Chyba; Wayne T. Armstrong; Arthur J. Sedlacek III; Steven D. Christesen; Anna Wong
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Standoff Raman measurement with COTS components
Author(s): Julia H. Rentz; Craig R Schwarze; Robert M Vaillancourt; Michael Hercher
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Surface-enhanced Raman for monitoring toxins in water
Author(s): Kevin M Spencer; James M. Sylvia; Susan L. Clauson; Jane F. Bertone; Steven D. Christesen
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Raman sensor to monitor the nitrate and nitrite in the nuclear waste tank
Author(s): Sunil K. Khijwania; Akshaya Kumar; Fang-Yu Yueh; Jagdish P. Singh
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Standoff liquid CW detection
Author(s): Andy Bell; Chris Dyer; Anita W. Jones; Ken Kinnear
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