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Detectors and Associated Signal Processing

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Volume Number: 5251
Date Published: 19 February 2004

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Retro-prospective in IR optical detectors
Author(s): Daniel Esteve; Francis Bony; Christophe Escriba; E. Campo; Jean-Yves Fourniols
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MCT linear arrays and associated silicon readouts
Author(s): Fiodor F. Sizov; Yurii P. Derkach; S. A. Dvoretski; Alexandr G. Golenkov; J. V. Gumenyuk-Sichevska; Vladimir P. Reva; Victor N. Ovsyuk; Yuri G. Sidorov; N. Kh. Talipov; V. V. Vasiliev; Vyacheslav V. Zabudsky
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Cooled large IR staring arrays: toward third generation
Author(s): Elisabeth Brochier; Philippe Tribolet; Philippe Chorier; Patricia Costa; Patrice Fillon
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High-performance IR detector modules
Author(s): Joachim Wendler; Wolfgang Cabanski; Ingo Ruehlich; Johann Ziegler
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SOFRADIR IR detectors for LW applications
Author(s): Alain Manissadjian; Patrice Fillon; Philippe Tribolet
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Infrared negative luminescent devices and higher operating temperature detectors
Author(s): Geoff R. Nash; Neil T. Gordon; David J. Hall; J. Chris Little; G. Masterton; J. E. Hails; J. Giess; L. Haworth; Martin T. Emeny; Tim Ashley
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Megapixel HgCdTe MWIR focal plane array with a 15-um pitch
Author(s): Pierre Castelein; Francois Marion; Jean-Luc Martin; Jacques Baylet; Norbert Moussy; Olivier Gravrand; Alain Durand; Jean-Paul Chamonal; Gerard Destefanis
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Highly sensitive large-area bolometers for scintillation studies below 100 mK (from near IR to soft x rays)
Author(s): Noel Jean Coron; Pierre de Marcillac; Jacques Leblanc; Gerard Dambier; Jean-Pierre Moalic
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Developments of uncooled infrared detectors at the Kunming Institute of Physics
Author(s): Chaoguang Pu; Yunjian Tai; Huisong Jin; Chencai Huang; Yusheng Lin; Yi Cai
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Room temperature spectrometry in the MIR range
Author(s): Reynald Passerini; Markus Kohli; Peter Ryser; Andreas Seifert; Bert Willing; Pierre-Yves Cattin
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Process technology to integrate polycrystalline uncooled PbSe infrared detectors on interference filters
Author(s): Maria Teresa Rodrigo; Jorge Diezhandino; German Vergara; Gloria Perez; Maria del Carmen Torquemada; Fernando Jose Sanchez; Víctor Villamayor; Rosa Almazan; Marina Verdu; Ines Genova; Purificacion Rodriguez; Luis Jorge Gomez; Irene Catalan; Julio Plaza; Maria Teresa Montojo
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Design and fabrication of InAsSb detectors
Author(s): Mathieu Carras; Gabrielle Marre; Borge Vinter; Jean Luc Reverchon; Vincent Berger
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320x240 uncooled microbolometer 2D array for radiometric and process control applications
Author(s): Bruno Fieque; Arnaud Crastes; Jean-Luc Tissot; Jean-Pierre Chatard; Sebastien Tinnes
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Pyroelectric infrared detectors based on lithium tantalate: state of art and prospects
Author(s): Volkmar Norkus
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Low-cost amorphous silicon-based 160x120 uncooled microbolometer 2D array for high-volume applications
Author(s): Cyrille Trouilleau; Arnaud Crastes; Jean-Luc Tissot; Jean-Pierre Chatard; Jean-Jacques Yon; Astrid Astier
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Focal plane array for the GERB instrument
Author(s): Nick Nelms; Gillian I. Butcher; Oliver Blake; Richard Cole; Christopher Whitford; Andrew D. Holland
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CCD and APS/CMOS technology for smart pixels and image sensors
Author(s): Peter Seitz; Nicolas Blanc
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CMOS optical detector system for capillary fluorescence measurements
