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IV Workshop on Atomic and Molecular Physics
Editor(s): Jozef Heldt

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Volume Number: 5258
Date Published: 17 November 2003

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Excitation mechanisms in He+-He collisions
Author(s): Gebhard von Oppen; Marco Busch; Thorsten Ludwig; Ryszard Drozdowski
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Potential energy barriers observed in CdNe and CdAr van der Waals complexes excited to the first E1(3E+ Rydberg state
Author(s): J. Koperski; M. Czajkowski
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Nonlinear propagation of femtosecond laser pulses in dielectrics
Author(s): Piotr Wasylczyk; Wojciech Wasilewski; Michal Matuszewski; Marek Trippenbach; Czeslaw Radzewicz
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Optimal control of multiphoton ionization dynamics of small alkali aggregates
Author(s): A. Lindinger; A. Bartelt; C. Lupulescu; S. Vajda; Ludger Woste
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Line shapes and plasma movements in hot fusion plasmas
Author(s): F. G. Meijer
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Asymmetric line broadening
Author(s): R. S. Trawinski; A. Bielski; R. Ciurylo; J. Domyslawska; D. Lisak; Jozef Szudy
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Stark effect in atomic helium in a very high electric field up to 1500 kV/cm
Author(s): Laurentius Windholz; Ryszard Drozdowski; J. Kwela; Jozef Heldt
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Innershell photo-ionization of the 3d transition elements
Author(s): P. Zimmermann
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Imaging of collisions by laser excitation of the collision complex
Author(s): Frank Rebentrost; Joachim Grosser; Olaf Hoffmann
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Inelastic atomic collisions: generalization of Grawert parameters
Author(s): E. Paul-Kwiek
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Measurements of electron scattering in the backward direction
Author(s): Mariusz Zubek
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Ferroelectric plasma source as an exciting source for rare earth elements
Author(s): Jozef Kusz
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Positron spectroscopy in atomic and solid state physics
Author(s): G. P. Karwasz; R. S. Brusa; A. Zecca
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Trends of investigations on atomic analytical emission spectrometry (AES) in Lithuania
Author(s): Julius Salkauskas
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Adiabatic potentials of the N5++He and Si4++He pairs for the charge transfer studies
Author(s): Marta Labuda; Katarzyna Piechowska; Jozef E. Sienkiewicz
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Laser spectroscopy of van der Waals molecules in a supersonic beam: example of the CdKr and Cd2 complexes
Author(s): M. Lukomski; J. Koperski; M. A. Czajkowski
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Fluorescence of the Cd vapor following strong resonance excitation
Author(s): T. Kutner; Teresa Grycuk; R. Nowak; A. Szulc
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Electron-photon coincidence measurements of polarization of radiation from cadmium atoms excited to 51P1 state by electron impact
Author(s): M. Piwinski; D. Dziczek; R. Srivastava; M. Gradziel; S. Chwirot
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Density matrix description of light storage and speed reduction in the sodium atom
Author(s): Abu M. Alhasan; Jan Fiutak
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Paschen ß line shape studies in low-temperature plasmas
Author(s): T. Wujec; A. Jazgara; J. Halenka; W. Olchawa; Jozef Musielok
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Application of the MP2/CA results in comparative studies of semi-empirical ground-state energies of large atoms
Author(s): Romuald Slupski; Krzysztof Nowakowski
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Steric effects in the chemiluminescent reactions of metastable Ca*(3P) atoms with isomeric alkyl halides
Author(s): B. Pranszke
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Retrieving the atomspheric aerosol-size distribution by means of multiwavelength lidar
Author(s): Krzysztof Ernst; G. Karasinski; A. Pietruczuk; Tadeusz Stacewicz
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Electronic energy transfer between laurdan and octadecyl rhodamine B in glycerol at different temperatures
Author(s): K. A. Kozyra; Janina R. Heldt; J. Kaminski; Jozef Heldt
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The model of luminescent probe molecule additionally appearing in the TICT state
Author(s): V. I. Tomin; Jozef Heldt; M. Brozis
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Statistical analysis of data from single molecule experiment
Author(s): Tomasz Burzykowski; Jacek P. Szubiakowski; Tobias Ryden
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Raman and infrared investigation of ferroelectric ceramics
Author(s): Marcin Gnyba; Piotr Wroczynski
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Positron annihilation and optical spectroscopy of silicon-related materials
Author(s): D. Pliszka; G. P. Karwasz; Jozef Heldt; R. S. Brusa
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Low-energy positron-molecule scattering set-up
Author(s): E. Rajch; A. Jaworek; G. P. Karwasz; R. S. Brusa; M. Bettonte; S. Mariazzi; A. Zecca
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Determination of ionic concentration in water using dry test reflectometric optical reader
Author(s): Adam Stanczak
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Experimental verification of a multiband system for non-contact temperature measurements
Author(s): Adam Mazikowski; Marcin Gnyba
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Optimization of white-light interferometric temperature sensor
Author(s): Malgorzata Jedrzejewska-Szczerska; Ryszard Hypszer
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Chromatic monitoring technique for thickness measurement of thin transparent films
Author(s): Robert Bogdanowicz
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Diffusion process effect on gradient refraction index of phosphate glasses
Author(s): K. Kolacz; Leszek Rafal Staronski; Marek Wychowaniec
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Dissociation pathways of protonated water clusters
Author(s): T. Wroblewski; L. Ziemczonek; E. Gazda; G. P. Karwasz
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Electron-diffusion coefficients in N2O
Author(s): T. Wroblewski; J. Mechlinska-Drewko; Z. Lj. Petrovic; V. Novakovic; G. P. Karwasz
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Raman investigation of minor component reaction during polymer synthesis process
Author(s): Marcin Gnyba; Mikko Keränen; Janne Suhonen; Pentti Niemela; Robert Bogdanowicz; Malgorzata Jedrzejewska-Szczerska
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