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Nanotubes and Nanowires

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Volume Number: 5219
Date Published: 27 October 2003

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Electrodynamic response of carbon nanostructures in electron-energy-loss spectroscopy
Author(s): Philippe Lambin; Luc Henrard; Dario Taverna; Mathieu Kociak; Odile Stephan; Christian Colliex
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Electrodynamics of quasi-one-dimensional carbon structures: waveguiding, nonlinear response, composites
Author(s): Gregory Ya Slepyan; Sergey A. Maksimenko
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Near-field electron energy loss of nanotube bundles and surface plasmons coupling in nanocylinders: a continuum dielectric approach
Author(s): Luc Henrard; Francois M. Leboutte; Dario Taverna; Mathieu Kociak; Odile Stephan; Christian Colliex; Philippe Lambin
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Density functional tight-binding for self-consistent computation of the transport properties of molecular electronic devices
Author(s): Alessandro Pecchia; Luca Latessa; Aldo Di Carlo; Paolo Lugli
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Harmonic generation in carbon nanotubes: quantum-mechanical approach
Author(s): Sergey A. Maksimenko; Gregory Ya Slepyan; Arkadii A. Khrutchinski; Andrey M. Nemilentsev; Joachim Herrmann
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Raman scattering in carbon nanotubes
Author(s): Christian Thomsen
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Simple technique for bulk quantity synthesis of ZnO tetrapod nanorods
Author(s): V. Arul Lenus Roy; Aleksandra B. Djurisic; Qing Li; Shi Jie Xu; H. F. Lui; Charles C. Surya; Ju Gao
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Designing nanostructures by glancing angle deposition
Author(s): Yiping Zhao; Dexian Ye; Gwo-Ching Wang; Toh-Ming Lu
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Phase effects on reflection of narrow-extent optical pulses from axially excited chiral sculptured thin films
Author(s): Joseph B. Geddes III; Akhlesh Lakhtakia
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Optical properties of metal nanowires
Author(s): Andrey K. Sarychev; Vladimir P. Drachev; Hsiao-Kuan Yuan; Viktor A. Podolskiy; Vladimir M. Shalaev
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Novel ZnO nanostructures
Author(s): Jingyu Lao; Jianyu Huang; Debasish Banerjee; Sung-Ho Jo; Dezhi Wang; Jianguo Wen; Diane M. Steeves; Brian R. Kimball; W. Porter; Richard A. Farrer; Tommaso Baldacchini; John T. Fourkas; Zhifeng Ren
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Influence of the electron-phonon interactions on the transport properties at the molecular scale
Author(s): Alessandro Pecchia; Marieta Gheorghe; Aldo Di Carlo; Thomas A. Niehaus; Reinard Scholz; Thomas Frauenheim; Paolo Lugli
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Energy-dependent total thermal-neutron-scattering cross-section and transport of a neutron pulse in Fullerite at 300 K
Author(s): Shri-Prakash Tewari; Poonam Silotia; Kakoli Bera; Aditya Saxena
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Nonradiative spontaneous decay of an excited atom near a carbon nanotube
Author(s): Igor V. Bondarev; Gregory Ya Slepyan; Sergey A. Maksimenko; Philippe Lambin
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Dynamic instability of band structure for Fe-containing nanostructured Langmuir-Blodgett films
Author(s): Victor M. Anishchik; Nick N. Dorozhkin; Halina V. Grushevskaya; Vladimir V. Hrushevsky; George G. Krylov; Ludmila V. Kukharenko; Michael A. Senyuk
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High-speed alumina nanotemplate fabrication on silicon substrate
Author(s): Nosang V. Myung; James Lim; Jean-Pierre Fleurial; Minhee Yun; William West; Daniel Choi
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Electron-drift-velocity oscillations in GaAs-quantum wires with finite length
Author(s): Vladimir M. Borzdov; Oleg G. Zhevnyak; Vadim O. Galenchik; Fadei F. Komarov; Dmitry V. Pozdnyakov
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What are sculptured thin films?
Author(s): Akhlesh Lakhtakia
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