Author(s): Jean-Marc Galvan; Guo-Neng Lu; Patrick Pittet; Loic Blum; Beatrice Leca-Bouvier
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CMOS photodetection system with variable-time synchronous detection
Author(s): Patrick Pittet; Guo Neng Lu; Michel Pitaval; Laurent Quiquerez
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Monolithic diffractive interference detector on silicon
Author(s): Yves Jourlin; Stephanie Reynaud; Nathalie Destouches; Alexandre V. Tishchenko; Sabine Fourment; Philippe Arguel; Francoise Lozes; Gerard Sarrabayrouse; Jerome Valentin
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Analysis and potentialities of backside-illuminated thinned CMOS imagers
Author(s): Cecilia Marques Vatus; Pierre Magnan
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Source follower noise limitations in CMOS active pixel sensors
Author(s): Keith M. Findlater; Jerome M. Vaillant; Donald J. Baxter; Christine Augier; Didier Herault; Robert K. Henderson; Jed Hurwitz; Lindsay A. Grant; Jean-Marc Volle
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Photodetector with giant internal current amplification: experiment and numerical calculated model
Author(s): Aleksandr Malik; Volodymyr Grimalsky; Alfonso Jacome Torres; Carlos Zuniga; D. Durini
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Three-dimensional CMOS image sensor with 4x64 pixel array
Author(s): Omar M. Elkhalili; Olaf Schrey; Ralf F. Jeremias; Peter Mengel; Martin Petermann; Werner Brockherde; Bedrich J. Hosticka
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CMOS detector with combined in-situ demodulation and image acquisition
Author(s): Ingo Hehemann; Werner Brockherde; Armin Kemna; Bedrich J. Hosticka
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New package for CMOS sensors
Author(s): Jean-Luc Diot; Kum Weng Loo; Jean-Pierre Moscicki; Hun Shen Ng; Tong Yan Tee; Jerome Teysseyre; Daniel Yap
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Modeling of a 3D CMOS sensor for time-of-flight measurements
Author(s): Rico Kuhla; Bedrich J. Hosticka; Peter Mengel; Ludwig Listl
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Fast MTF measurement of CMOS imagers using ISO 12333 slanted-edge methodology
Author(s): Magali Estribeau; Pierre Magnan
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CCDs for the rotational velocity spectrometer on GAIA
Author(s): Andrew D. Holland; Mark S. Cropper; David Katz; Ian B. Hutchinson; Richard M. Ambrosi; Tim J. Stevenson; David Ryan Smith; Dave Walton; D. Burt; Peter J. Pool; David G. Morris; Torgeir Paulsen
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SEDHI: a new generation of detection electronics for Pléiades
Author(s): Didier G. Dantes; Jean-Marc Biffi; Claude Neveu; Teva Gilbert; Christophe Renard
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Low cost uncooled IRFPA and molded IR lenses for enhanced driver vision
Author(s): Arnaud Crastes; Jean-Luc Tissot; Yann M. Guimond; Pier Claudio Antonello; Joel Leleve; Hans-Joachim Lenz; Pierre Potet; Jean-Jacques Yon
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Adaptive transfer function concept for uncooled FLIR cameras
Author(s): Ernest Grimberg
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Thales Angenieux recent progress in night vision technology
Author(s): Joel Rollin; Jean Louis Teszner; Jean-Luc Espie
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Development of laser-induced grating spectroscopy for underwater temperature measurement in shock wave focusing regions
Author(s): Ardian B. Gojani; Paul M. Danehy; David W. Alderfer; Tsutomu Saito; Kazuyoshi Takayama
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Design and analysis of filter-based optical systems for spectral responsivity estimation of digital video cameras
Author(s): Gao-Wei Chang; Hong-Da Jian; Zong-Mu Yeh; Chin-Pao Cheng
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Single-pixel carrier-based approach for full-field laser interferometry using a CMOS-DSP camera
Author(s): Mauro V. Aguanno; Fereydoun Lakestani; Maurice Patrick Whelan; Michael J. Connelly
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