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Laser Radar Technology for Remote Sensing
Editor(s): Christian Werner

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Volume Number: 5240
Date Published: 12 January 2004

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Advances in laser ranging
Author(s): Allan I. Carswell
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LAPE: laser altimeter for planetary exploration
Author(s): Eamonn M. Murphy; Nicola Rando; Peter Falkner; Anthony Peacock
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New rangefinder system for microsatellite
Author(s): Stefania Mattei; Maria Rosaria Santovito; Antonio Moccia
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Satellite laser ranging precision ultimate limit
Author(s): Lukas Kral; Ivan Prochazka; Josef Blazej; Karel Hamal
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Design of a small laser ceilometer and visibility measuring device for helicopter landing sites
Author(s): Jurgen Streicher; Christian Werner; Walter Dittel
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Intelligent rear light for compensation of environmental effects on car visibility
Author(s): Roman Gruner; Jorg Schubert
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Polarized light backscatter by hexagonal ice crystal particles
Author(s): Anatoli G. Borovoi; Igor Grishin; Natalja Kustova; Ulrich Oppel
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Evaluation of multiple-scattering influence on lidar measurement by iterative Monte Carlo method
Author(s): Xuan Wang; Antonella Boselli; Piero Bruscaglioni; Loredana D'Avino; Antonia Gambacorta; Andrea Ismaelli; Raffaele Velotta; Giovanni Zaccanti
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Stability of an iterative multiwavelength lidar scheme
Author(s): Marco Vargas; Barry Gross; Fred Moshary; Sam Ahmed
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Circular component measurements and particle shape determination: a Monte Carlo simulation study
Author(s): Yongxiang Hu
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Algorithm for retrieving lidar ratios at 1064 nm from space-based lidar backscatter data
Author(s): Mark Vaughan
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Statistical considerations on the Raman inversion algorithm: data inversion and error assessment
Author(s): Francesc Rocadenbosch; Michael Sicard; Albert Ansmann; Ulla Wandinger; Volker Matthias; Gelsomina Pappalardo; Christine Bockmann; Adolfo Comeron; Alejandro Rodriguez; Constantino Munoz; Miguel Angel Lopez; David Garcia
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A UV laser source for biological and chemical sensing
Author(s): Mikael Tiihonen; Valdas Pasiskevicius; Fredrik Laurell; Per Hammarstrom; Mikael Lindgren
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High-power and single-frequency quantum cascade lasers for gas sensing
Author(s): Stephane Blaser; Yargo Bonetti; Lubos Hvozdara; Antoine Muller; Marcella Giovannini; Nicolas Hoyler; Mattias Beck; Jerome Faist
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Instrument specifications and performance prediction for 2005 high altitude (30 km) balloon demonstration of GroundWinds fringe imaging Doppler lidar
Author(s): Michael Dehring; Carl Nardell; Paul Hays; Jane Pavlich; Berrien Moore III; Jinxue Wang
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Doppler lidar prototype for speed measurements
Author(s): Constantino Munoz; Alejandro Rodríguez; Adolfo Comeron; Gilbert Bourdet; Francesc Rocadenbosch
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All-fiber laser Doppler anemometer
Author(s): Christian Werner; Rolf Heilmann; Richard Bogenberger; Andrew Lerwill; James Butler
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Optimization and performance assessment of a self-aligned heterodyne laser radar system for surface displacement monitoring
Author(s): Alejandro Rodríguez; David Garcia; Adolfo Comeron; Federico Dios
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Comparison between adjustable window technique and wavelet method in processing backscattering lidar signal
Author(s): Aime Lay-Ekuakille; Amerigo Trotta
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Avalanche-photodiode-based photon counter echo photon number resolving
Author(s): Josef Blazej; Ivan Prochazka; Karel Hamal
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Aerosol models for the CALIPSO lidar inversion algorithms
Author(s): Ali H. Omar; David M. Winker; Jae-Gwang Won
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Inversion of lidar signals from dense smoke contaminated with multiple scattering
Author(s): Vladimir A. Kovalev; Ronald A. Susott; Wei Min Hao
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Variable optical attenuation functionality for laser welding, laser range finder, and lidar applications
Author(s): Zeev Zalevsky; Roy Appelman; Gal Shabtay; David Mendlovic; Jacob Vertman
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Photoacoustic laser Doppler velocimetry using the self-mixing effect of CO2 laser
Author(s): Jong-Woon Choi; Moon-Jong Yu; Mirek Kopica
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Supercomputer-based advanced ladar imaging simulator (ALIS)
Author(s): Duane D. Smith; Terry L. Nichols; Philip Gatt; Kotik Kei Lee; Charles Sicking; Steven B. Seida; Charles F. Coker; Kimberly M. Perry; Jason S. Coker
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Laser radar range and detection performance for MEMS corner cube retroreflector arrays
Author(s): Robert J Grasso; Steven R. Jost; M. Jay Smith; Robert V. McDaniel
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Applications of theoretical optical parameters from a transport model to the quantification and qualification of aerosol populations of a lidar in space data retrieval
Author(s): Maria Santa Maria; David Winker
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